Celebration Day – LED ZEPPELIN – Guitar Lesson

Celebration Day – LED ZEPPELIN – Guitar Lesson

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this video is part of my guitar lesson series So today, I’ll show how to play celebration [tape] by Led zeppelin So I’ll play the wrists first and then I’ll show how to play note flow using tabs Okay, so the first one is the very beginning intro riff is this the Gate starts on the Bottom Three strings first string 6 fret 2nd string 5th fret 3rd string 6 fret slide it up one fret to the 7th and play it [7] times there, so it’s It’s just fast rubbing at the bottom three strings [ok] so slide up six right position sign up the seventh and play but [some] [times] And do that again? Next time same thing, but just play it three times once were three times again three times and from the seventh fret same Pattern go up to the 8th fret like three times Then from there go from a threat to the ninth threat and plated with nine times So once again slowly Okay, the next riff is right after that is this okay, so that’s all on the mostly on the fifth fret a string open [Twelfth] fret pull off the open [Laid] open tenth fret pull off the open Say it open ninth fret pull off [the] open seventh fret pull off the open To the third fret come off the open late again Do that again? in the third Fresh Wait again at the front the same thing The fourth string seventh fret sign up to it So once again silly The next breath which is repeated a few times is this Okay, so that’s bottom three strings Ninth fret on the first string 8th fret on the second string third String 9th fret [play] it about six times the fast picking or struggled into the A String fifth different okay third fret pull off to open play tenth fret left open right ninth fret lost open Hey slap to the third fret popped open play do that again Fourth string slide up [the] seventh fret once again slowly that piece of few times next riff is this Okay, so that’s fifth string third fret slap to the fourth top top string fourth fret Into the fourth string some threat the same as before last riff bottom few strings first string 9th fret 2nd string 8th fret third string 9th fret place next time Then back to the fifth string third fret slight up the fourth top string fifth fret like twice, so once again sly Okay Let’s play a few times. That’s the courts Just finish the course which is this you So the chords are pretty much [like] power chords see G B-Flat F The same thing you see G B-flat this time it’s half Okay, and while that’s playing. There’s a second guitar playing over it. Yeah, just some notes. Which is this that’s a fifth string third fret slide up to 10th My first I was right slide it down first fret slaps eighth fret back to the third fret Slide play it slap to them mmM slide [out] of the first whether the fourth string seventh fret Then the sixth third string 8th fret play it three times And do the exact same thing [on] front down the [4Th] string 6 fret third string seventh fret three times there is then it’s the Guitar solo, which I have a separate honest [and] foreign here’s the link to it here [you] [want] to know the soil You don’t run okay? So if you want to try that that’s good okay. So that’s a lesson I hope it’s been helpful and thanks for watching

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  1. speaking of celebration day, if your a led zeppelin fan and haven't seen celebration day you need to watch it, its pretty amazing. Obviously not as good as back in the 70's but what can you do 🙂

  2. if you have a couple more ads, commercials going you could skip the lessons all together. I like the way it says to click here then it goes right back to youtube. A vicious circle

  3. Hi is there somewhere a full song played by U? This ver. Is from studio? I think it is better than live. Btw great lesson thanks!

  4. C'est bien joué, ça sonne mais ce ne sont pas exactement les plans de Page…
    Deux autres tuto sont plus édifiants tout comme la référence avec la version scénique où l'on voit assez bien les doigts sur le manche de Page.
    Sur le riff principal il ne va pas chercher la corde de mi en haut de manche et reste sur les frets sur les cordes la et ré avec du ré a vide. Sur le pont en accords il joue do maj sol maj en barré fret 3 avec variation rock standard 4 eme doigt (do-ré, sol-la) et va chercher son sib maj sur le fret 6…Bref, c'est pas ça ! ?merci tout de même, ça donne des idées pour attaquer le morceau avec des variations de style.

  5. Zzzzz..
    Please… Faster! Faster!
    You see, Metallica is here!
    Too slowly for nothing really interesting.
    Now, what can I do?
    (learn English, for example and… Zzzzz)

  6. **TABS FOR THIS LESSON:  https://guitarlessonvideoswithtabs.yolasite.com/LED-ZEPPELIN—Celebration-Day.php

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