Celebrating 35 Years | JEOPARDY!

Celebrating 35 Years | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] Along with Jeopardy, others are celebrating 35 years. – (sighs) Celebrating 35 years 800. – [Alex] In 1983 this influential 13-minute Michael Jackson
music video premiered. Dylan.
– What is Thriller? – [Alex] Thriller, yes. – Celebrating 35 years for 400. – [Alex] This video game
featuring two plumbers who were not yet super,
was launched in 1983. Dylan.
– Who are the Mario Brothers? – [Alex] That’s it. – 35 years for 12 hundred. – [Alex] The Disneyland
theme park in this Asian city celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2018. J.
– What is Tokyo? – [Alex] Correct. – Celebrating 35 years for 16 hundred. – [Alex] Though Dave Mustaine
says he didn’t even anticipate living to be 35, this band of his is celebrating that anniversary. J.
– What is Megadeth? – [Alex] Good. – Celebrating 35 years 2,000. – [Alex] In 2018 the Tribeca Film Festival had a 35th anniversary
showing of this film with some of its stars present. Bridget. – What is Scarface?
– Yes.

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  1. Congrats happy anniversary have been watching since I was a baby in the eighties. My grandma and I love ur show may she rest in peace

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