Cat Carlson’s Interrogation | Guilty Party: History of Lying

Cat Carlson’s Interrogation | Guilty Party: History of Lying

– [Interviewer] Did you
that someone was still in the building when the fire started? – How would I know that? Like I just told you, I wasn’t
there when the fire started. – [Interviewer] A fellow
student of yours was there, Margot Miller.
– Oh. – [Interviewer] Did you know her? – Only by sight, I mean,
we both have radio shows, so sometimes Allie, my
co-host for Suspect, and I would see her at the station, but we never really talked
or anything, is she okay? – [Interviewer] She’s in
a coma, smoke inhalation. – So I take it I’m here because you think somebody set the fire on purpose? And given my dad, you think
I have an emotional reason to want to burn down
Standish Hall, am I right? – [Interviewer] Truth
is, we don’t yet know whether the fire was an
arson or an accident. Right now, we’re still just
in the asking questions phase.

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  1. We're getting a crime mystery for the second season, is that it? Hopefully, some of the main cast of season 1 returns, 'cause they were just amazing!

  2. Important rule: Never say "lemme guess" and try to make your own conclusions aloud in an interrogation. Then they see where your mind when first, and can use it against you or to jump to their own conclusions about you

  3. Cat Carlson Analyzation

    In the begining of the video, she seems defensive or annoyed. Based on the "like i just told you" line she said, we can assume she has had to repeat the same li(n)e over and over. She does seem genuinely confused though. The reason of her to be a suspect is her father. No further info has been presented on this. Body language is calm but alert. Facial expressions seem tired but concerned. She seems calm and collected throughout the video. At the end of the video she leans back in her chair in what i assume is a state of shock… was she calm because of the shock or because she knew this was going to happen ahead of time…?

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