Bailey’s Birthday Slumber Party with Colleen!

Bailey’s Birthday Slumber Party with Colleen!

– Colleen always does
a slumber party thing with the kids for their birthday, and she was out of town during
Bailey’s birthday in November and then Christmas happened, and it’s just been a crazy time. So this is the first chance she’s had to have Bailey over for her slumber party, and that is why, right now, in January, Bailey is having a slumber
party for her birthday. Now you’re up to speed. (bright music) – [Bailey] Previously on
Ballinger Family Vlogs. – The kids and Jessica
have been here all day, including Bailey. She’s been here while I
was writing with Colleen, and now we did a switch. So, Bailey went with Colleen to her house for a slumber party, a
birthday slumber party, and I am gonna go on some rides. Are you gonna have fun
at Auntie Panties’ house? – Yes! – [Jessica] Does she have a camera? – Do you want this camera?
– Yeah. Good night, everyone. Today, I’m at Auntie Panties’ house, and this is gonna be super, super fun. This is my suitcase, and I’m super excited ’cause I’m gonna have a lot of fun. This is my birthday slumber party, and this was my present
from Auntie Panties, a little dog. That’s little Fudge. – [Colleen] She named him Fudge. – That’s my dog. – [Colleen] It came with a cat too. – That’s Gus.
– Inside here. – [Bailey] Hi, Gus. – [Colleen] Gus is inside the box now. (giggling) – We also got all kinds of fun stuff to make and eat today. Like, we’ve got Rice Chex and marshmallows, orange, strawberry,
lemon, and lime-flavored, peppermint frosting, smooth peanut butter. – Mouse Trap!
– Gluten-free peanut butter cookies. I mean, not cookies, crackers. – And look at this fancy… – [Bailey] Mouse Trap and Chocolate Chex. – Special birthday-only breakfast. – Yeah, I’m super excited! We’re also gonna decorate
the cake with sprinkles. – And look what else I got, a surprise. – (gasping) Candy cane chapstick! My brother stole all my
candy cane chapstick. – [Colleen] Can I have one? – Yes, you can. Then there’s these happy birthday candles that I’m gonna put on and these really cool sprinkles, these cubes, stars… – [Colleen] What else? You are showing how Miranda
shows things on the camera. – [Bailey] Oh, really? – Too close. There you go! That’s how Miranda shows
things on the camera. – [Bailey] Balls, squares, stars, and hearts. – Peppermint candy cane white icing. Look at your face right now. Let’s see if this gluten free though. – Let’s see if it’s gluten free. Let’s see.
– ‘Cause I don’t know. I don’t think it will be, but
we can at least check and see. – [Both] Contains soy. – Sugar. Yes! – (gasping) You can use this?!
– Yes! – [Colleen] Oh my gosh,
you can draw on it! We can write out your
name in peppermint icing. – Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! – [Colleen] All we have to do is make– – Big chocolate chips.
– We have to make– – Wait!
– The peanut butter frosting because she wants half peppermint frosting and half peanut butter frosting. So we have to make the peanut
butter frosting from scratch. You have a lot of sprinkles. This is gonna be a very crunchy cake. I think we need to test this
to make sure it tastes okay. So, we’ve gotta try this. Whoa! A little on me and a little on you. – That is straight up candy canes. – That’s good. That’s like your dream come true. – Can I add some candy canes? – Yeah, you can have whatever you want.
– We can crush ’em up? – Let’s try some of this icing. – It tastes like toothpaste. – Toothpaste with added candy canes. – How old is this? That’s the first question. – Okay, if it’s too old, I’m fine. – Yeah, gluten-free, she says. Hello, where’s the date? Hello? Hello?! – It looks too old. – Yeah, I agree. It’s kind of gray. – Yeah, let’s throw it out. – Good plan. – I can’t wait! – [Colleen] It’s gonna be fun! – What were you writing? – [Colleen] A new special project that has nothing to do with Miranda. – What? – Yep. – It’s funny ’cause I’m
vlogging and you’re vlogging. – I know. What a crazy world we’re living in. – [Bailey] It’s kind of like mirrors. Have you ever seen when
there’s, like, a mirror and it goes back and forth? – [Colleen] Uh-huh. – Like, I can see what’s
going on in this camera, and in this camera, yeah. It’s all the stuff. It’s like–
– So crazy. – So, right now, we’re making
a gluten free chocolate cake, and it’s gonna have peanut butter frosting and peppermint frosting,
at Bailey’s request. – Yes! – And we ordered some sushi ’cause that’s what she wanted for dinner. – I did want sushi.
– And we also have mint chip ice cream. So, that’s coming too. – I don’t know which camera to look at. – I don’t either. This is a lot going on. But it’ll be fun! Oh, Bailey got a dog! I have to introduce you
to Bailey’s new pet doggy. – Fudge. – And Bailey picked out. You’re filming Cardiff, Wales. (Bailey giggling) Bailey… Bailey picked out fish
sticks for lunch tomorrow, gluten-free fish sticks.
– Yum! Wow, look at all these things. I can’t wait to eat them all. So, Auntie Panties is in the middle of making this delicious
peanut butter frosting. Can I have a lick?
– Stick your finger in that right now. (gasping) Have a lick. Come on! – That is so good! – [Colleen] I know! From scratch! – That is amazing! She just added a half a
cup of powdered sugar. – [Colleen] Two cups. – Oh, two cups of powdered sugar and– – [Colleen] But we had a disaster. – Yes, we did have a disaster.
– We had a disaster, but everything was okay. – Everything was okay.
– We fixed it. – We fixed it. And a lot of peanut
butter and a lot of milk, and you should try it at home.
– I put a little bit of milk. I put too much, what’d I put too much in? – Oil. – [Colleen] Yeah, I
accidentally left the oil in the peanut butter. Whoops! – The cake is already ready though. It’s really cool. This is one level. There’s two levels, but
they’re both hearts, and it’s really pretty. Oh, here’s the other level. This is the bottom level. This is the top. (mixer whirring) (upbeat music) (giggling) – You’re insane. – I know. – Don’t do too much. You wanna enjoy it. – I will. It’ll just be hard to take a bite.
– I know. How about just these and
then you need to be done? ‘Cause this is cuckoo pants.
– That’s what I was thinking. – And you gotta put in the candles. – Yeah, I’m cuckoo pants. (upbeat music) – Bailey invited us over
to her slumber party, so that we could see her… – And that’s our finished cake. – Finished cake. – Did you see what a little
vlogging superstar she is?! I love how she did it so fast because she doesn’t want too much footage for you, Christopher. (Colleen laughing) – She would push record and set it down and walk around for, like, 30 minutes. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Bailey ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – [Colleen] Two months late. Bailey, are you creating something? – [Chris] You gotta blow out the candles. Probably shouldn’t have your mouth full. (laughing) (cheering) – All 13 candles. – Nice! Good job!
– Nice! Good job! – [Chris] She’s back to the sprinkles. – Without skipping a beat. – [Chris] Does that
look delicious, Parker? – Yeah. – All righty, it is way past
bedtime, Little Miss Bails, and we have a busy day tomorrow. We have to go to Color Me
Mine, have a yummy breakfast, and a fish stick lunch. That’s what she chose for lunch. So, do you wanna give
them a tour of your room? I have lots of rooms in my house, but this is probably my favorite room ’cause this is the guest room, and it is the Christmas room. And, Bailey, guess what. The person who lived in here before you. I had a roommate. Do you remember Todrick? – Mm-hm. – My friend Todrick Hall,
who is now on Broadway. So he’s a Broadway star. He slept in this room before you. So, first, it was a Broadway star, and now it’s gonna be a famous author, actor, beautiful model. – Yes! – Do you wanna give a tour of your room?
– Yes. (knocking) Welcome to my room. – Oh, can I have a tour?
– Yeah. – Let me see. What’s–
– Come on in. – [Colleen] All right. – This is my pants and my underwear. – [Colleen] Okay. – And my dress and my jacket
and Auntie Panties’ robe and my stuffed bear and my doggy and my Daisy who fell asleep. – [Colleen] Yeah, Daisy’s
excited to sleep with you. So, Daisy’s in here.
– Aw, she’s purring. – [Colleen] She’s so sweet. She’s excited to sleep
with Bailey tonight. Isn’t this room cool? The nice Christmas tree. – Up here, I have sunglasses and books. My computer is buried under all this stuff and my calendar Q&A thing. – I just realized.
– What? – What’s one thing you
always leave bed for? – Water. – We should probably
put a water cup up here. – [Bailey] Yeah. – [Colleen] All right, so– – Oh, no, no, the bathroom.
– Oh. What about the bathroom? You’re gonna drink out of the toilet? – No, no, that’s one thing
I always get out of bed for. – [Colleen] Oh, got it, got it, got it. – But there’s a bathroom. – [Colleen] So, these are
pictures of our family. Can you find your daddy
in any of these pictures? – [Bailey] I think… That’s Santa Claus.
– Mm-hm. – That’s Daddy?
– That’s your dad, yep. – That’s Daddy.
– Yep. – That’s Daddy.
– Mm-hm. – That’s Daddy.
– Yeah, that’s a good one. – That’s Daddy.
– Mm-hm. I like my face in this
one, if it’ll focus. – That’s Daddy.
– That’s pretty epic. Yeah, I’m a goober. – [Bailey] And there’s Daddy. – That’s not Daddy.
– Oh, wait, no. That’s someone else.
– Who is that? – Uncle Trent?
– Yep. – [Bailey] I thought that was Daddy. They look alike.
– That’s your dad. – [Bailey] Yeah, that’s Daddy. – [Colleen] And that’s? – [Bailey] Aunt Rachel. – Yep. Did you know that you have a balcony? – I do? – [Colleen] Yeah, look at this. This is a balcony. – [Bailey] Whoa! – [Colleen] Pretty cool, huh? – [Bailey] I can see so far. – [Colleen] I know. It’s pretty sweet. And then there’s a Christmas
tree with ornaments from all over the world. I got this one in London. I got this one in Australia.
– I like this one. – [Colleen] I don’t know
where I got that one. I got this one in Texas, if it’ll focus.
– That one’s cool. – [Colleen] Got that in Texas. – [Bailey] This one in Disneyland. – [Colleen] Disney World. I got that at Disney World.
– Oh! – [Colleen] This in Germany. All righty, let’s get you
water and get you in bed, kid. It is way past bedtime. Okay? So say goodnight. Say goodnight to the
people on the Internet. – I don’t wanna say goodnight. I don’t wanna go to sleep. – Well, if you don’t go to sleep, then we can’t go to
Color Me Mine tomorrow. – Oh! Good night. – (laughing) Good night. We’ll see you tomorrow. Okay. We went to Color Me Mine. It was really fun, and
now it’s time to go home. Bailey needs to hustle her little tussle ’cause we gotta–
– Almost done. – We gotta get outta here ’cause we gotta beats traffic. Look, now Daisy wants to
hang out in Bailey’s room. She wouldn’t sleep with her last night, but now she’ll sleep. She’s got these mats in her fur. I gotta get those out. She’s so cute. She’s just hanging out
with Bailey as she packs. – I had a really fun time
at Auntie Panties’ house, and now I’m on the car drive back. I cannot wait to see my family again, like, Mommy and Daddy and
Jacob and Parker and Duncan, but I had a really fun
time with Auntie Panties, and I can’t wait ’til next year. I painted a statue of a mermaid, and I’m probably gonna
have a collection of fairytale characters. I’ve got a fairy, and
now I’ve got a mermaid. I have to wait for the mermaid to get hot in the oven, but then I’m gonna get the mermaid. It’s gonna look really cool. Bye! (giggling) – So, JoJo, I just overheard her trying to make sense of our family. – Oh my, it’s so confusing trying. I’m getting it though! Okay, are you ready for this? – Okay, yeah, I’m ready.
– Are you ready? This is my quiz. Okay. – I believe you’re gonna get all of this ’cause you’re kind of incredible. – It starts with Gwen and Tim, right? – Yes, they’re married. – Gwen and Tim, and then you two are–

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