(suspenseful dramatic music) (screaming) (sighs) (glass clinking) (loud ticking) (thunderous noise) (screams) (slow piano music) – Hello. J. Did Christmas come early this year? (breathing heavily) (screams) That day just hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve always known I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I just wanted to make it official. – [Jenna] Why haven’t you asked me yet? – I wanted it to feel like
the way I feel about you. Big and all but impossible. Jenna Vincent, will you marry me? – Yes of course, yes. (clock ticking) (door closing) – J? Jenna? Sweetie! Sweetie, are you alright? – What? – What happened? – Oh. (groans) I just drank too much. I think I just drank too much. Doing myself no favors. – Are you okay? – Yeah. It was just, I don’t know, one woman bachelorette party, I guess. (both laughing) Let’s go back to bed. – Honey it’s 8 AM, it’s time to wake up. – No. – Yeah. – No. No. I can’t, this can’t be the
way that I start this day. Let’s go back to bed, please. I just need another hour, just an hour. – Just an hour. One hour. – Please please please, thank you. – One hour. – Yeah. – Okay one hour. – [Jenna] Yeah, yes yes.
– [Robin] Okay come on. (groans) (both laughing) – [Robin] Well yeah, you’re on the floor. That’s what you get. (clock ticking) (sighs heavily) (clock ticking) (door opens) – Rise and shine ladies! Sexy donut delivery. – That’s debatable. – Obviously. I talking about these. – You got them. – Where’s that gorgeous wife o’ yours? I got her a little
lavender love puff thing. – She’s making sure we
got everything right. (laughs) Come here. Come here. Thank you for coming. – Mhm. You tell ’em yet? – No. And I know you think you’re doing this for my own good or something. You don’t know ’em. They don’t… They don’t belong. – They’re still your parents. What does Rob say? (door closes) – [Robin] Is that Nate? – Hey! – [Robin] Oh my god, I’m starving! Please tell me you got my texts. – [Nate] It only took me three stores, but I never ignore your donut emergencies. – Kiss me. Just wanna. I love you. – I love you too. – Guys, what the heck! I’m all about chivalry,
okay, this is going too far. As a feminist, I gotta point
out this is not fair or equal and that I think I’m being exploited for my physical prowess, which is mighty. – [Both] We love you Nathan. – Ready to go get married? – Mhm. – You’re driving. (crickets chirping) – Oh my god, looks
exactly like the photos. My mom loved this place. I wish she could see it. – She’d be really happy. (camera shutter clicks) – No photos please! – [Nate] Adorable. (laughing) (knocking) – Gordon? Hello. Gordon? (door slams shut) – Oh hi, good you’re here. – You must be Gordon. So nice to meet you in person. – I’m not Gordon, I’m Bob actually. Gordon’s son. – Oh, is Mr. Shaper here? I just would really like to
thank him for everything. – Yeah no, he’s fallen
ill actually, but uh– – I’m sorry to hear that. – I mean, don’t worry though. I mean, you’re in good hands. I got everything under
control, pretty much. You know, there was a little hiccup with some of the preparations,
you know, it happens. We had a staffing issue, but uh, I got new folks coming in the morning. – I’m sorry, in the morning? – Yeah, so whatever I
don’t finish tonight, we’re just gonna– – Excuse me. So what else needs to be finished? – Not, you know. Here’s the ballroom. Now I know, before you say anything– – Bob, the decorations aren’t even up yet. – Yeah um, they won’t take that long. You know, we can do it together. It could be a fun little project. The thing I’m worried about
honestly is the tables. I have not located all the tables yet. But worse case scenario, we get people to you know, squeeze in,
double the chairs up because I found all the chairs. So, you know, we have options. – What do you wanna do here? – We couldn’t. – We can do a bunch of work tonight. – We can set up tonight. It’s not even gonna take that long. – We’re gonna get a lot
done tonight, it’ll be fine. It’ll be okay. – So are your people gonna
finish this in the morning? – Yeah yeah, and like I said,
I’m gonna be up all night. I’ve got a case of these in the fridge and I know where all the chairs are! So we’re in pretty good shape. – And we’re gonna get a
discount for this, right? – You know, that seems fair. I was gonna bring that up. – Maybe my Dad can come up. – Babe, I don’t think we need to really bother him with this. – I think we need all the help we can get. – You know, that actually,
that’s probably not gonna work. The reception– – What are you saying? (phone ringing) (heavy breathing) Hello. (female speaking indistinctly) Hello. Dad? – [Voiceover] We’re sorry,
the number you have dialed is not in service. (phone beeps) – Yeah, it’s really spotty in here. It’s just much better to use
the landline from your room so please, all calls are, on the house. Yeah, well, you guys are tired
and you had a long drive. Why don’t you go get your bags and you know, just settle in, just relax. I think you’re really
gonna love the bedroom. Take a shower, whatever. We got some new, I got new soaps, all different scents of soaps. – New soaps. – This is a special day
for you tomorrow, right. Alright, I want you guys to
enjoy yourself and do not worry. I will meet you back down here and I’ll have the decorations, alright. Bridal suite for the ladies. And since we don’t have a groom, per se. – I’m always the bridesmaid. – So pretty at it. – [Bob] Please do not
worry, enjoy yourself. – Thank you. – Well at least we have a bed. (sighs heavily) Hey come here. Just for a little minute. Everything’s gonna be okay. (scoffs) I know you want everything to be perfect. – We deserve perfect. Are you excited? – Yeah of course. – I know that it’s bigger
than you wanted but… It’s just you and me, right? – That’s all I need. – [Robin] Oh god. – So I think the tables are this way. Watch out for this, watch
your head right here. – Yeah, sure man. Just gotta watch the pipe right here. (laughs) – Are we sure that Bob didn’t bring Nate down here to kill him? – I think that death
would be far too simple a. Agh shit agh! – Oh my god! – [Bob] You alright? – It surged right? – I used to play down here as a kid. Had to hide everywhere. Hide for hours in the dark. That’s why I was so happy when
Dad got it back last year. The people who bought it from
us, you should have seen. They-they-they trashed the place. It was horrible, you should have seen it. It took us so much work
just to get it back to how it used to be, you know. It nearly killed him. He was just like, working day and night. That’s why he’s you know. But I’m not gonna make
that for nothing, you know. That’s not gonna be for nothing. This is my legacy. And you gotta tell me, okay. I just want you guys
to know that, you know, I’m here to help you okay. I’m gonna keep you safe. Anyway, let’s find those tables. – Where have you been keeping these? I thought we just took
them out of the box, these are brand new. What are you laughing about? This is the kind of stuff they assign you in the fifth circle of hell. Is that where we are? This is a wedding. Jenna, switch me. – No way, I’m in the perfect position. – That ugh, alright. But when I figure out this pattern, I’m gonna know every
secret in the universe and I’m not – [Both] Sharing. – Yeah. – Nate, I promise we will
untangle cords at your wedding. – Is that a euphemism? – Maybe? – Thank you Robin but I am a lone wolf, and stop pushing the
relationship agenda on me, okay. – No, you’re gonna find a girl
and everything will change. – I think that ship sailed. – Really? ‘Cause you know everything
that will ever happen to you? – It’s more like the one
I was holding out for decided I wasn’t her favorite flavor, and I don’t blame her. I’d leave me for a second for what’s going on on that ladder right now. – Nate, you’re gonna find someone special. And then all your worries and your fears about wandering the Earth alone, never knowing what it’s like
to truly live for someone else, they’re gonna fade away. Watch. – Ugh, I think you’re
overselling it like it’s. – I’m overselling what, love? – [Nate] Yes, overselling love. – [Robin] You can’t oversell love! – [Nate] You just did! – [Robin] No I didn’t! – What are you talking about? I ‘m saying that when you talk about it, you only focus on the grandeur,
that’s not all there is. Finding somebody special
is finding somebody that you can spend like a
boring Wednesday night with, or 20,000 boring
Wednesday nights with ’em. – [Robin] You’re such a romantic– – Can you help her with the rest of these? I’m just, I’ll run– – Jenna. – [Jenna] Be right back. – Just hold the ladder. – I’m going up. – Okay fine, I’ll pass it up to you then. (door closes) (muffled scream) – What the fuck! Guys! (slow eerie music) (loud screaming) – [Voiceover] No, no, help! – Sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you. I was just looking for something. – I must have just dozed off. (slow tranquil music) Wow! – Hey! Where have you been? I was worried. You okay? – This looks amazing, well done. – You like it. It’s not done yet, but it’s gettin’ there. You sure you okay? – Yeah. – Um. – What? (door opens) (door closes) – Hey, come back to me. Please. (giggles) (romantic piano music) (heavy breathing) (panting heavily) (phone ringing) – [Robin] Are you fuckin’ kidding me? Fuck! – Hello. (muffled speaking) (woman screaming) – Who was it? – I don’t. Just I don’t know, it was nothing. Okay it’s time for these to come out now. Hello. – As you wish. (laughing) The little lights look great. Did Bob help you do that? – No. – No. – No. – Did you find Bob? – No, he’s still in the
basement looking for tables. – He’s still in the basement. Probably lives down there in the basement. – He’s a weirdo. (laughing) You did a good job, Nate. – Thank you. Hey, do you guys know why
this place closed down? I was poking around with Bob earlier, and I swiped a couple of
documents when he wasn’t looking. – Nate! – And some of ’em are kinda weird. Apparently… There was a murder here. – [Robin] What? – Yeah, in 1992. A night just like tonight, a wedding. Except vows were never exchanged. They don’t know what happened for sure… But when the priest got here, they found the entire
wedding party slaughtered. They never caught the killer. But they say that the bride and groom haunt these walls to this day. – You’re an ass. – You’re such dorks! – Robin! No, you didn’t fall for that. – You know this place is amazing. (laughs) – If it weren’t for these
delicious sandwiches, I don’t know that we
would have invited you. (laughs) – This even has American cheese. But that real shit has no place
in our little family unit. – That’s true. We should have had you do the catering. Keep your idle hands away from mischief while saving us a few bucks. – You know I’m getting a little sick of your incessant focus on how much this wedding is costing. I mean, this is forever for me. I don’t know why you’re treating it like it’s just tomorrow. – I’m sorry. – No, I’m sorry. – Robin, have you told
Jenna about our idea? – Oh um… No no, because… We got a little sidetracked. – What, tell me what? – That’s disgusting. – Um Nate and I think it would be fun if we did a little photoshoot tonight. Of us… In our dresses. (groans nervously) – Like the corset and the
hair and the makeup and. – Would you just say yes? The sandwiches will always be here. – Okay. But I get all of them, all of them. – [Nate and Jenna] No sharing. – I think we start in here. This is kind of our
twinkling backdrop thing when we turn the light on. – Mhm. – Maybe move this, just
kinda put it around you guys. Robin? Or not. – Do you hear that? – [Nate] No. – You don’t hear that? – What? – That, that! You don’t hear that? – No, what? – That is so loud! (screaming) (heavy dramatic music) – Oh my god! What is happening? – I don’t know, I don’t know! (whimpering) – Oh my god! – What is happening, are you okay? What is happening. What was it? (crying) – You couldn’t hear it? – There was nothing. – You didn’t hear it? – No. – Oh, my head, it’s killing me. – I think we should get outta here. – No, no no no no. No it’s fine, it’s fine. It was just a, it’s a headache. – That shit was intense,
that was not just a headache. – I just, I just need– – To go to the hospital. – No I just need a minute,
I just need a minute. – Robin. Please. I don’t know what that was. You might be having a stroke. – Jesus, can you just calm down! You’re just trying to find any excuse to not fucking marry me! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Whatever happening, it’s over. It’s nothing, nothing, whatever it was. It’s over, it’s over. I think it’s the stress. It’s just the stress, right. – I don’t know anymore. (laughing nervously) – It’s just… I’ve waited so long for this. – She’s okay, okay. Maybe you just lay down
for an hour or something. Just saying, a little bit, cool off. – Yeah, yeah. (door closing) (loud eerie screams) – You promise? – One hour. – You’ll come back for me? – I always do. – That was fucked up,
that was so fucked up. What happened? Is she okay? Hey, it’s not doing any
good just hanging out here. What do you say we get drunk? (laughing) – I know you’ve heard this before but that’s way too small. – I have heard that before, let’s go. – I’m not sharing. Oh! (cheering) So good. – I’m letting you win. – [Nate] Come on, come on!
– [Jenna] Yeah! Yes! Yes, yes. – Alright shut up, shut up! (laughing) – Refill. – I was gonna wait and give this to you but I changed my mind. You’re gonna cry like
a damn baby tomorrow. I figured it would come in handy. And it’s blue. And it’s old to me. Based on your reaction,
you forgot it existed so technically it’s new to you. And you sure as shit
better give it back to me, so it hits all four of your requirements. I know you’re into tradition
and all that stuff. – I can’t believe you still have this. – That was the first
present you ever gave me. Why would I get rid of it? Does that mean you don’t have those partially-melted plastic
dinosaurs that I– (laughs) – Sorry. – Do you remember that? Yeah. – Of course. – That was almost 20 years ago. – That can’t even be right. That’s right. – I know. – Wow, I don’t know if
that’s depressing or dope. – Both. – Yeah. – You gonna talk to me? – I’m scared. – I know, I know. And it’s okay. – I haven’t written my vows. – Jenna. – I know. – Why? What? Talk to me please. – You know Robin’s like… I mean she’s got it all together. She’s like the most adult of all of us. Perfect family and career and life and everything’s amazing. She’s amazing, right. – She’s got it going on. – And she has made my life… so much better, you know that. I mean, you’ve seen what being with Robin has done for me and my life. – Yeah, I have. – She’s the best thing
that’s ever happened to me. – Second best, but I
see what you’re saying. – I’m so happy and so excited and I’m so… Robin is everything to me. She will be okay without me. (Nate sighs) – Jenna. You have more heart and strength and love. – I just don’t think I’m enough. – I think Robin knows exactly
what she’s getting into and I think that’s the reason we’re here. And everything you’re feeling is fine. This is what the night
before weddings feels like. It’s a little tense. And every once in a while
you giggle and then cry. (laughing) You just need to chill out and jot down like half of the things you just said and read them tomorrow as your vows ’cause that is what vows are. What will be funny later is
that you’re stressing out about becoming something
that you already are. – What would you do? – For what you two have? Anything. (liquid pouring) Come on! You can’t miss you’re having a fucking existential crisis? This is ridiculous. – Pour up. Do you have anymore of those sandwiches? (sighs) – Yes. I think I can probably find
a couple more sandwiches. But what’s in it for me? – How about 20 more years friendship?
– [Nate] Threesome? Sorry. – How many years. How many years? – That’s not enough. – Nate? (floor boards creaking) – [Voiceover] I don’t suffocate you! (muffled speaking) (whispering) (buzzing) – [Voiceover] I need you. (suspenseful piano music) (woman crying) (eerie whispering) – I’ve waited so long for this. (Jenna screaming) – What what what’s the matter? – I just saw, I don’t know. – Talk to me. – I took video, hold on. – What is it, it’s nothing. – What’s going on! – Hey hey hey, calm down. Talk to me. – I don’t know! But it’s real! I saw it, you have to believe me! – I believe you, I believe you, hey. Just… Tell me. Take me. Show me what it is, what
are you talking about? I don’t know Jenna, is
that what you heard? Just the wind and… And this is fucked up, I
don’t know what that is. – It was like. Nope, nope, nope. – Jenna hey. Hey. Where are you going Jenna? Don’t, don’t! Come on! Don’t. Just take two seconds,
breathe baby please. – You don’t know what I just saw though. – I get it, I get it, I’m not– – I feel like I’m going crazy,
I don’t know what to do. – You’re not going crazy. – You didn’t, there was… I saw what I saw and then you just. I can’t do this! – Hey come on Jenna, where are you going? In the middle of the night, without Robin, where are you going? You’re getting married
tomorrow, dumb-dumb. You’re just freaking the fuck out. We’re in the middle of a
haunted fucking mansion in the woods in the middle of the night. You’re just freaking the fuck out. This isn’t real, alright. Hey. You’re fucking you. Would you stop? Did I tell you about our blind spots? No? – What? – Our blind spots. In the middle of our eyeballs, where the optic nerve connects, there’s no retina there, alright. We got the giant blind spots. Our brains are just making
up what they want us to see. Alright, if you close
your eyes and concentrate hard enough on the song
that’s inside your head, you can make it sound
like it’s playing outside. You can actually replicate
the sensation of sound waves hitting your eardrums, it’s
fucking weird, alright. Nerves and our skin,
that’s a two-way street. Our brain receives a signal
when we touch stuff, sure. But it can’t go other
directions and make up phantom contact. I mean the way that
our skin’s constructed, we never really touch anything at all because it’s just like
electromagnetic static but it feels like I’m touching
you right now, right. – Thanks Bill Nye. (laughing) – Jenna. (Jenna groans) We’re just at the whims of
these synapses in our skull and it’s just making up this
creepy shit and it feels real. Think about it this way. If a creepy thing happens,
but it’s just once, and there’s no repeatable pattern, then it’s just our brains
playing tricks on us. Okay? You’re not crazy. Nobody thinks you’re crazy kid. Every once in a while, for five minutes, you think you’re crazy. You’re not crazy. You okay? – Thank you. – No problem. – I’m gonna go get Robin. – Alright. – We’ll go into that dress. (wind chimes chiming) (door opening) – Hmm, how long have I been out? – Shh, shh, just keep resting. – No, no no no, I can rally. (sighs) – How you feel? – Great. (laughs) Yeah sorry. Let’s get ready. (shower running) (door closing) Hey. I didn’t know you were going to shower. (slow piano music) We need to get ready! Do you need some soap? Jenna? What are you doing, silly? Jenna? Sweetie? Agh! (screaming) Oh god, oh god! No! Jenna! Jenna! – Robin? (screaming) What’s wrong? Let me in! What’s going on? Let me in! Robin, what’s going on? – Jenna please! – What is it? Oh my god, you’re freezing. Talk to me, please. Please. Are you okay? (crying) – The water was burning and then… And then you! You, you just, you left me! And you just walked away. – I was outside. – No, you weren’t, no. I have no idea what just happened to me. (breathing heavily) – Come here. – Just hold me. (camera shutter clicking) (Robin clears throat) Sorry. – It’s okay. Alright, close your eyes real quick. – What? – Open them. (sighs) She’s gorgeous huh? Go to her, dumb-dumb. (romantic piano music) (camera shutter clicking) – I’m just gonna change
the lens real quick. We have company. – Well who can blame him? We’re hot. Let him watch. Hey, come here. I’m not done with you yet. Honey? Jenna? (muffled speech) – Jenna, Jenna! – Focus on us alright. Remember what I told you? – Hold on, what? – Brought something for
us, in the suitcase. – Baby, baby breathe. Here, here breathe. Please, please, please. Look at me. Tell me what to do. Tell me what to do, Jenna. Tell me what’s happening. Please, please, here, tell me. Jenna please look at me, look at me. Please. (gasps) It’s okay, it’s okay. – I’m okay, it’s over. I’m fine. I’m okay. – [Robin] How long has this been going on? – No it’s over, it’s fine. – This is what happened
back home, isn’t it? – [Nate] You didn’t tell her? – Tell me what? – It’s fine guys. – [Robin] Fine? – See. – Jenna! – What have we got? – Jenna. We really need to talk about this. Jenna! – Oh, nice work Nate. Look at you. How did– – Did you have a camera outside? – No. What the fuck is that? – Alright, I’ve had about
enough of this shit. Is that fucker still out there? – [Jenna] Wait. – Bob! Hey Bob! Bob! Hey! Hey! – We have to go. – We’re not going anywhere, you are! – I didn’t want to believe
him but he was right. He was right. – What? – You know, I thought maybe
he was testing me at first. Like you know, ’cause he
thinks I’m such a fuck up. He never trusted me. – Bob, we don’t know what
you’re talking about. – Why are you fucking with us? – I’m not, I’m not fucking with you. You think this is me? I’m not fucking with you. We gotta get outta here man. This is not how it’s supposed to go. Oh man, we worked so hard. It was gonna be so beautiful. I don’t know what
happened, I really don’t. I guess we abandoned her,
and now she’s broken. (piercing echo) – [Nate] What is that? – The two of us you can go fuck yourself! You hear me? You can do whatever you gotta do you know, but you can’t hurt us! You’re not gonna take us down. – [Nate] It didn’t work. – You hear me? You’re gonna fucking burn in hell! – Bob! Bob. It’s dead! – [Jenna] Let’s go! Shit! – This is your fault. This is your fault. Why couldn’t you love me? Were you fucking blind? I’ve been here the whole time. You just couldn’t feel for
me the way I felt for you? – What? – You just had to torture
me every step of the way and just dangle it in front of my face? I’ve been wishing for today, that you’d come to me uncertain
and ask me what to do. So that I can tell you that
you’re making a big mistake and then I can take you
and I can make you mine and we can finally be together. We can finally be together! And you finally see me for who I am. But no I had to back down
like a fucking asshole ’cause you tricked me into helping you push you away! We could have been good together! We could have been great together! You’re fucking selfish, you know that. Faking every smile, what. What are you afraid of? You sit up late and talk to me, and you tell me your
doubts and your fears, the ones that I’m hoping you can have, the ones that you can
look and see in my eyes when I’m telling you to stay with her and I know you know I want you to say me! Is that what you wanna hear? Fuck you Jenna! But you got her and she knows it too. – I’m afraid. – You’re not afraid of anything. She’s her of course,
she doesn’t give a fuck why her best friend doesn’t
have any fucking feelings! Goddammit! – Let’s go! Nate! – Jenna. – Come on Nate! (screaming) Nate! No, no, no! No! No! (crying) – Come on! Fuck! Come on. – You killed my friend. – What? – You killed my friend! – No. – You wanted this! You wanted all of this and now he’s dead! No! It’s not me, I’m sorry Robin, it’s not me! – Jenna. – What’s happening to us! – Sweetie, let’s just go. (vomits) – Robin! – Get away from me! Get away from me, you
never wanted to marry me! – No! – You’re such a fucking coward! – No, this isn’t you! (vomits) (screaming) – What is happening to me? – I don’t know. I don’t know. – I can’t take it. – We’re gonna get out of here. Robin, it’s gonna hurt, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. (screaming) I’m sorry! (screaming incoherently) Just step toward me. – It won’t let me. – Robin! Robin! Robin! Robin! Ow! (Robin crying) Robin! (crying) – No! (screams) (crying) – Ow! (screams) Fuck you! Robin! Robin! Robin! I’m not leaving her. Robin! (panting) You know I love you. Being with you has made my life better. You’ve always made me a better person. Sometimes I get scared. I’m afraid I’m not strong
enough or good enough for you. I was a coward. The one thing that matters well but pushed me away from you. I don’t want us to be scared anymore. (whimpering) Oh, oh. (crying) (whimpering) (somber piano music) – [Jenna] Nothing in my life is complete until I share it with you. Having you by my side has forced me to believe in cosmic coincidence, in destiny and in fate. Since we met, you’ve been the
glowing source of perfection, elation and inspiration in my life. I vow to you today to never
forget what it was like before you or how it would be without you. To know you, is to know my purpose. Loving you is what makes me whole. (slow piano music)

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  8. I have comment on this film a few times. I was just wondering if there was going to be be another project for these two leading lady's.I would love love love to see these two characters back together it would be great.

  9. What the Heck is this??? 😱😱😱 A so Romantic Story, turned to be a Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13rth, ☠👻👻👻Scream all in one!Where is the [email protected] Marriage?The guys died😔 Well, at least the Love Prevailed, which is the Most important❤❤!But never would go back to those kind of houses again!Ever!

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  13. That was intense. Very scary. But it falls in line with the one great truth I have learned in life. Our one great purpose is to love and be loved. That is the sole reason for our existence. To me, it wouldn't mattered if it were two women, two men or a man and a woman. The salient point was they loved each other. Others can approve, disapprove, show contempt or even disgust. But that doesn't, in fact, cannot, change their feelings for one another other.

  14. I like to watch like a actress age 20 to 25 this also beautiful but actress are little bit….. what i mean you will understand

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