Can Couples Survive a Sexless Marriage?

Can Couples Survive a Sexless Marriage?

the following program contains mature subject matter viewer discretion is advised King couples survive a sexless marriage pink recently opened up about monogamy and how it’s hard work she revealed that there have been times that her husband carry heart they’ve gone a year without having sex they’ve been together for 11 years two kids I have to say I applaud her for being this open about it because it is a very hard thing to acknowledge in a very sex-driven society we just talked about sex Island and then to be a big famous singer to come out and say we’ve gone a year plus that’s a very bold thing to say yeah this is a really tough thing because you know as human beings we’re always looking to other human beings for cues on what we should be doing I think there’s so much pressure like how much sex should we be having and is that enough and is there something wrong with us and I like to say that you know in general the couple decides how much sex all right for them everyone saw that on a court of system there’s no quota and you know what we know from research is that about 20% of couples in their 20s tend to have sex about twice a week with every decade it does kind of go down but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing in fact reached a 20% or twice a week yeah and then that goes down from there it goes down from there so every couple no I’m just I’m always surprised at the statistic because getting back to the first story I hear that story I’m thinking my god we just want to sleep that sounds like way too much sex no offense but then other times you’ll hear statistics or you will hear someone say okay it’s been years since we’ve had sex 20 percent twice a week in your 20s and then going down from there it does that seems low to me yeah and I think that’s the average and also you have to think about who is coming to report this they may be people who are really thinking about sex is on their minds and there may be a problem that they foresee in their relationship so I don’t think that we should take these studies so much to heart more what it really says is there are different ways in which a relation can still be fulfilling sex is obviously an important part of the ingredient but a lot of times it can be symptomatic of something that’s underlined like something that’s not being addressed and so I really believe it’s important just to spend quality time without that pressure because when you have that connectedness you are going to naturally want to do things that are more intimate with your partner love hug kiss on them it doesn’t matter you don’t have to all those for somebody whose marriage has lasted over 30 years I mean that’s exactly right the things do change as the years go by other things become more important I think sexism is important but I don’t think it’s as important as it was years ago it’s it’s sad when I hear a story that a couple doesn’t have any sex anymore but but that happens you can still be in a great marriage I mean if somebody is ill has issues that’s right you can’t have sex but you love if you’re with somebody this is your soulmate I mean there’s other things are gonna keep you together yeah do you have any tips to like if one person wants to have sex and the other one doesn’t turn this around a couple of tips that I have one is just spend quality time together sex or no sex schedule that quality time because other things do take priority and you don’t connect with your partner as much so that will also possibly lead to more sex a second tip that’s really helpful in evidence base is that you should just make time to connect with each other on a physical level but take the pressure off I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to say somebody has to finish and then that means we’re done with this and then people who are busy will say well I don’t have time to get into all that but then do you have five minutes just like lay naked with each other and have fun right I think one of the beauties of these new studies and people being open and honest is it seems to me in reading everything I’ve read that it’d be better to have sex once a week and have connected good quality sex with your loved one then try to fit it in four times a week and feel all the pressure and that’s liberating especially when you read these statistics because you do not want to be a couple that starts going a year or year plus is it time if you’ve gone that long to maybe go have some couples counseling to figure out something that can be done to reconnect absolutely and I think it’s important to sometimes involve the professional because the number one problem that couples have is communication and especially with sex couples have a tough time telling each other exactly what they want they might feel embarrassed they don’t want to feel like they’re always the aggressor and so sometimes having that professional there who has experience they can lay it out for you in a much better way and help to facilitate that communication which of course a side effect could be more sex so then you feel better with one another and then you become attracted again good advice you

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  3. What is more devastating I honestly believe is not the lack of intimacy, but rather the rejection one feels from it. When you have a wonderful evening, and your thoughts turn toward you partner of a desire to express yourself intimately but you hesitate…Then stop…Because you have been down this road many times before, and each time you are left feeling rejected, and feel it is better to end the night just saying I love you as you turn out the lights, than risk feeling that emotional rejection once again. Because each time, it takes a little more piece from you. It's devastating.

  4. I have been with my wife for 29 years. I have lived in a sexless relationship for 28 of these years. We married in 2005 but we never even consummated our marriage. Here in 2019, I love my wife but I miss the physical relationship to the point of depression.

  5. I have been married 13 years. We don’t make love since 2014. I’m 30 years old. I want to make love with my husband. But he always makes excuses.. i sometimes feel so lonely and depressed. What should i do..? 😃

  6. Came to see if I'm the only one…. but I feel I can't continue like this. I'm too young to be going through this. I'm going on 10 years married and most of the time there was no sex.. he's never home… and when he does, his only interest is sleep. No attraction whatsoever. I'm at my ends… BTW..we are both 37. 💔💔🔗🔗👪 All I do is pretend we are the example couple to everyone always complementing my family and my home and our marriage. I'm such a coward.

  7. Look, men and women are different.
    Sex is key for the man to connect with the woman.
    Connection is key for the woman to want to have sex with the man.

  8. People, especially young people need to remember that the sex right before marriage is not the sex right before divorce. If you're humping 5 times a week while dating, the fastest way to bring this down to 5 times a month is to put a ring on that person's finger. Works almost instantly and with a high rate of success. However, to bring that down to 5 times a year – that's a little more involved, it usually takes two kids or so, but works equally reliably.

  9. Can we just be honest and say women are usually the cause for this??? Men who commit to marriage generally are good guys who want to please her – as well as be pleased. CONSISTENTLY. And no matter what women say and how much they try to change men from being this way, SEX IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE IMPORTANT TO US. This western culture has made the woman feel that she doesn't have to have sex with her husband – but they have to understand how men view this thing. A man views it as a trade off. Because that's what it is. But its like this: we'll sign up to have 50% of everything taken away should it dissolve IN EXCHANGE for consistent sex. Men and women are different, and the best chance you'll have for marriage is with a woman who understands these basic primal truths, and doesn't use them to manipulate you.

  10. for men, more often than not than it too little testosterone. It can happen to some men starting in their 40's, some in their 50's and so on.

  11. Amazing how women always say that a sexless marriage is "just one more thing to deal with"

  12. Fuck all that.. being in a sexless marriage is like being told you're only going to have just enough oxygen so that you don't DIE. You'll NEVER take a full breath for as long as you're stuck in that God awful, painfully lonely shithole.

  13. Plus.. the same God damn vanilla fucking bullshit- leads to the same lame ass, pointless, why the fuck are my knees and my back hurting so much from holding this position until you finally do YOUR thing.. it makes me even more upset bc I NEVER used to look at other women. Im so goddam lonely that I find myself checking out other women now. I am so mad at her for that- and she fucking KNOWS it

  14. Dougie haha is a genius… It's not a woman or man thing it's individuals. I could easily say nearly all men suck. But many women do too. It's Both!!!! Women just want to be treated right just like men. It's not a gender thing so much as it is a Narcissist thing. Narcissists come in women and men form. And they are the ones who destroy everyone and ruin our lives. There are both Good Women and Men out there. Stop shaming women! You have to attract what you believe you are worth. If you think you aren't worth a damn then that's what you will attract. I've been through every kind of relationship Hell from a husband to best friends, to sister to cousin you name it… It's a mental illness epidemic.

  15. NO they can't. It is NOT a marriage. I know I have been stuck in a sexless marriage for 31 years.

  16. There's no such thing as no time !!! That's just it !! There's always time for the one you LOVE !! ..IF. A PROBLEM ..make TIME ASAP !!! or just forget it !! And soon you'll be forgetting it "all the time" !!!

  17. First female commentator is wrong. The couple doesn't decide; one partner does. If that partner checks out, the sex life is over for both partners unless they look elsewhere. End of story.

  18. If both are cool with sexless marriage that is fine. If one of the partners is constantly rejected they'll either accept and masturbate or go cheating/find a partner for sex. All options in a sexless marriage are sad and devastating unless both parties are not into sex.

  19. Don't get married.. get a hooker. Hookers are cheaper, no nagging, they never say no and they don't bring drama. A bonus.. you'll have more money.

  20. what the hell is wrong with those people? marriage means pussy-dick as much as you want
    then what? once they are married they neglect their partners

  21. If a partner don't want sex anymore or even intimacy and the other one is very sexual, then it is a very frustating and it creates a feeling of emptiness and a feeling of being stucked and sadness, with unexpressed desires and passions. It can indeed stole the life energy out of you.

  22. Married almost 10 years and me and husband have had a year with no sex I had chronic depression and I actually thought I was asexual for a minute but it’s definitely something you have to work through, and the one doctor is right a sexless marriages may have a lot of underlying issues like mine😩 anyway I’m divorced now and love sex !!!

  23. 3 years… not by choice. I miss it, but almost forget what it is. I'm so depressed about this. I've gained weight and pretty much don't recognize myself. I don't want to leave, but I don't want to wait more years for some actual connection. This is a hell I never thought I would be in …

  24. These people don’t know what the fuck they are talking about especially the Asian chick. Sex is super important. She’s so busy that she probably never has sex. This new generation is so damn stupid. Also these new generation American female ideas are ignorant. Maybe that’s why the divorce rate is over 50 percent.

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