Ayesha Curry Talks Marriage To Stephen Curry And Being Mom Of Three | TODAY

Ayesha Curry Talks Marriage To Stephen Curry And Being Mom Of Three | TODAY

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  1. You just can't live in that negative way. Make way for the positive Day. (The Great Bob Marley)✌✌✌✌❤❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗💋💋💋

  2. What exactly makes her interview worthy. She hasn't accomplished anything. It's all her husband and she's just the one that happens to be married to him.

  3. I’m definitely getting this hairstyle cause my face is full like hers i will look stunning for my baby shower 😊🤗👀I can see myself already 🤰🏾

  4. I’m definitely getting this hairstyle cause my face is full like hers i will look stunning for my baby shower 😊🤗👀I can see myself already 🤰🏾

  5. Congratulations Ayesha! You could have easily been a stay-at-home wife & mother, but you chose to become a "mompreneur" not just the wife of an NBA Superstar. Good for you!

  6. No offense I know she probably works hard but are we really going to sit here and pretend it’s really hard to be in her position when her husband just signed a 200 plus million dollar contract?? Lol

  7. She is beautiful no matter what and can’t understand why people are hating on her and if she loves her hair and her body it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of her cause she is confident woman and a mature woman so others can’t relate.

  8. Yeah right is easy to create your go daddy whem you are married to a celebrity with all that money. I would like to interview her. What do you do with all that money?


  10. Those GoDaddy commercials don't exactly align with the family vide of Ayesha…..haha……its all good…..get that money

  11. I see alot of jealouse people in here saying a lot of bad s**t a bout this beautiful young mother. First of all if you don't like her nobody is forcing you to watch her videos. Second you fools saying she is only famose and get to where she is becouse of her hasbund. Well let me tel you something, about 77% of successful people in this world get to their success through something or somebody either they give them a hand or a bush, the rest is up to your hustle. Now i see some of you saying steph can do better then her. Well maybe he can get a good looking skiny top model who is in reality after his money, but what happend to all the other athlics who happens to bee married to thouse kind of womens? Well i can tell you that 90% of them wasn't loyal and file for divorce, took all their money when they get reteired from the game they only knew something about. There is few nba wifes who is trying to make a name for them selv and she is one of them. So stop hating and support her or leave her a lone. Either way she is doing fine with or with out you haters.

  12. Yes Mrs Martinez hum has a Latino ring to it I highly doubt you are black maybe your parents got mixed up one way or the other .Yeah you are sooooooo intelligent about black women but have not came up a reason why unmarried,babies out of wedlock , women incarceration , hostility,uneducated is all led by black women but really you most likely we're a child out of wedlock MRS MARTINEZ but your screaming your black no you are the one whose ignorant why don't you find you father SMMFH.

  13. She is done great for herself… but we can ignore the fact that she is where she is because of her husband. Not self made sorry like the real moms that hustle their way to make their own brand. It’s like saying Kylie or Kendall are self yes they are successful but with their name how can’t they not ?

  14. Sera maravilloso los mimos sera que. Lo hagan. Que. Te dijo perez. Que te dijo perez. Que sera naravilloso los mimos. Pero que te dijo el vuelo. Cono bien bien bien la música la musica la musica. La canción la canción la canción baila. Baila baila. Ya dire bueno hola mundo gracias gracias gracias janita banana es uno muy bueno ok tenía unas canciones musica ok gracias gracias gracias yo tenia de el otros ok pecos esperanza. Ok ya dire ok mundo.

  15. Ayesha you go girl! Thank you for inspiring a lot of women around the world. God bless you and your beautiful family. 🙏🏻💚😊

  16. But wait a minute! She has maid and she doesn’t have to ve all day home caring of her kids maybe she has a nanny come on!! So u are gonna tell me you don’t have time?

  17. 2 months later she’s insecure because she hasn’t gotten the attention of other men in the last ten years

  18. Am sorry girl your a little looped be careful what wish for There are so many wives out there who want an honest husband sorry Ayesha I never heard about you until Steph became famous.

  19. She is a beautiful 💓 woman and very intelligent. I pray she gets over 🙏 her insecurities regarding Jada red table…

  20. You have maids. Come on. You dont clean etc. i have four kids im working full time. and no help! Gee!! Trying to prove something.

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