Bailey FORGETS Her Driver’s License, Will She Make Her Flight??

Bailey FORGETS Her Driver’s License, Will She Make Her Flight??

(upbeat dance music) – Hello everybody, we
are going to New York, with Tina and Bethany. And we are so pumped we get to go and we’re flying out there to
do some stuff with Clinique, which we’re really excited about and they invited the roomies. So we’re gonna be showing
y’all our weekend adventures. ♪ We could be good together ♪ ♪ ‘Cause misery loves company ♪ ♪ Hey! ♪ ♪ Better too late than never ♪ ♪ You know we could do better ♪ ♪ So, take a chance on me ♪ ♪ Everywhere we want to turn to ♪ – We just landed and we
made it to our hotel. We walked in and they were like, oh yeah we have a fresh market, 24 hours. So like, call us and let us know if you want any fresh fruit or vegetables. We were like, what? – Strawberries and bananas?
– Yeah. – At six a.m.? Yes.
– That’s a yes. And now we’re headed to
our favorite pizza place, John’s, here in New York. Oh, we’re about to hit Times Square, Tina. – I am so excited. – We’re gonna have to film her reaction seeing everything.
– Yes. – We’re gonna go shopping
tonight, it’s gonna be fun! We made it to John’s Pizza. We’re eating the most delicious
classic New York pizza. And then I think our plan
is to go to Black Tap, which is this milkshake place, and then go shopping and
walking around in Times Square, livin’ up the New York nightlife. – Morning everyone, we’re in
New York, as you guys know. And this is the first
morning of our Clinique trip, and literally we get to
ride these little, like, wait, buggy things with the horses. Tell us how excited we are. – I am jazzed, pumped, astounded! – I’m excited! – So Sana and I are at the airport Hi! Getting ready to jump on the
flight to go to New York. So we can do work on the secret project that shall not be named yet, in New York. Including the photo shoot and
meeting with the fragrance lab and whole bunches of stuff that I’ll bring you guys along for. (soft rock music) Sana and I made it. – Yay! – But whenever we come to New York, we have to come eat at John’s Pizza. It’s just like a tradition,
it’s our favorite pizza ever. So here we are, but weirdly, Brooklyn and Bailey are here working. So we found them.
– Hi! – They’re on a different trip,
– Hey! – and we just randomly
overlapped by one day so, we just took the party to
New York, instead of Texas. We wanted chocolate chip
cookies after dinner and I wanted to go to Levain’s. – Levain
– Levain’s bakery, they were closed, so we
came to our second favorite which is Schmackarys. – [Brooklyn] Shcmackarys. – Where you going Brooklyn? She’s running away from me. – I’ve got an Uber. – [Mindy] Oh, well fine bye. (soft music) – Hey where are we going? – To the football game.
– Football game. – We’re going to what? It was two years ago
when Brooklyn and Bailey, when they were Majestics. Do you remember when we,
– And I was in Mini Majestics? – I think you were in
Mini Majestics, yeah. – All the fun stuff! – [Shaun] What is the fun stuff? – Face painting, bounce houses. – [Shaun] Guess who’s doing face painting. – Kamri.
– Kamri. (soft, fun music) – [Shaun] Model ’em, model
’em, nice, oh nice. (chuckles) There you go, you got
your love joy, yeah, nice. Hey, what happened man? He got a touchdown! Yeah! – So, this morning we’re in New York and we are at the fragrance
house, the fragrance lab that is developing the
fragrance for (beep) and I’m so excited you guys. I haven’t met these people, but
I have been smelling samples that they are sending to me for months and one of these awesome technicians actually developed the
correct, perfect fragrance for me that I love so much I
literally wear it as a perfume and here we are so I’m gonna
show you a quick pan behind me. You can see all of the
bottles in the labs they use. So, we just came and they were
showing us all of the scents that are actually in the
base and the top layer of the fragrance and
letting us smell them all and they smell so good
together, I’m so excited! (upbeat music) Mmmmm.
(laughing) (upbeat music) I’m gonna tell you a secret, there was actually one scent
that I liked the very most, but it’s a little more manly
than I think I wanted overall for the project I’m working on. So, I went to my second favorite, which by the way was pretty
much everybody else’s favorite since I mostly just like
man smells apparently, but it was my very second favorite. So, that was the one we picked which ultimately I’m super glad by, because every time I wear this, they’ve sent me like an actual oil bottle that I wear all the time
now and people freak out, they just tell me I smell good, they notice which is
even more interesting, ’cause that tells me how good it is. (upbeat music) – [Bailey] Brooklyn is
making her own conditioner. – [Brooklyn] This might
be the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life. – [Bailey] Her specific shade. (upbeat music) – Hey everybody, it’s been
a wild and crazy two weeks of travel at McKnight home,
starting first with me. Over father’s day Mindy and
the kids gave me probably the coolest gift I’ve ever been given, except for those little
tiny hand made gifts they give you when they’re little, those always have a special
place in your heart, but this was a trip for me and eight of my friends from Utah to go to LA, and we were gonna attend a
bunch of sporting events. The girls bought us tickets
to major league baseball game, two college football
games, and an NFL game. The first thing we did when we land is we went down to the fashion district and my buddies and I
went to this little store where they custom tailor suits. It was like $100 for a
custom tailored suit. I’d never done that before. It was really, really cool, and I thought the suits
looked pretty nice, Mindy thinks so. After that we drove
over to Dodgers Stadium and we watched the
Dodgers play the Giants. The nachos there were really good. We had a great time together, but we had to leave early, ’cause we had to get back
to our Airbnb down in LA. We got up the next morning
and went to breakfast and after that we drove down to UCLA, where we watched UCLA play
a college football game against San Diego State. We had to leave part way
through the end of that game to get across town in time to go watch the USC Trojans beat Stanford. So, another college football
game in the same day, and right before that on the jumbotron we watched BYU beat Tennessee in overtime. So, that was a pretty amazing day, and then Sunday morning we
woke up, we went to church, and after church we had
waffles and chicken, and then we drove over to the
NFL game that was in town. The San Diego Chargers
had just moved to LA, they didn’t have a stadium, so we went to the Galaxy soccer stadium, where they were playing
Indianapolis Colts. That was a really fun and exciting game. It went to overtime, but
I had to leave before the 4th quarter, because I had
to get back to the airport, but all said that was an
amazing weekend with my buddies from Utah and I’m really
grateful to Mindy and the kids for what they did for me for Father’s Day. – I just went to go through
security at the airport and found out I didn’t have my wallet. Left it back home in Waco. It’s the first time that’s
ever happened to me. I literally have traveled for so long and I’ve never forgotten my wallet. I don’t know, I think today
was just one of those days. So, I literally got
into the security line, went to pull my wallet
out of my back back, and realized that it wasn’t there. So, I’m just trying to
think of all my options. First, I went back to my car
to see if my wallet was there. It was not. Then came back and I texted my Mom, I did not want her to know,
’cause I know she’d freak out. So I was like, hey is someone
watching kids at the house? And she said yeah our friend Jenny is. So, I called Jenny and I was like, hey I know my passport is in the house. Can you drive that to me? ‘Cause our house is about like 45 minutes to an hour away from the airport. So, right now I’m waiting for
Jenny to drop my passport off, so that I can hopefully
run through security and make it on time for my flight. This is the kind stressful stuff that like gives you
gray hair and wrinkles. I made it, obviously, ’cause we’re getting on the flight now. I made it with like 30
minutes to spare too. This lighting is really cute. Those are called stress
pimples, they’re real. – You guys know that every
year we come out to Utah in the fall and we do CVX. So, we flew to Utah early this morning and we visited with my mom, my dad, my brother, and my sister and hung out, and we’re gonna see some
more family again tomorrow, but yeah we’re just having
a good time seeing family, but then tonight we’re on to
the CVX talent creator party. Which is at Thanksgiving
Point, which is super cool. Which is that way babe, that way. – [Shaun] No, it’s up here. – [Mindy] Oh, is it? – Yep.
– I don’t know, well it’s somewhere.
– We use to live right here literally.
– It’s somewhere in here. – Our house was like two
football fields from here and Mindy doesn’t know where this is. – Oh yeah it is, he’s right. It’s down here, he’s right. But yeah, we’re gonna
go see all of the talent and say hi to everybody. Which I always love this
is my favorite part of CVX is getting to see all of my friends and co-workers and fellow YouTubers that we don’t get to see very often. So, it’ll be fun. Brooklyn, Bailey, and
Kamri are currently raiding my mom’s old clothing closet. They’re like so excited about
some of these finds my mom hasn’t worn for like ever.
– Kay ,but tell me, ask them, this is so cute!
– And now they’re like freaking out over them.
– There’s pants, and a matching top, that’s so cute. – They’re so cute. – They’re literally repeating
my high school right here, what they’re putting on. So, the twins are videoing
a family video right now, so we have Chanley’s
leaving, Tana’s arriving, Kylie and the dog are here, Nana’s here, everybody’s here we gotta get moving. We’re behind schedule now. – [Brooklyn] We are behind schedule. – Brooklyn, Kamri, here’s Annie and Tia. We’re just meeting Tia, Annie’s girlfriend for the first time. So we’re super excited to
finally get to meet Tia. – Hey guys what’s up? – All right and Papa’s over there trying not to get us all sick. We’re at the CVX, well it’s the Friday
evening party I guess. So, we’re here just hanging
out with all the people. ♪ Be sunlight and darkness ♪ ♪ You can lean on me ♪ ♪ I am strong enough ♪ So, we were on our way to CVX, and this guy starts waving at
our car and flagging us down, and pointing, pointing, pointing
at the back end of our car, and I thought maybe our
trunk was open or something but then he was like flat tire, flat tire. Turns out we ran over a
screw getting on the freeway, and the tire literally went
flat in apparently 10 minutes that it took to drive down here. So, we got lucky that the guy saw it before we were riding it on the rim and now we’re at a repair
shop getting it fixed, and we’re gonna catch a Lyft to CVX. (upbeat dance music) ♪ You can lean on me if the fire goes ♪ ♪ There will be sunlight and darkness ♪ ♪ You can lean on me ♪ ♪ I’m strong enough to carry us both ♪ (crowd chatting) – Do like everything,
because my family’s channel started out with hair and then my, – So, we’re back you guys, back in Texas. The twins are finally back in Waco. Everyone’s jumping back
into our normal schedules after a whirl wind week,
between New York and Utah for CVX live. So, it was great times for everybody. We loved meeting all of
you guys that came to CVX and I think I personally
am just gonna enjoy being at home for a few days. So, we’ll see you guys next time! (upbeat dance music)

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