Celebrate (excessively) with a CONFETTI HIGH FIVE!

Celebrate (excessively) with a CONFETTI HIGH FIVE!

100 Replies to “Celebrate (excessively) with a CONFETTI HIGH FIVE!”

  1. What situation do you think is worthy of a Confetti High Five? It's Friday, and we'll Confetti High Five that! 🎉🖐

  2. Wait why do people need that well I think your going to say because its fun yeah it is but to me it’s a mess but im a kid.Not a adult

  3. So the base part (The button) is pushing air in the stuffed confetti out of the tube so thats why also am i right Vat19?

  4. Wouldn’t it hurt slamming your hand into a chunk of plastic try hi fiveing yourself with your phone or tablet or computer in the middle jk don’t

  5. I wonder if you can actually have a vat19 festival near the vat19 studios a celebration in the history of your company

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