Best Birthday Party || New Telugu Short Film 2019 || With Eng Sub Titles||By Abhilash Tsavalam

Best Birthday Party || New Telugu Short Film 2019 || With Eng Sub Titles||By Abhilash Tsavalam

‘To celebrate many more birthdays,
you need to stop smoking.’ ‘We hear stories from times passed.’ ‘We hear predictions
from future untold.’ ‘But we hear nothing
about the present.’ ‘We must learn from
It’s my birthday today. How could I forget? [PLEASANT MUSIC PLAYING] ‘What’s with all the balloons?’ ‘What’s going on?’ [MUMBLES] Psst! I don’t see anyone. What kind of a surprise is this?
Leaving a cake at my place. What else have you got for me? Huh? Oh! You got the door locked. Fine. Let me lock it from inside. -[DOOR LATCH SQUEAKS]
-That’s right. Okay. I like the surprise.
Now come inside. This is so not happening.
I’ll finish the cake if you don’t come in. It’s up to you now. [DOOR KNOCK] I knew you’d come in for the cake.
Idiots! [DOOR OPENS] Tej! Happy Birthday! [AWKWARD SMILE] Thank you! Don’t you recognize me? It’s me. Urvasi. Urvasi? You mean… -We were in 10th grade together.
-Yeah, it’s me. [PUFFS] I didn’t recognize you at all. It’s a pleasant surprise for me.
How are you? Oh, sorry! Please come in. I’m good. What about you? I’m great!
I can’t believe you’re really here. I’m so happy! -Tej…
-Hmm? -I have something to tell you.
-Hmm? Actually, the ones who
planned this surprise… They asked me to share one
of our best moments together. Every moment we shared was a good one. But I’m eager to find out
what you think was the best. So, what’s the moment? The way you proposed to me! [ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYING] Yes! I won!
Whoo-hoo! [SCOFFS] What kind of games are these? There’s a new movie in theatres.
Let’s go. Movie? My dad might beat me up. [EXHALES] You’ll never change. [ROMANTIC MUSIC CONTINUES TO PLAY] -Guys! My Urvasi is coming.
-Huh?! Wait. Let me complain to Ramesh uncle. I’ll show your love letter to your dad. -I wrote that love letter to him, man.
-Yeah. It was for me. Oh, yeah?
But your dad doesn’t know that. [METAL THUD SOUND] Look over there, man! -[GASPS]
-[DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] Oh no! You’re badly hurt. Rohit! Get some cotton. Raju! Grab a band-aid. Look. Your leg has a severe wound. -It’s okay.
-No! It’s not okay. -You’re hurt!
-It’s really okay, Tej. Why are you so worried?
It’s a small wound. I’ve been meaning to tell you
something for a while now. But I never thought I’d tell
you in a situation like this. What is it? What did you say earlier? I asked why you were so worried. [CLICKS TONGUE] Shall I tell you something? If we’re worried about ourselves,
it means we’re in trouble. But if we’re worried
for someone else… It means we’re in love. Does that mean you love me? [ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYING] That was such a beautiful moment. Yeah. Really. By the way, I liked your
company back then. Hmm. [CHUCKLES] So… Who planned this surprise? -[DOOR KNOCK]
-[GASPS] [DOOR OPENS] Hey! You’re Sandhya, right? -Yes. Happy birthday!
-Thank you! -How are you?
-I’m fine. Umm… Actually, I’m totally lost.
Don’t know what’s happening around. Umm… Urvasi… By the way, she is Sandhya.
My intermediate girlfriend. [MUMBLES] I didn’t know you could
introduce someone like that. I’m his 10th grade girlfriend. [EXHALES DEEPLY] [MUMBLES] I can’t believe this! -Pardon?
-It’s nothing. Actually, I was asked to share
our best moment together. I must say our break up
was the highlight for me. Break up is your best moment?
That’s horrible. I mean weird. It’s true. Guys would usually be
crazy about girls in 11th grade. But he was also crazy about academics. [SCOFFS] How much did you score in Physics? 70. So you barely passed. Err… How come?
35 is the pass percentage. It’s 70 for me. Here. What are these for? Every time you take a sniff of this… You must feel like studying. But when I sniff this, I feel devotional
and hungry for the holy offering. [EXHALES DEEPLY] -Here.
-What are the pills for? To stay awake at night while studying. To stay awake at night, huh? I’m fine with it. There’s a lot we can do.
[CHUCKLES] Here. -What is this?
-It makes you smarter. -What?!
-Eat this and you’ll become smart. Whoa! What if my cheeks
get puffy in the process? I’d look so bad! [EXHALES DEEPLY] 35 is the right pass
percentage for you. [SCOFFS] Tej… I wrote a poem for you. Ugh! Do I have to hear it now? Shall I begin? Hmm. Hmm. “Teju… Teju…” Hmm?! “I first saw you on a pouring night.” “That’s when I fell in love with you.” “Your love for academics
made me go insane.” “And my life began to turn worse.” [MIND VOICE] Oh no! [AWKWARD SMILE] Sandhya… Sandhya… -Tell me!
-[AWKWARD CHUCKLE] Are you expecting me to rhyme? Shut up and start reading. Damn! Tej! I didn’t know
you were so studious. My academics took a fall
when I first fell in love. So I took it a bit seriously. [SCOFFS] You turned into a sadist! I was looking for an opportunity
to break up with him. And the opportunity finally came. I should blame mom for this. She sends me here
because he’s a topper. Would any mom in her senses do that? I can’t take his torture anymore. [DOOR CREAKS] [MUGGING MATH] Tell me trigonometry formulas. Err… [RECITING FORMULAS] That’s all I know. You didn’t nail trigonometry yet. Now it’s your turn. Are you questioning me? [RECITING FORMULAS] -Is that correct?
-Of course. You donkey! Buffalo!
Rodent! Did you drop your brains
in the Bermuda Triangle? -Hey! Don’t cuss me.
-This is how I felt when you cussed me. -I’m the topper of our class.
-Topper, my foot! When sir asked if you
were a day scholar… You were too dumb to reply you
were a scholar at night too. -You’re crossing your limits.
-I don’t care. Get lost! -I don’t want to talk to you. Get out.
-What?! How dare you ask me to get out? We’re done. Let’s break up.
You get out! Break up? We can’t break up for this. This stuff is so annoying! I’m done with you. Light the incense wherever you want. It was a genuine mistake back then. Shame on you! You tortured me. By the way, I forgot to ask you. -Who planned this surprise?
-Umm… -Actually…
-[DOOR KNOCK] -Hey, Sanvi!
-Hi! -Happy birthday!
-B.Tech Girlfriend, huh? Pardon me? Err… Actually,
I was in love with her in 10th grade. I had to love this one
unfortunately in 11th grade. -What else? How are you?
-I’m fine. What about you? Yeah, I’m good. Actually, the ones who
planned this surprise… They asked you to share
our best moment together. Am I right? I only had one moment with you. It doesn’t matter who says it.
Let me tell them. It’s my karma. You’re bringing her up quite often. Is she beautiful? I wouldn’t have cared
if she was beautiful. She’s damn beautiful. Whoa! I’ve had enough of you. There’s no stopping you now. Hello! Hello, madam! -Hello!
-[FOOTSTEPS RECEDING] Hello, excuse me! -Who is it?
-Err… I wanted to tell you something. What is it? This song was sung by SP
Balasubrahmanyam and P Suseela. Hmm? Sorry? [HUMMING] ‘Why are you humming
with your eyes closed?’ “It’s pouring rain” “In my heart” “With your glances as sprinkle” “It’s pouring rain” “In my heart” “With your glances as sprinkle” [MIND VOICE] The timing
and weather is perfect. I wish she sang along with me. “As the clouds cloak” “Melodies take flight” “It’s pouring…” “Rain…” Umm… It’s a nice song.
Now come to the point. The thing is… -You should come to a restaurant with me.
-What for? -I’ll tell you tomorrow.
-But what for? -Come tomorrow and you’ll know.
-But why? Salman Khan isn’t married yet. What?! I’m not going to give stupid reasons.
Try to understand. [SCOFFS]
[CHUCKLES] [CHEERFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [HUMMING RANDOMLY] [MIND VOICE] Why isn’t she talking? Let me speak first. -So, how was your day?
-It was so hot! [MUMBLES] Huh?!
Was that supposed to be a joke? She must be into comedy. [MUMBLES] Damn! I can’t take it. -Hey!
-Yes, sir? -Come. Come.
-[MUMBLES] Can’t you wait? Tell me, sir. How many storeys in this building? Umm… About four, I guess. -Hmm…
-Why do you ask, sir? She makes me want to
jump off the terrace. [WAITER]: Whoa! [CLICKS TONGUE] -Bearer…
-Yeah? Come closer. You’ve been here a long time.
What’s your name? -Off, sir.
-Huh?! Off? You mean ‘off’ as
in ‘Turn the lights off’? As in ‘F*** off!’. -What?
-[MUMBLES] Mind your own business. Why is he so weird? -Hello. Look at me.
-Oh! Sanvi… Sorry. So, what do you like?
I mean, your interests. Umm… Basically, I’m a foodie. Foodie?! [MUMBLES] What does that mean?
Let me ask the bearer. -Bearer…
-Sir… Sir… Bearer… -What does a foodie mean?
-Someone who hogs on food, sir. What? Someone who hogs on food?
Really? Are you here to talk
to the bearer or me? [EXHALES DEEPLY] Bah! Sorry. Sorry. Umm… What else do you like? [WHISPERS] Don’t tell anyone.
I love Old Monk. -What?!
-Just one peg. One peg?! Aren’t girls supposed
to restrain from booze? Hey! It’s quite common. Sanvi… What qualities do you
look for in a husband? I love Benz car! [GASPS] Never mind. Never mind, huh? I love spacious villas! But never mind. [EXHALES DEEPLY] And… It’d be amazing if
he had a 100 million. Hey! Never mind, huh? No. I definitely want these. I’ll treat him like Prince if
he has all these qualities. Hello, madam!
You don’t call them qualities. They’re more of quantities. [PHONE RINGING] Hi, sweetheart! Oh, I totally forgot. Uncle and Aunt are visiting, right?
I’m on my way. I’ll be right there. Hmm. I have to go now. Bye. Hello, excuse me.
One second. You mentioned your uncle and aunt.
Are you married? Yes, I’m married.
I told you earlier. I’d treat the guy like Prince
if he has these qualities. -So is your husband’s name Prince?
-Yeah. I’m getting a call. Bye. Alright then. Ah! Shit! Sir… Sir… Sir… -What?
-I was wrong earlier. Our building doesn’t have 4 storeys. It has 7. -Hey! You’re making fun of me.
-Of course. F*** off! I just called you.
You said that was your name, right? He’s really weird. [LAUGHS] That’s so silly! -WTF!
-WTF?! You mean What the F***? Am I right? WTF doesn’t just mean ‘What the F***!’. It also means ‘Wasn’t That Funny?’. Hold on.
Looks like you two love fighting. Sanvi… Why did you meet Tej
despite being married? I said all kinds of
crap to get rid of Tej. Actually,
I wasn’t married at that time. Oh my god!
She fooled me! I forgot to ask you. Who planned this surprise? I’m talking to you!
Who planned this surprise? Aren’t you going to talk? Damn it! [YELLS] Who the hell
planned this surprise? [EXHALES SOFTLY] [URVASI]: Yashwi! Your wife! My wife did?! Urvasi, how many storeys
in this building? [URVASI]: Want me to go count? [MUMBLES] I should push you off first. [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYING] Hey! Happy birthday! Don’t panic. I really wanted to do this for you. You planned all of this?! Why’d you feel like doing
this in the first place? I didn’t do it just for Tej. This goes out to all of you. Actually, we like a few
people before we get married. Once we’re married,
we lose touch with them. It’s okay to let go of the love angle. But letting go of the
friendship you share… Not okay! By the way, I’m aware. Perhaps being friends
doesn’t work practically. But if you love your
partner genuinely… If you trust your partner
and the relation you share… There are people who were your
friends and then girlfriends. Why spoil the friendship you initially had? When Tej spoke about you three… I saw the excitement in his eyes. So I wanted to get you
all under one roof. That’s how it panned out. I guess no one else will
have such a positive wife. Thank you, Yashwi! How did you have this crazy thought? Actually, it wasn’t my idea. -It was Venki’s.
-Venki?! -Who’s Venki?
-My ex-boyfriend. [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING] Ex-boyfriend? What the hell! Alright. -Happy birthday, Tej!
-Thank you. Bro, move aside for a second. How many guys are going to enter? Thank god!
There’s nobody else. [EXHALES DEEPLY]
I can’t take the suspense. [SCOFFS] Whatever. Thanks, bro. You’ve given me some sweet memories. You shouldn’t be thanking me, Tej. I can’t deal with this anymore.
Whom should I thank? [SMILES] Your ex-girlfriend. I mean… My wife! [MELODIOUS MUSIC PLAYING] How come? O’ God! How? [ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYING] [MIND VOICE] I was fine until then. But I don’t know what got over me. Looking at all of them in one place… I recall my dad’s
words when I was a kid. ‘We hear stories from times passed.’ ‘We hear predictions
from future untold.’ [SCOFFS] ‘But we hear nothing
about the present.’ When there are people who love us… We think of them and feel happy. The kind of joy doesn’t matter. And when I’m around
people who love me… I fall short of words. Tej! What happened? Tell me! We just wanted to cheer you up. Two things are most
important to anyone in life. Relationships and
memories that come along. No, I’m not getting carried away. All your surprises were fantastic. But I have something
to share about myself. Today is not even my birthday. [GASPS] What?! I wasn’t born today. But today is my birthday. [SCOFFS] Don’t get confused. I’ll clarify. My parents passed when I was a kid. I know nothing about
my birth or birthplace. I must be around 7 years old. He must be the boy
Sanjay told us about. Let me ask him directly. Hi, dear. What’s your name? How are you doing? Won’t you talk to me? I don’t have anyone. I’m your father from now on. Your name is Tej. Okay? When I was 7… That was the first ever
sweet memory I made. I turned that sweet
memory into my birthday. It’s an event from when you were 7.
[CLICKS TONGUE] I can’t believe you
remember all the details. Often the things we remember in life… They’re memories we
make for a lifetime. The reason I’m sharing this now is… Yashwi, I want to thank
you with all my heart. Today really feels like my birthday. I see my whole life in a glimpse. Impressions that stem
from meeting people… Relations that stem from impressions… Feelings that stem from relations… Crushes that stem from feelings… Love that stems from crushes… Anger that stems from love… Break ups that stem from anger… Weddings that stem from love… In the end, sweet memories
are all that remain. “Memories don’t fade” “Imaginations don’t disappear” “Feelings don’t wither” All these memories you guys gave me… Yes! Today is truly the day I’m born. This is my best birthday party ever! Don’t mind this is out of context. Yashwi, can I ask you something? Sure Despite knowing Tej was in
quite a few relationships… Have you never felt insecure? [SMILES] We’re girls, after all. Insecurity comes calling. But… Tej’s answer never
made me feel that way. 10th grade was a highlight. She fell down her bike.
I went running to her. And the 11th grade scene was so funny! Psst! Why are you dull? Yashwi!!! Listen to me. You can’t draw
comparisons with them. They’re my memories.
You’re my life. [ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYING] [GRUNTS] Bro! What’s with the sentiment?
[CLICKS TONGUE] You’re getting too emotional. Come on. Let’s enjoy. [CHEERFUL MUSIC PLAYING] Let’s… Celebrate! ‘As long as memories are
treasured in your heart…’ ‘Every day is a celebration.’ ‘[SMILES] Every day is your birthday.’ [TEJ]: Yashwi,
I realize I’m a sound sleeper. But I can’t believe you planned
this without my knowledge. You have done something to me. Am I right? -[LAUGHS] I put sleeping
pills in your milk. [TEJ]: Oh my! What if I died? Sandhya! Was this your idea? -Yes! What do you think? [TEJ]: Guess she’s still using
the herbal paste I gave her. -[YASHWI]: Tej!
-[TEJ]: What now? Is it another twist? -No. You didn’t cut the cake yet. [TEJ]: I love you, Yashwi! -I love you too, Tej!

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  1. 😍😍😍………. really love ❀️ this BBP…….πŸ‘‰πŸΌπŸ‘‰πŸΌπŸ‘‰πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ………..

  2. I really loved it yaar I never see Before in my life very close ❀️ my feeling to awesome to good yaar πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Very nice ra abhi watched two times nice narration nice script
    as a cinematographer i taught wide shots i mean master should be more to establish the state of the actors nice blocking nice lighting i think u must go to some inserts shorts which improves the narrative and i taught editing is a bit behind i think this script deserves more L and J cuts (L cuts n J cuts) than normal editing and color grading coming to the actors tej character ba chesadu vamsi gadu aithe frame ki fit iayadu nice acting by boys girls did great too but need to be more natural than acting they r more camera cautious inter girlfrnd did a great job u really need to take care of that dubbing did not match lip sync some times and finally bit of drama makes the script more interesting overall nice film ra abhi appreciate ur hard work
    Hope my suggestions helps
    Keep going
    All the best team πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. I can't take off my eyes
    Every sceen was amazing
    Twists are superb
    Atlast script was πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
    Totally it was ossam,speechless ❀❀❀

  5. Very good film abhilash garu you made great future as a film director realy super script and super dialogs e line nijamga chala bagundi jivitham lo manam gurtuchesukone koni vishyalu jivitham motham gurtundi poye jnapakalu

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  7. It's is just a simple and sweet movie … The concept is super … And the creen play is gud …. Very bit of the movie took me to my past mamores…..

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