BENTLEY’s 100th day celebration with Uncle Paul! [The Return of Superman/2018.04.15]

BENTLEY’s 100th day celebration with Uncle Paul!  [The Return of Superman/2018.04.15]

Hey, we’re almost here. (The cool ocean and fresh air greet them.) They finally arrive at Uncle Paul’s. Would you ring the bell? Bell. I’m here. (I’m here.) Hey, hurry inside. (Paul gives William a warm welcome.) How are you, mate? – He arrived? / – How are you? I’m good, mate. How are you? Okay. Who is this? Is that you? Is that you? Is that you? – Yes. / – Yes. Do you want to go upstairs? – Come on, William. / – You got this. – What a beautiful home. / – Hello, mate. (He says hello to Bentley too.) (The family welcomes the Hamingtons.) My gosh, this is a big family. (Paul’s son, Rocklyn) (Paul’s wife, Katrina) (Paul’s daughter, Annabelle) (Uncle Dean and Aunt Annie) (Dean’s son, Thomas) (It’s confusing. Make a chart for me.) Uncle Paul has two kids older than William, Annabelle and Rocklyn. Uncle Dean has Thomas, who is 15 months old. (Uncle Dean’s family) Where’s Rocklyn? (Guess who Rocklyn is.) (That’s correct.) William, where’s Thomas? Where’s Thomas? (Over there!) (He gets it right again.) William, where’s Paul? Paul? (He uses his entire body to give a hint.) It’s me. (He points at Katrina.) Oh, no. (I should get closer to him.) Are you going through a tunnel? – Jump, jump! / – You have three? (Rocklyn does a good job playing with William.) Jump. (He screams in excitement.) (He likes Rocklyn.) (Paul plays with Bentley.) (Smiling) Hey, hey. He’s perfect. I don’t like to give too much credit. (I like you, Uncle Paul.) (Sam brings a big bag.) – Right? / – What have you got there? Wow, look at this. Just a few gifts. (He’s suddenly interested.) Where is it from? I don’t know. It might not fit, actually. Now look at this. Come. What a cute shirt. – Thank you. / – For Thomas. Say “high-five”. – I got… I figured… / – My gosh. (The next gift is the jacket soldiers wear.) (What on earth) (is that?) I figured… (He’s nervous.) (How will Paul react?) Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s good, especially for the cold winter. Yes, yes. I don’t know if I’m taking it too far. (He puts it on right away.) You have to wear it with the pants. I’ve worn it to bed before. In Korean, they’re called Rough Clothes. – Rough Clothes. / – Yes. There are sunglasses too. (A pair of sunglasses complete the look.) You look stylish. William. (He puts on a Rough Clothes fashion show.) Go, Paul. (He puts on the swagger of a veteran soldier.) (He turns back like a cool and chic guy.) (They switch places energetically.) (This handsome guy asks for a high-five.) (I have to give him a high-five.) (He turns back in style.) (Sam is satisfied.) My goodness. A round of applause. (My uncles are the best.) – Thank you very much. / – No worries. I’m going to wear it tonight. Seaweed? Seaweed? – It’s good. / – Thank you very much. It’s actually a really good treat. – Really? / – It’s good with beans. William, why don’t we show Thomas how to eat seaweed? – It looks delicious. / – Have some food. Are you going to eat it all on your own? (He’s showing Thomas an example.) (It’s nice and salty.) We got a new favorite, I think. We’re glad Thomas likes the seaweed. (Paul is bringing something over.) I have a gift here. For… – Okay. / – Not… It’s not for you. (It’s not for me?) – You’re teasing. / – Where is Bentley? Something for Bentley? No, no. This gift is for his 100th-day celebration. It is 100th days for Bentley. (It’s a gift for Bentley.) It is a true Australian hat. To keep the flies away. (Let us start cheering.) (Hopefully, his new hat will keep bad luck away.) No flies on you, mate. (Cute) How cute does he look? I like it. Yes. Yes. Yes. (Thank you, Uncle Paul.) (They prepared a 100th-day cake.) (Is that for me?) This is for Bentley. – Look, Bentley. / – Here we go. (The two toddlers are more excited.) (Happy 100th day to you) (Happy 100th day to you) (Is that English or Korean?) (Congratulations on your 100th day.) (I’ll blow out the candles for you.) (He feels wronged.) This is a lamington. This is from Australia. – Eat it. / – Do you want to taste it? (This time, Thomas will show an example.) (Thomas is eating it well.) Yummy? (William takes a bite.) (It’s good!) Bentley, let’s grow big and enjoy delicious foods. Let’s go, William. Ready? Big jump. (I looked natural.) Do you want to get some ice cream? Yes. – Yes. / – Dad! Dad! – “Dad”? / – “Dad”. Car? (He’s copying his dad driving.) (They mistook “Dad” for a car.) Dad. Yes, there are a lot of cars. Yes. (That’s not what I meant.) What’s “Dad”? Is that it? (He’s copying his dad eating.) – Yum. Yum. / – Yum? What’s “Dad”? Does that mean you’re hungry? Dad. – Hungry. / – What does that mean? Hey, William. Do you know what I feel like? “Dad”. Where’s Dad? – “Dad”. / – Where? Yes, mister. (Sam is relaxed.) Beautiful boy. You’re a beautiful boy. (Paul is in love with Bentley.) For me, spending 48 hours with the 2 of them is just like juggling. It’s tough. One’s pooping while you’re trying to feed one. When you’re showering one, the other one is pooping. There’s always something going on. – It’s juggling. / – It’s extreme. – It’s juggling. / – It’s like balancing balls. Juggling on a barrel. I think you should look after them for 48 hours. – No worries, mate. / – Are you up for it? – I’ll do it. / – He could do it. – Really? / – Quite easily. – Really? / – Yes. (He’s full of confidence.) I think she’s… (Paul looks like an expert at babysitting.) (There’s no time to get bored.) (Falling in love with Paul) Adam would pin down my arms, and he would fart in my face. I could imagine him doing that. Yes. Yes. Your dad told a funny story. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m worried Rocklyn took William down the street. This way! (They’re at the ice cream shop.) There are so many flavors. – Here you go. / – Thank you. – Thank you. / – Lick it. – Thank you. / – You’re welcome. Do you want to go out to the park? (With a sweet ice cream in his hand…) He’s with his favorite people and ice cream. William must be happy. (This must be paradise!) Water! Look how big that boat is, William. (It’s a beautiful port city.) It’s a huge boat. Can you see? It went flying. Okay. Pick a bigger one. (I’ll try again.) Gosh, what are we going to do? (His ice cream fell to the ground.) My goodness. (My goodness.) My goodness. What are you going to do? (William is upset.) My gosh, you dropped your ice cream. Are you sad? (He eats his cone.) Yummy? Yum? Meanwhile, they’re preparing for a barbecue. There are kangaroo meat bought by Sam and some skewers made by Paul. (The kids are back after their walk.) – Hello, William. / – Hi, Dad. – Dad. / – Do you want to go out? Hot. It’s hot. It’s hot. No. (Rocklyn is feeding Bentley.) William must be hungry. He’s eating a toast with Vegemite. (I’m hiding.) (Falling) Hey. Get up. He got Vegemite on his face. Here. (Spotted) (Why is everyone laughing?) – My gosh. / – Yes. – William, look at me. / – Nice. (He kind of looks like…) William, you look like a homeless boy. (Please give me some bread to eat.) (Homeless William appeared in Melbourne.) (It’s finally dinnertime!) (The skewers look delicious.) (Kangaroo meat and sausages.) (Food!) – Here’s some kangaroo. / – Okay. (Eating) Mister. – What? Thank you. / – Mister. Thank you. Good boy. This is great. (Come here, Bentley.) Medium? Well done? (Kissing) Is he smiling? – Yes. / – Yes. Who do you say thank you to? Paul. – Where? / – Paul. – Thank you. / – Good boy. Come. Let’s go. Let’s have a look. (It’s been a while, but they’re still friendly.) It was short, but Paul and William got close. (See you again soon.) William, grow big and see your uncle again.

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  1. Paul looks like he wouldn't be the nicest guy who is good with children but it's sweet how good he is with Bentley and william

  2. I like the fact that Sam just stood there and watched William tripped himself and 'uh-uh'-ed him when he started to cry.

  3. Why sam didnt teach william how to speak english? He can just casually talk with william in eng n korean, baby can learn language easily. Nana and this uncle fam have hard times to communicate with william. And knowing many languages are great advantage

  4. All 3 babies r cute…!! Why homeless guy is in Indian outfit ? ???? Didn't like that. Rest all video is beautiful… !!!

  5. Wow..envy Uncle Paul as he able to play with the very cute Bentley who just ❤to ?…
    I wonder if Sam had brought Bentley and William back to visit their uncles again, and how Uncle Paul will react seeing Bentley grown so fast now.

  6. The minute they stepped in the house: G'dAyYy….g'DaYyY…G'dAyYy MATE….How's it goin' MATE? ???? (love this whole aussie filled episode ???)

  7. It’s so cute that the young lad and the girl think 아빠 means car or food or hungry haha ? and really sweet that they’re trying to actually understand their baby cousin!

  8. Talking about the seaweed:
    "It's good with beer" – what he actually said
    "It's good with beans" – what the subtitles said
    lol xD

  9. It made me laugh so hard when he fell down with the
    Vegemite on his face and it made me play it all over again till I can stop laughing

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