Bachelor Nation Stars Answer Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

Bachelor Nation Stars Answer Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

Oh, are you from Tennessee? Because you’re
the only 10 I see. [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] Count shoulders. one,
two, three, four. [DING] That’s the only
one I could think of. My favorite pickup line
is, oh, good, and you? That’s it. [DING] Do you believe in
love at first sight, or do I need to
walk by you again? Oh my god! [DING] Really? No. That’s terrible. If you are a library
book, I’d check you out. [LAUGHS] That wouldn’t have worked on me. Oh, yeah. I feel like that would
totally work on you. Yeah, it would. Yeah. It doesn’t take much. When Joe gets tipsy,
he leans on things, and he’s like, how you doing? How you doing? [LAUGHS] Weirdest place we
ever hooked up was? We did something weird? We should, now. Give us– –give
us five minutes. I think we talked about it. We talked about it? That’s our foreplay,
was talking about it. It gets wild. Weirdest place I’ve hooked
up was on an airplane. [DING] Oh, I mean, in our bed. [DING] Next. [DING] [LAUGHS] Weirdest? I don’t know how weird this is. It was in this really
weird basement, and we were next to like– I don’t think–
–that’s not weird. No, it was like– –but
it was really just sketch. And it was just, like, the
water heater was right there, and the boiler was right
there, and there was pipes. And I actually got a black eye. The rom-com I would
want to be in, is– –oh. “Devil Wears Prada.” OK. Joe is obsessed with
“Devil Wears Prada.” I’d be the male version
of Meryl Streep. Oh, hell yeah he would. And I would be Anne Hathaway. So. [DING] [DING] I liked “How to Lose
a Guy in 10 Day.” That’s like the only rom-com
I ever actually truly liked. She’s legit– Yeah. That sounded fun. –crazy, though. Yeah. That sounded fun. I kind of liked the
back and forth of that. I’ll go for that one. [DING] A title of a movie based
on my “Bachelorette” season would be “Cluster F–.” [DING] [LAUGHS] Most dramatic rose ceremony was? When I didn’t give Ashley
my rose, and she went home. But then you came back. So it wasn’t that
dramatic, I guess. Ugh. That was pretty bad. That is pretty bad. I was like, Jared is
no way leaving me. I know. I was like, if he
comes down to it. If it comes down to Jared
deciding who he has to keep– I almost did. –I know he’s not
going to not pick me. The most embarrassing thing
that happened to me on set was I felt through a chair. The most embarrassing
thing that happened to me and “The Bachelor” was,
after we had our hot pepper date, that you still think
was the best date ever, and I still think was
the worst date ever, I threw up for so long. And in the morning,
my face was the size– –I mean, it was
so big, you guys. My face was this big. It was like expanding
in every direction. But you still looked beautiful. That’s really nice. If I could listen to
only one Jonas Brothers song for the rest
of my life, it would be, [DING] I believe,
off “Happiness Begins.” [DING] It’s “Sucker.” Obviously. I like “Sucker.” “Sucker” is a good one. The best gift that I
received from my partner was? Um. Shoes. [DING] Really? Oh, no. Well, yeah, I like shoes. I don’t know. You give me a lot of good gifts. The best gift I ever
received from my partner was a Backstreet
Boys music video that he completely redid,
to make Jared-esque. The best gift I ever received
from my partner was her heart. Jared! That’s a cute one. My ideal honeymoon would be? Ours would be very
different, by the way. So, I would love to
go to somewhere like Bali, or Thailand, and go
hiking, and be in nature, and interact with animals. And Joe’s would be… Probably the south of France. Somewhere. in the
south of France. Or somewhere, the Amalfi Coast. He’s bougie. Nice hotel. 5-star hotel. [LAUGHS] Yeah. That’s what I would do. I’d be like, AirBnB
our treehouse. Really good restaurants. Lay by the pool or the beach. It’d be really fun
to try some bugs. I’m not going to sweat. I don’t want to
sweat, like, at all. Ride an elephant. Get all dirty. [ELEPHANT NOISE] OK. [DING] [DING] The strangest thing I’m afraid
of is paper cuts in my eye. That’s terrifying. Catching a parasite in
my stomach, where it eats away and goes through my body. The last thing I Googled
was how to get pee out of a hotel carpet. [DING] Dog pee. [DING] Wow. How to prepare for the
Ellen YouTube show. [DING] [LAUGHS] Yes. Didn’t we have a
conversation about parasites? Because one of our
friends had said they had gotten a
parasite, and we Googled what parasites would
look like under someone’s skin. So like, skin rashes. Yeah. Maybe. And you do have
a rash right now. Thanks, babe. Um. OK well it’s not like a bad– –I think, like,
I got a bug bite or something when we were
recently out of the country, so anyway. [DING] TMI. My favorite curse word? I got to go with [BLEEP]. It’s to the point. [DING] My favorite curse
word is [BLEEP].. [DING] [DING] Mother[BLEEP]. [GASPS] [OUTRO MUSIC]

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  1. I’m still trying to figure out how kendall and joe and Jason and Kaitlyn are still together lol they are so opposite from each other

  2. Hi Ellen, I'm a huge fan of yours specially when you show love and help people in many ways. You may not see or read this but I'll still wanna try. I live in the Philippines and my Fiance and I was almost 6 years now in a relationship and so we started to plan and get married. We both have simple lives and she lives in United states, a citizen. I'd like to ask for a little help cause she really wanted to wear a wedding dress but we don't have enough money to get one. I wanted to by it on my own, but unfortunately I couldn't, but I really just wanna see her at least, wearing even just a simple wedding dress as one of her dreams on our wedding day. More power to your show, thanks.

  3. My dream is to watch ellen show live and meet her. I can do anything to make my dream true. Ellen is my motivation and inspiration. ♥️♥️♥️

  4. Joe and Kendall are so cute together and I’m so happy they’re going strong!
    Also, it’s cracked me up when Nick came out of no where at the end and he was all alone compared to the couples?

  5. Kaitlyn said that an airplane was the weirdest place she hooked up and then realized that it was with Shawn.

  6. I feel like bachelor(-ette) is a dating service. Even if they don't win their season, some end up matching with someone from the bachelor nation

  7. Hey Ellen!! Please invite the famous comedian Kapil Sharma. He is very famous in comedian things.. He runs a reality show names '' The kapil sharma show''. Hope we will be enjoying whenever he comes.. ???

  8. joe and Kendall seem like the realest, down to earth, quirky + witty couple. I absolutely adore them togetherr

    ashley: a remade backstreet boys video
    jared: your heart
    cassie: SHOES

  10. Kendall and Joe are clearly like meant to be, they just go so well together and they seem so authentic.

  11. Wait I had a paper cut on my eye once it just scratched my cornia though so it wasn’t that big of a deal lol but that’s a really oddly specific fear

  12. Okay but when is Ellen going to meet Kaitlyn in person? Kaitlyn has a pickle jar opener she's been wanting to give Ellen forever 🙁

  13. I love Joe & Kendall, but then Kendall had to go and ruin everything by saying she wants to ride an elephant ? sigh

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