Child Marriage Bill In Iraq & Religious Fundamentalism

Child Marriage Bill In Iraq & Religious Fundamentalism

as the situation continues to devolve in
Iraq there’s a new potential group that could be threatened by the possibility extremely early age marriage iraqi women being threatened by build the capacity
near future written details from vice a controversial new law being drafted in
Iraq would make it illegal for children as
young as nine to get married his past the law would give power to
refuse a marriage proposal only to a girl’s father in the laws
based on the job fiery school a Shiite religious legal theory by creating different laws aimed at
Iraq’s Shiite community critics say this could exacerbate the
division between the Sunnis and Shiites in the country quien sectarian fighting has ripped Iraq apart
it amounts to some the worst violence the country a scene
apart from the us-led invasion so let’s talk about some other potential changes
to women’s rights and girls rights in Iraq with this bill were to pass so
we’ve got it could open the door to marriage as
young as 9 that’s not like that’s not necessarily the case
that’s the interpretation of the religious %uh scripture that there that
they’re looking at a man have sex for the white without her
consent American can find a woman to his house I would restrict women’s custody rights
after divorce shocked they would be allowed even get divorced and it would make it easier for men to
have multiple wives all those included in this one bill as mentioned in the vice peace there
it’s up the measure is known as the Jafari
personal status laws based on the principles and Shiites school religious la pata by too far out
the big the six Shiite mom pay you don’t like it don’t go to Utah rightness they were
hurt columns are we talking about their how
bad is it had so what is it about religion that makes you um like hate other people what is about that I wanna have sex with
kids I wanna subjugate women soul it said nothing to do with burt
well the area just religion is is this archaic more ironic backwards superstition that
people still think it has something to do with salvation and spirituality when it isn’t really
anything to do with that I don’t carry I’m so sick and tired and religious
people know so I think I think you make a
really good point about fundamentalists and fundamentalist religion so those who interpret their religious text
literally and they will take the religious tax and
they will twist it in such a way in some cases to meet their agenda or whatever bias
they have against a particular group of people so are all Muslims this where all
Christians this way no but there are people who are so fun they believe in the fundamental you know
yet are literal interpretation their tax and that’s the biggest issue here now what annoys me the most about this
story is how little we’ve achieved up she achieved in both Iraq and
Afghanistan right you go in there you try to spread
his American ideology or the democratic ideology and you can’t do it you can’t force an
ideology upon people who don’t want to accept it
so that whole thing about spreading
democracy abroad was complete and utter bullshit we all know that we wanted to invade
Iraq I preemptively we did so under false
pretenses we pretend it is I’ll as though their weapons of mass
destruction there we cheat nothing there yes and i’m saying is gone and that’s a
good thing but at the same time you still have a religious leaders in the
country passing legislation like this and the bottom a nine-year-old getting
married and and then being confined to her home right by a man where she can be raped
again and again it’s disgusting and what do you do in a case like this weaker in bed them again hey that worked
out so well outside table but so is overly fat so that the reason
that we’re saying that possibly as young as I believe it eight years and eight
months is because in just for all 32 writings that when he
says a woman to a girl reaches puberty and
that then that’s when she can get divorced and married in all that sup on I don’t really care what jafar al
Siddique said I thought that was in my years ago an eight year old is old
enough to be exact like I don’t give a shit what he thinks yes the perpetuation
at a particular social order from which you know the man in this particular
religion benefit so they have a great incentive to keep it going because you
know they get everything out a bit and they get to be the powerful ones and
they get to force everyone to bend to their well so yeah you know what who wouldn’t want
that I guess but what surprises me about it is is that you know what we
were supposed to go in and remember the rape rooms remember all that the reasons
why we’re supposed to go in and and protect the iraqi people and freedom
from this oppressive society you know actually had a pretty stable
secular society where women were allowed to walk around and do stuff before that’s during Saddam’s and that’s
not to say that he was not a dictator are not a horrible horrible person who
did awful things but you know we didn’t actually help the
women at all and you know we know it was all drugged up to go in and we know it
wasn’t for reasons that were that were presented to us by the fact that women status has fallen so
quickly I is is just depressing as hell yeah and perversely we could actually
get reaffirms now yet previously held up in their based on a map but yet two week we bring up the list
the proposed changes really fast one second because I everybody knows the one most
common criticisms on religion is that it’s based on wanting to control now
look at that list everything that a Priya starkly minded
man could possibly what is on that list I cannot take a woman before she’s too
young to build a resist me I can basically buy her from her family I have sex with her whether she wants to
or not no other man can get to our because I locker up and I can even have more than one if I
want if you and if you ever questioned the basis for
religion this is a great example of what it looks like when you allow it to be as vigorous and powerful as it wants to
be thankfully it’s been hamstrung in America so they
can’t be this blatant about it but it still what’s driving all the
religious changes both in our country and in Iraq now some people are fighting
against this bill there are a human rights activists in Iraq one says that law represents a crime against
humanity in childhood married underage girls are subjected to
physical and psychological suffering so it’s not even sure at this point if
it’s going to pass but it does have some support amongst fundamentalist shiite in Iraq and just
the possibility the fact that is open for debate now that should make us feel even more shame
for the the axo we committed against that country that led to to this present for on and maybe I’ll
make a mistake here but I would like to hold the moderate
Muslims feet to the fire on this and you know for me I think it’s the
moderate Christian is the moderates those people who you always wanted me Jimmy Carr so I
could just saying really fuckin Jesus that’s what you’re all
about all that shit you’re the president you a nuclear bomb and you still believe in this invisible
man and all that shit the baptist I’m done and you seen how it’s just control you
seen the ignorant it’s just ignorance personified and you’re still a member that this doesn’t I’d don’t get
it so I think people like that who are the moderates they did cover to the fundamentalists right so hey i’d
SPI disbelieving hocus-pocus bullshit but i wanna kill anybody they want to
kill anybody but they I want to bump their bullshit it’s just all bullshit it religion is
lazy thinking it’s your scared at all clear based when they’re
all Barack Obama John Carey I’m so sick in tired of people who would boztepe
courage that given the courage to speak the truth about their
own believed I know Barack Obama doesn’t believe in that hocus-pocus for it but he says he does yeah ok
wedding has to in our in our current political atmosphere that we have you know you
can’t come out and say you’re an atheist yep I mean hell if you’re a politician
he won he realizes they could be elected if you were black yeah that’s true so I think that it
takes you know one person with courage is a majority and so I’ll be that guy let’s fuckin do
it yeah

100 Replies to “Child Marriage Bill In Iraq & Religious Fundamentalism”

  1. You talked as much about Christians in a video about Islamic fundamentalism as you did about Muslims. I'm an Atheist, but Islam is worse. Why can't we just criticize Islam, when the discussions is of uniquely Islamic backwardness, 

  2. I wish people would quit grouping religious people with extremists…

    its not religion that is the problem, its the corrupt leaders and their followers that are.

  3. I just have to laugh at Ana here. "Are all muslims this way? NO! Only those who follow what their religion actually says…"

    And those would be the muslims, wouldn't it? The people who don't follow Islam are called non-muslims, even if they are so confused that they wrongly label themselves as muslims. At the end of the day, the Qur'an calls on muslims to emulate Mohammed and Mohammed married Aisha at age 9(after being engaged with her since she was 6). There simply is no coherent way for someone to call that law wrong from within the Islamic worldview.

    Edit: The feminist angle from that blonde woman is completely moronic. She obviously don't understand the first thing about Islam and how it is regarded as the final revelation by muslims. Muslims don't keep their iron age traditions "because it benefits the men", but because they believe Allah has commanded these things. When muslims discuss what's right and wrong the discussion is about interpretation of the Qur'an and the Sunnah, not about what may or may not benefit men, women or kids. There's an underlying assumption that whatever the Qur'an says is inherently good, regardless of what anyone might think. The cleric they are referencing here is just a historical authority on interpretation of the Qur'an. It's also worth mentioning that muslims are in no position to simply reinterpret the Qur'an. Attempts to do so will immediately brand a person a revisionist and non-muslim.

  4. I really really wish that all the Iraqi women would just cause an enormous uproar and refuse to marry anyone. What are they gonna do, kill every single women? I'd rather die than be raped daily and forced to do what a man tells me to do. Sick fucks

  5. What's the name of that guy with glasses?? Talking about jimmy carter.

    He's a fucking idiot. Is TYT an atheist news channel? Why do they even have an atheist news?? It's fucking…brainwashing..

    He just spits out his opinion which is nothing but hate. Are you stupid? If you KNoW barrack Obama doesn't believe in Jesus, then why do you think he's Christian?

    Because he says so?

    Man…don't be naive then get angry because you are ignorant…

    Be innocent like doves. Wise as serpents.

  6. It's so bullshit emphasize the 'no, it's not the religions, it's the fundamentalists.' It's just a cover so you don't have to go after the religion itself and offend all Christians/Muslims/Jews… etc. And Jimmy nailed it talking about moderates at the end. As Marcus Brigstocke the moderates are "the powerbase for the nutters. Without their passive support the loonies in charge of these faiths would just be loonies."

    And to say 'oh these are the fundamentalists' is ignoring the fact that this isn't some locked away camp out there somewhere doing this; they're talking about changing Iraqi law, IE there is enough popular support for the legislation that the democratic (?) government is considering officially making concesssions.

  7. There are many forms of spirituality.  Not all of them are fantasies loaded with dogma.  That's just another broad generalization and not anything insightful to help the discussion.

  8. am i the only one that heard "jaafari shiite school of thought"

    less then 10% of those people, in the world, who apply themselves to Islam are shiites.

    only in shiite Islam are women allowed to be taken against their will, only in shiite islam can you have forced sex, and women in shiite Islam are not allowed to get divorced.

    i took a class on world religions and i believe my sunni Muslim friends those shiites are very far from their religion.

  9. We need to laugh in their face when they bring it up and let them know it carries as much weight as saying Elvis is still alive, and they will keep it to themselves then maybe.

    Typical atheist morons  who judge on all religion by  the actions of  disgraceful minority , keep up the your useless war on religion you scumbags !

  11. Wow Jimmy!!!!!! He is so close minded. Let me ask you guys who are athiets, what evidence do you have that a God is not real?

  12. Guys, you really need to stop talking about "Fundamentalists" and comparing them with what I would call, "Tamed" religions. When these texts were written, they were written in a harsher world, where the "Immoral" values depicted in them, seemed completely rational.

    The problem with fundamentalists, are the fundamentals of the religion. Mohammed married Aisha when she was 6 and consummated the marriage when she was 9!

  13. These things are awful, but its their country, we can't impose our western values on others, we can join UN and call for sanctions, but nothing more…

  14. Religion is not the problem. Just a means for people to do what they really wanna do . If it weren't religion they would use some others means to control, mislead, and taken advantage.  The problem is having leaders in power who are governed by a backward, old world view.

    What is it with these leftist who go on the tu quoque defense whenever something bad is said about Islam? Why is it that some people just can't seem to handle criticism of Islam? You don't see that as much when somebody bashes Christianity.

  16. Jimmy Dore should definitely run for President. It would be so entertaining to see him debating against all of the other candidates.

  17. can we just agree that religion and science are to sides of the same coin fuck all that crazy shit about jesus doing magic tricks  we all just want to know and understand our place in the universe science is the how religion the why

  18. This is stupid. What is it about religion that makes people hate other people? Sex with kids, subjugate women? What, only religious people do that? Or people of a certain religion? Bullshit. People don't need a reason to hate other people. Funny for TYT to say these things, when they have talked about people being animals before. Humanity is nothing but a bunch of animals. It takes a HUGE effort to get people to follow mostly reason, never always, and ignore their feelings, or at least prioritize them. It takes education, it takes a certain infrastructure etc. Most cultures simply encode our feelings in some fashion or another. Fear of death, love of your family/tribe, lust, power, spirituality, need of being in a community, superstition, all these things are encoded into cultures and religions. They are archaic, but you don't need them to get people to do bad stuff. Or good stuff, for that matter. 

  19. as iraqi i tell you there is low rate of marriage after 2003 some ppl  letting their kids get married at teen age  which is good compare there is no marriage at all. by the way ppl of iraq dont accept that scums trading religions they know they  lying … thanks

  20. this is fuckin disgusting no child should be married at 9 yrs old no wonder why they blow each other up all the time because thier lives are fucked up. just nuke em

  21. Oh look another act of progression for the predominantly Muslim, middle-eastern countries! Nice to see that in this day and age people are really starting to open their eyes and make real change.

    Honestly this is why I don't support Islam or any religion for that matter.

  22. Ana, I love you! No this isn't the typical creeper comment, I mean I love you for actually discerning between the religious and fundamentalists. There are progressive religious people, and they are on your side. John and Jimmy fail to make this distinction, but I think Cara has come around.

    Keep up the great work TYT 😀

  23. What does war and Christianity have to do with the topic? The topic is making Islamic child marriage legal. Not Christianity, not war, Islam. I love how Progressive Liberals go way off topic. Especially the whiney bitch who obviously has a problem with Christianity. Way to go at avoiding saying Islam or Islamic so that you won't be labeled as an Islamophobe. Cowards. 

  24. Jimmy said exactly my thoughts. Its the religious moderates that give license to the religious fundamentalists. People want to feel "comfortable, and special" at the expense of sanity.

  25. Well looks like ole Dick Cheney finally got something right. The US was greeted as liberators… by Iraqi pedophiles.

  26. It so amazing how someone is against hate and then immediately begins to preach hate. Oh that's right, he isn't against hate, he is against people that hate things that he doesn't hate.

  27. A nation of pedophiles. Aren't you people proud.
    You sicken me to no end.
    (I'm not addressing this to the ones who are against this evil law created by evil, horrible excuses for human beings).

  28. Can you people see why it is important to have debates with these religious simpletons (in reference to Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate). If you don't highlight these retards' thinking, their backward pedophile ideas, their 'morals' and 'ethics', if you don't debate them, THIS is what gets slipped under the radar. Asshole laws like these.

  29. I am tired of religion as well. All it does is tear people apart and fucks their heads up in a bad and disgusting way. I cannot listen to one speak on it without me throwing up. I Blame JIM JONES!!!! hehe No but I do hate it.

  30. islams biggest liar/killer/idolater/deceiver/suicidal maniac Mohammed married with a 6 year old when the Gaylord was 53 !!!

    en he is islams greater prophet hwhwahwahah
    islam the religion with 666 errors !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. How do women in that country not kill every man they see? I would be a psycho if I had to live under that bullshit.

  32. Seriously? What father would allow their daughter(s) to get married that are under the age of 18? Shia's are nuts period Sunni's are more modern.

  33. it all has to do it religion,,,and lets not forget profet muhamad married a kid too ,,,,one of his wives was literally 9 or 10 year old,,, not a hater,,,there are man bad things in almost all religion,,,

  34. Fuck religion, its just so sick and disgusting.  Its sort of like there is a portal to the 1st century AD and people and ideas keep spewing out of it and we have to constantly make sure we address the scum. 

  35. Thank god people like Jimmy Dore don't have a large outreach to the people. Lol "I hate religious people" I'm a moderate, I don't give cover to fundamentalism. I am an honors academic and I believe I universal freedom and human rights. What's happening to these women is awful, but it's a minority they don't represent the 99 %. I think militant atheist propaganda is just as manipulative and malicious as fundamental "religious" agendas. There is nothing religious about what's happening it's fake, they are just using it as a pretext to carry out their sick agendas. Btw it's funny when "democratic" nations and "liberal" individuals condemn these crazy occurrences when their own countries and societies are messed up. As a westerner I'm honest with myself that we have a long way to go before we go preaching aout human rights, what with all the crap that's come up about rape and consent, inequality in pay between men and women, and the strident use and mis-use of sexulity to manipulate people and sell them ideas and material goods. People need to educate them selves and get to know others and their beliefs. News outlets purposely pick outrageous stories that in no way reflect the norm because sensationalizing a topic is the best way to get attention and views/money. Albert Einstein believed in a higher presence in this universe because so much is limited to man, so much is unexpected and so much is explained in a way that fits into a specific puzzle that science has created. If a higher being did not exist, man would be unlimited in his abilities, there would be no diseases, no death, no terminal illnesses, no irreversible events, no conflicts, no mysteries, time could be manipulated everything would be known and explained rather than theorized about. So here is a lot of searching, and rationale involved with being a spiritual/religious individual, you have to educate yourself and seek logic. It's only weird mumbo jumbo to dumbasses who don't care to learn and achieve a higher state of understanding abut the world. They don't ask why they are here or the consequences of why they are here, or who they are or should be as an individual.

  36. If CNN is looking for a roque black hole whitch  ate  that missing plane.. then this is just American everyday news.

  37. This law is terrible and a lot of religious people do take things way overboard and do sick twisted things, that's why Moderates and Liberal Religious leaders need to fight to make change, I love how Ana described some religious people verses others she is very right! but Jimmy Dore even though I've often liked and agreed with him he is a RUDE FUCKING PRICK! to be little 100% of all Religious people in the world as in someway ignorant or backward twisted or evil… he is a prick he's always been a prick sometimes its funny the things he says but to be little everyone in all religions around the world is actually ignorant of him, and being Catholic I can sometimes understand the anamosity and anger he has at religion but he has to fucking take a chill pill not everyone who believes in a supernatural power is the same as these perverts wanting to marry kids and multiple ones.. nor as evil as Duckman wanting a 14 yr old girl who can cook duck and have sex all night… some religious people actually would like change for good in the world… so Jimmy is an ass and Ana is this time a pretty good judge!

  38. I agree this is pretty immoral and vile.

    But fuck, I hate liberals. If they had it there way they would do the same thing except with men in the place of women in iraq.

  39. i watched a few documentaries about the little girls and how bad they are treated after being married at ages as young as 7…. these little girls are forced to have sex with their husbands who might be 40…they have babies and they are damaged internally because their bodies aren't fully developed or ready for that type of trauma…its not going to get better any time soon…their laws are sick

  40. The only thing that helps against fundamentalism is PROSPERITY, EDUCATION AND PEACE. Since the US doesn't want the middle east to become clever and more democratic, they actively work towards destabilizing them. Fundamentalists and dictators can more easily be controlled, bribed or marginalized. That is the reason why they impose sanctions, support civil war and impose sanctions.

    Just let them grow and develop on their own.

  41. Shia's are not Muslim. They are a cult. They have no affiliation with Islam. They are giving Muslims bad names, when they are not Muslims. They promote prostitution and all these crazy ideas. Sunni's believe in peace and they believe in one God and they are against all the Shia's crazy bs.

  42. I'm a muslim myself and i'm really really sick of these rational , ignorant , idiots . first of all islam is a far more noble religion than that second of all Iraq has much more to worry about ( war between cults , economy , developement etc …. ) sigh

  43. its none of our business 
    and certainly no excuse to go over there and start murdering them !
    check your own morality first. 

  44. You don't even need to twist the words of the books to get hateful outcomes. Most of these books, (I say most because of course I haven't read them all) they have lovely great things, but also have horrible despicable things. You can use religion to believe whatever you want to believe.

  45. History has a nasty way of repeating itself when people don't listen and learn from it's mistakes.

    From 1933 onward there were plenty of "moderate" Nazi's in Germany. Sure a lot were moderates and not the fundamentalist crazies who committed all the horrific atrocities. However simply by identifying as a Nazi they actually helped to give credence and political power to the fundamentalists, when what they really needed to be saying was "you know something? This ideology is fucking insane, no rational person should seriously believe this bullshit!"

    Likewise isn't it about time moderate theists grew some and finally did the same? I keep on repeating it, "There is absolutely no empirical evidence supporting the dogma any religious ideology preaches, nor is there any to prove the claims that their "holy" books contain the words, wishes and commands of some supernatural deity"
    I seriously hope for the good of all mankind that this century will be the very last one which has to deal with archaic supernatural beliefs seriously influencing social and political choices. If we can mature enough as a sentient species to get past the huge hurdle known as religion. Who knows maybe then we can finally get on with addressing the real issues humanity faces such as poverty, genuine economics which benefit the whole of mankind and not just the top 5% and proper care for the environment etc.

  46. i personally disagree on child marriage it seems so wrong to me. children are not mentally or physically done growing. i  just think people who  do this because  children are easy to control and manipulate. and i don't see how people can justify this their is no way a nine year old is mature enough i don't care if their thirteen their still not ready for that their still growing. its nasty

  47. I really can't get enough of Jimmy Dore. God damn was he dead-eye accurate with bringing up how the supposedly 'sane' religious fucks are just enabling all this bullshit, from the WBC to buying, raping, and imprisoning an 8-and-2/3rds-year-old girl. All because they're mental incompetents who can't face reality.

  48. I'm waiting for the time when the soon-to-be husbands can fuck their "bride" while in the womb… go islam, go…

  49. I guess all men who follow Mohamed must be paedophiles. They love paedophilia there so of course they will continue to pass these laws. What a discussing race of humans.

  50. As a Shi'a Muslim woman, I would just like to step in here for a moment. Although the Young Turks have methodically worded it so as to propose that this 'proposed bill' comes directly from our holy text and our holy imams, their argument is based on complete lies and false propositions.

    Imam Ja'far Sadiq never proposed those so called 'changes' and apart from them not only insulting and degrading our holy imams, they have now made people believe that a political decision – whilst it goes against Islam and its principles – is somehow directly from our Holy texts and Prophets/Imams.

    Thankyou for once again feeding us with lies – we're not smart enough to pick up on your underhanded propaganda methods

  51. This has nothing to do with Shia interpretations. Both Sunni and Shia and almost all other Muslims recognize that Mohammad married and had sex with a 8+ year old girl (Aisha) according to numerous authentic ahadith. Most Muslims today consider the actions of Mohammad 100% perfect and an example to be followed by all people and for all time. Also, Sura 65:1-4 of the Quran gives Muslim men Allah's sanction to marry and have sex with prepubescent girls. That this is what Sura 65:1-4 means has been verified by many Islamic clerics and scholars. Anyone who wants can look up these rulings for themselves and any number of tafsir (explanation of a verse from a Muslim scholar) websites. (Ex: altafsir. com)

    In spite of this, many Muslims today recognize that marriage to and sex with children is wrong, and they come up with all kinds of excuses for and rewrites/reinterpretations of those passages in their holy texts that allow it. Maybe for this reason, or perhaps because of pressure from western countries, many Muslim majority nations have enacted secular laws which set minimum ages at which girls can be married, but these secular laws are not in accordance to Islamic religious law and in many cases, those secular laws go largely unenforced.

    I know of no case in which any well respected Islamic cleric or scholar has ever issued a fatwa (ruling) which expressly forbids adult men marrying and having sex with children, because to do so would be tantamount to finding fault in the behavior of their prophet.

    The following is a fatwa that expressly allows marriage to and sex with children, and it specifies that the child has no say in the matter:

    "The father must seek her permission if she is nine years of age or above. Similarly, her other guardians may not marry her off except by her permission. This is obligatory upon all of them. If one is married without permission, then the marriage is not valid. This is because one of the conditions of the marriage is that both partners accept the marriage. If she is married without her permission, by threat or coercion, then the marriage is not valid. The only exception is in the case of the father and his daughter who is less than nine years of age. There is no harm if he gets her married while she is less than nine years old, according to the correct opinion. This is based on the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) marrying Aisha without her consent when she was less than nine years old, as is stated in authentic Hadith."

    Shaikh ibn Baz – (Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz (Arabic: عبد العزيز بن عبد الله بن باز‎) (November 21, 1910 – May 13, 1999), was a Saudi Arabian Islamic scholar and a leading proponent of the Salafi form of Islam. He was the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia from 1993 until his death in 1999. )

  52. Hey respect people's views if your so open minded and Americans went to Iraq to steal there oil. That introducing democracy sh*i it's just that sh*t

  53. I guess respect the fact people are religious, but this is insane! Religion is not an exuse to make women worthy less

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