Celebrating Apollo as We Push Forward to the Moon

Celebrating Apollo as We Push Forward to the Moon

We choose to go to the moon in this
decade and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard. T-minus 60 seconds and counting, we are
go for Apollo 7 at this time. … and from the crew of Apollo 8 we close with good night, good luck, a merry Christmas, and God bless all of you, all of you on the good Earth. We have ignition sequence start, engines on, five …
four … three … two Houston, ah, Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed. That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. We leave as we came, and God willing as we shall return With peace, and hope for all mankind. We’re on our way Houston. From 1969 to 1972, we had a
total of six moon landings, 12 humans walked on the surface of the Moon. We have elevated the human condition. We have improved human lives. We have raised the standard of living for every person on Earth because of space exploration. We’re going to go back to the Moon, and we’re going to take what we learned
there and we’re going to go to Mars.

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  1. Why is the astronauts telemetry of the tracks on Apollo 11 different from the actual photographs of the tracks on the site from the lunar reconnaissance mission?
    Because Apollo 11 was faked and Apollo 13 went back to cover their tracks but didn't quite take the same routes to and from little West as they were in a hurry and were only really concerned with leaving objects in the correct place.
    This is also why the original data telemetry tapes were "lost" two years before the lunar reconnaissance mission was launched.

  2. I love nasa and spacex, but spacex plans to get to mars by 2023, but I think the moon would be a nice place to visit

  3. anyone else notice NASA disabled the chat on their live streams? that's odd right ?? it's also currently black right now so that's always exciting ?

  4. Mankind has always had a curiosity for what was over the horizon. Space is all around us. We reach out to the black velvet abyss with so much bravery and courage. Most of the time I feel ashamed to be a human being but NASA and SpaceX give me hope that we will find a truly different meaning about life. God speed.

  5. Notice how there were footprints but the LEM didn't leave a crater. The LEM weighed over 17 tons and only had a single engine to decelerate. The engine had a thrust of over 10,500 lbs. Didn't even blow away the loose dust. We are waking up to your tricks NASA!

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  7. На луне такая радиация что вас там раз*б*т нахер и флаг не виляется. Пи*даболы вы.

  8. les tengo una pregunta la eh estado pensando desde hace 5 meses todas las noches y es la siguiente:
    el universo pudo ser creado por una mente fuerte e inteligente y fuerte que esta mente es la matriz de toda materia…
    Una mente conciente que en su despertar lo creo todo milimetricamente creo sus propios componentes sus dimensiones sus colores sus leyes y todo lo que hoy llaman "vida"
    puede ser que el universo fue creado por una mente brillante y ojo!! que no hablo de dios por que yo soy ateo hablo de una mente increíblemente inteligente. Pongamos de ejemplo el BIG BANG todo lo que ocurrió después de eso fue completamente aleatorio los compuestos químicos que se generaron la unión de los mismos las fuciones nucleares fue completamente aleatorio pues bien puede ser que eso no fue tan así según la teoría del BIG BANG eso creo los protones y neutrones. Como sabrán todas las partículas poseen una masa especifica esa explosión les tuvo que haber dado esa masa verdad? una masa completamente aleatoria…
    pero aquí viene lo extraño. Si la masa de un electron seria ligeramente mas grande el universo hubiese contenido solo neutrones haciendo imposible la existencia del átomo no habría reacción química alguna por lo tanto NADA HABRÍA EXISTIDO….
    si la gravedad del universo hubiese sido ligeramente mas fuerte las estrellas hubiesen sido mucho mas pequeñas y con vida mas cortas un sol tipco hubiese durado alrededor de 10.000 años en lugar de de años sin dejar suficiente tiempo para los procesos evolutivos para una vida compleja como es la nuestra… Cada una de estas cosas tendria una probabilidad la cantidad de masa de cada partícula tendría una probabilidad la formación de planetas tendria una probabilidad la hubicacion de los sistemas solares también si sumamos todas la probabilidades del momento del BIG BANG tendriamos una probabilidad de 1 a 10^299 esa probabilidad es como que tomes 1.000.000 de monedas las tires al aire y caigan todas al mismo tiempo y de cara creen en verdad que de todas las probabilidades justo salio esa la mas improbables de todas fue tan preciso el proceso que nos dio a existir que por eso es que creo que hay una mente increíblemente inteligente que ah creado todo y si es asi donde vive esa mente? y por que nos hiso?
    Gracias por leer saludos….
    pd:Piensenlo bien…

  9. Rest in peace, Nil! You are the first forever. Your marks on the surface of the moon will remain for millions of years. Every time I look at the moon, I remember Nile and wink at the Moon.

  10. 6 moon landings ? And all we get to see is clowns falling over, saluting each other, driving around. 6 moon landings and you didn’t think to get some extensive video footage of EARTH ?
    We hear astronauts contradicting each other to what’s visible up there, what’s visible on the way etc, and then hardly giving interviews ( Armstrong ) about their experiences, no doubt because their body language and choice of words don’t match somebody that was on the moon. Didn’t astronauts drive a few miles on one mission ? Where’s that uncut, unedited footage ? Any footage of Earth from 1000km away ? 10,000 km away 50,000 km away ? 100,000 km away ?

  11. It's amazing that the technology in a cell phone is greater than all the technology in the lunar lander. Yet we can't go to the Moon anymore. NASA must really be a backwards organization that is blessed with so much technology and it has done so little with it, compared to the little they had back then, and where they went.

  12. Вы серьёзно верите в этот фейк??? Серьёзно??? НЕ ДУМАЙТЕ СПАМИТЬ потому что я могу это доказать что всё фейк.
    И так во первых присмотритесь 1:00. Видите??? Флаг колыхается хотя на луне даже атмосферы нет, а во вторых ну этот ляп всё доказывает, вернитесь к видео и то есть к фотке и видите??? ВИДИТЕ??? ГДЕ ЗВЁЗДЫ МАТЬ ТВОЮ ГДЕ С*КА ЗВЁЗДЫ???

  13. I'm
    tempted to get involved in public debate over the currently unchallenged
    ideological media campaign keyed to the Apollo anniversary to snipe about how
    unfair NASA's astronaut program in the 1960s was to women and minorities, such
    as would-be astronaut  Jerrie Cobb [Wall Street Journal recent obit
    headline “Jerrie Cobb Passed Astronaut Tests but NASA Kept Her Out of Space”,
    NY Times obit “Jerrie Cobb was as qualified as any man to be an astronaut. ..
    But in 1961, as she seemed on the verge of becoming the nation’s first female
    astronaut, the door was slammed shut”] and black USAF pilot Ed Dwight [PBS
    special "Chasing the Moon",  he was "recruited at the
    urging of the Kennedy White House to further the administration’s civil rights
    agenda—but not everyone welcomed his inclusion", or Wikipedia:
    "despite facing discrimination from other astronauts, Dwight persevered
    until the assassination of President Kennedy… As a result of 'racial
    politics', he resigned"]. Those claims are anti-historical, and false. After
    going after Mary Poppins, Kate Smith, and Dr. Seuss, it seems the next targets of
    the ‘grievance archeologists’ might  be Chuck
    Yeager, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong.  I'm not sure I have the energy [and thick
    skin] for this,  if I engage this
    nonsense with reality, and consequently stir up shrieking hatred. If anyone
    else is interested in confronting these historical falsifications, I can pass
    the ammunition.

  14. What's more important is that delusion always wins over reality because reality is constant and solid, while delusion is like liquid that takes the shape of the container of wishful thinking and willful ignorance beautifully.

  15. push forward to the moon? Didn't you do that already?
    Solved the Radiation problem yet? Would be great to get some of those suits to help clear up Chernobyl……..

  16. You tards actually think they went there. Live video had a 4 second delay. Considering the distance and that the signal traveled at the speed of light the delay would of been more around 30 seconds. There were no blast marks under the lander and there is video of them landing and taking off from the perspective of the moon. How did that happen. Looks like they either had the man on the moon as there camera man or this is bullsh*t.

  17. When will we go to Mars, forget the moon we been there done that, let’s go to Mars next. It’s time. ??????

  18. For years everytime someone doubted the lunar landings asking why they didn't go back the moontards said "because there's no need", I wonder what they are saying now that NASA is planning to go to the moon, to stay.

  19. 50 years of Blunt Lies. Are you sure, they landed on Lunar Surface ?? At that time, they vaguely had any idea about Ionosphere, Magnetosphere and most important the radiation effect. Whom they are making fool.

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