Estela, do you take Carlos
as your lawfully wedded husband? To love him, respect him,
for richer or poorer, until death do you part? -I do.
-So I now pronounce you… Just a minute! Sorry. How are you doing? Sorry, I know
it’s not cool to interrupt. I don’t know if it’s just me,
but isn’t a part missing? Like, “If anyone knows anything…”
Right, everybody? Cause maybe there’s something
someone knows about last Bú About someone that was
with the groom last night. No one knows?
I’m not saying I know something! Maybe Gustavo wants
to say something… Okay then, ’cause maybe someone
needs to say something. No? Right. Something about a trip? No?
Best men? Anyone? Okay, then. So no one entered the room
feeling a little…? No? Great.
If no one wants to talk… No one played hide and
seek in the dark last night and called some people
to join them? Great, but I think something
like that should be said now. Look! He raised his hand! No?
He was just scratching his head. People are shy now, but 10 years
from now they’ll think, “Damn, I should have
raised my hand at the wedding!” “I should have told
about that thing.” No? In New Year’s Eve… Right? No? Claudia? You don’t want to say
anything, Sandra? Michele? Okay. No problem.
Last chance, going once… Going twice! Anyone? Going three times,
the fiancé and I are in love and he’s keeping the appearances
by marrying because he’s gay? Okay. No one. Very well.
Let’s proceed. I did my part. I want to make clear I wish them
all the happiness in the world. I do. Wait! Sorry. I know that
speaking now sounds awkward, I’m sorry for interrupting… But it seems to me
that there’s been a mistake here. I don’t know if it’s the bride
or the groom, I’m not sure. Maybe if you move,
and you take his place… Yes, you stay here
and you play the groom. I think this is better.
I don’t know why.

100 Replies to “CASAMENTO”

  1. Caramba. Foi o vídeo mais legal com final mais legal que vocês puderam fazer em toda a vida de vocês parabéns um milhão de vezes

  2. Esse pra mim ė o melhor video do porta dos fundos o melhor .. deu pra ver os atores fora da personagem eu amei

  3. A sociedade é podre, suja e subversiva. TODO MUNDO tem podridões escondidas. É por isso que ao meu ver é prudente nem perguntar aquilo de "se alguém tem algo a dizer" porque do jeito que a sociedade anda SEMPRE vai ter alguém com algum podre sobre o noivo ou noiva.

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