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  1. P.S., I already know that that thing will just be filled with LIES. (there is no way to even think of saying that without coming up with every lie they can- and I'm sure the first lie is "I used to be a Christian"…- he was NEVER Christian- just a lie he uses…)

  2. It is clear that you do not want to face the truth.You are afraid of that moment , you you just keeping your head in the sand because the truth is very heavy for you to bear .Be brave and listen to the truth that will guide you from your darkness to the light of the God.Try to read what you call it holly Book again and see what garbage there in it. You your mind -If you have- to see if these rubbish in it from God or from Satan.

  3. … Go and read your Holly or hollow Book and see the scandals, disgrace and shame of the Messengers of your Lord. Read in Genesis , Chapter 19, Verse 30 about Lot(PBUH) who committed adultery with his two daughters and got children from them. Read in Chapter 35, Verse 22 about Robin,the son of Jacob who committed adultery with his mother at the top of their house.Read in Chapter 38 Verse 50 about Judah who committed adultery with the wife of his son at the road side and got children from her.

  4. Also go to your Holy Book and read about Sara and your God who visited her and got a child from her. What is there in your Bible about Messengers of God, you can not find it any where except in the dirty sex books and movies.What is written in your Bible Satan himself will be afraid to say it about the Messengers of God . How you dare to call a book like that Holy Book?I am sure you didn't read this Book . You are misguided, cheated and deceived.Wake up ,open your eyes and accept the truth

  5. Also go to your Holy Book and read about Sara and your God who visited her and got a child from her. What is there in your Bible about Messengers of God, you can not find it any where except in the dirty sex books and movies.What is written in your Bible Satan himself will be afraid to say it about the Messengers of God . How you dare to call a book like that Holy Book?I am sure you didn't read this Book . You are misguided, cheated and deceived.Wake up ,open your eyes and accept the truth

  6. That wasn't even a good try (to push 'another lie'- which is what you all do). Everybody knows that Sarah was Abraham's wife and that what happened with Mary and God didn't happen with Sarah- but of course, all you muslims do it LIE. We're all used to that- but for the record: "Where are the sex books and movies in the Bible?" You must be reading porn mags and thinking they are the Bible? (in which case, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THOSE ANYWAYS???) It wont be long before lucifer has you.

  7. I think child marriage is widely practice by Muslims. In many African countries where you find a more dominant Muslim culture there is a wider practice of child marriage

  8. To the person slandering the Bible, besides the fact you're obviously Muslim if you read a real Bible you would know the stuff you say about some of the main people and prophets is false. Just one for example,

    The story of Lot, after he and his daughters escaped it was one of the daughters that concocted the idea they have sex with their father. When Lot realized what happen he was furious with them.

    Read an undoctored Bible before you make foolish comments about it.

  9. This is so sad! But it's so true! Things like this happen and it really really sucks! It's not fair at all. No women/girl should go through this!

  10. Watching this, you can really see how beautiful the culture and the people are but it's just some things that aren't okay at all. I honesty don't think the men are evil they just need to educate themselves on how to treat women/girls. And I am sure not the men think the same way about the treatment of women/girls.

  11. I don't think raising the legal marriage age to 18 would help much, women would still stay with families until they were 18, and the families would still force their daughters, just at a later age. It would be better to in addition, I think, if school was made mandatory until a certain age, and if it was free to go to. 

  12. I am African American and if I had to send my small daughters off to be with a man at a early age I would have not have them protect yourself and your family. I am a parent not a person who want to get rid of my responsibility. Close your legs people. You don't have a problem with doing what your husband say protect your daughters

  13. what's up with these euro centrics declaring their culture as superior by saying that marriages should be at 18. In the Uk you can get married at 16 with parental permission lol. Americans and their antics take it too far/ I am against violence towards woman, but these woman who do get abused are abused because there is something wrong with the men, not because they are young. Any form of marriage where there is bride price, the men always feel as if they own the woman. That is all there is to it.

    15 16 year old getting married in a country with low levels of econimic and education al achievement is normal and a life expectancy so low if they were to get married at ages of 25 and above, etc the children will see their parents die before they were 25 themselves. Putting laws into place won't change much, to be honest, because these people would use cultural rights of practice to do what they wish anyhows.

    Also the woman although she's right a child at 14 will struggle to give birth in general due to her size, is true, but a 16 year old is usually okay. Also studies show that woman who have children at later stages in life have complications in their genetics and the children often have some hereditary disfuctions due to the eggs being of a later age/ stage.

  14. The true enemy is the media.Who cares about the other county ? They have a life to  live and they been doing it for ages.Who cares about around the other side of the earth? Like I said,The true enemy is the media….people just mine there business !

  15. Guys plz sort ya self out of islam plz ………..anything pple do its islam…plz south Sudanese are not muslims.so plz lets just contribute our thoughts on this video only and not islam…just plZ

  16. That damn woman just pissed me off at the end. Why cant women get married under 18? Who the hell says that18 is the right age of marriage or adult hood? The bible doesnt say it, the Quran doesnt say it, so whose rules are those? smh In my personal opinion, 13 should be the legal age. At 13 your developed, your menstruating, you able to bare children, able to learn and have great intelligence. At 13 i was hot behind boys and ready to have sex. I was mostly developed and talked alot of sh*t to everyone and bossed the household (tried too). So was i not ready for marriage?? This is why there so much fornication and single mothers. Most of these girls get pregnant and cant even get married! and the boys are not encouraged to marry them….smh! ! would actually allow my daughter to get married at 13, if her mind is ready. The only way i wouldn't do it, is if she still afraid of boys. Otherwise, theres nothing wrong with 13 being the marriage age. Hell, all of our grandparents and greats where married at that age. I just hate that this world is acting so damn brand new. Doesn't nature itself, tell us when a girl is ready for marriage?? I just hate that we fight against the natural nature of things.

  17. Slavery is not dead. It is alive and well, and practiced mainly on African females below the age of puberty. They are bought, sold, traded, and treated like cattle, and only now is a spotlight being shone on this atrocity. There is a difference between being old enough to make sexual decisions for yourself and being sold into a life of servitude and bondage, simply because of the society you were born into, and its inherent misogyny. The west has to answer for these crimes against females; we are willing and able to put resources into causes that support our own interests, but where are we when it comes to the massive human-rights violation known as forced marriage of minor female children?

  18. It is very bad in south Sudan child married your father because you went cows to sell you girl life avoid that

  19. They have A different set of cultural practices. This is the way of life for these people. Let them live the way they chose don't be an elitist dictating your cultural superiority.

  20. This is very sad.  Nobody should ever be forced to marry.  And getting pregnant under the age of around 15 is very dangerous.

  21. its the culture its what the planet has to offer at this time at that spot. they dont have water and access to laptop computers and such, so things get rough. i think it will get better in 50 years or worse

  22. Stop trying to change people's cultures with your pathetic self righteousness. They have been around longer than your culture. Forced marriage is bad but if the people have been doing their thing for generations who you be to dictate to them now? You don’t even love or care about them or anyone out there in Africa. We all know that. You are just doing your career. No one loves Africans. So stop it because we can see through you.


  24. Man= Protector, provider, leader, strength & being brave. The men that are forcing this type of change to these little girls should not be considered men.
    Because he needs cattle he sits on his rump and force his beloved daughter to leave unwillingly with a man he or she doesn't no. What man, what father does that. I'd rather he still and sacrifice his own life instead of sacrificing a child. Get up and work, innovate and provide for your family, MEN. God bless you young girls & you young men also.
    Just my opinion

  25. How can people even have the audacity to like videos of this sort?
    This is abuse in every form!
    And how dare you people even condone something like this?
    I wish there is something that I could've done to change these preposterous cultures!

  26. i find this video very emotional with the black people and i just want to say i love allah and ALLAH LAK BAR

  27. Unbelievable, its my language and these girls are the victims of brutal rape from rebels, the girls say it themselves in this video. This is a complete lie. This is a begging tool. The girl with two old wounds to her hand, shoulder, and neck says a mortar hit their hut and killed most of her family. But they translate as a "child abuse".

    This is another white people crying to solicit people for money so they can swindle in their dubious and cunning ways of evil. How about you safe the rear ends of your little boys throughout the world, they need you more. Cry me a river.

    How about she stops feminism to safe their men from homosexuality? We know you build lavish mansions with the money you beg, distort, solicit, and generate in the name of our "15-19 girls getting married".

    In our culture that is legal age to be an adult, 15 years old us more than old. No barbie doll playing woman in here. Stop forcing us on your ways. Hell, in Arkansas, Alaska, Georgia, Arkansas, Utah, Alabama, Mississippi, USA, girls ages of 13-17 get married everyday all day.

  28. Yes, Culture (Traditions) and Religions that allow child marriages need to change that is why most countries struggle today because of lack of governmental support and education and opportunity for the women to become what God intended them to be and it is not slaves to men and girls are not property to men. But a gift from God and God gives you a heart and mind to know what is right and wrong. I agree with jemima pierre, until we as a human race say its wrong..these countries will continue to suffer because their traditions is wrong for humanity.

  29. When the value of a young girl's life in any society is no more than a few head of cattle they have lost the right to call themselves civilized, or even human for that matter.

  30. Does anybody know if they are talking about muslim or christian people here? I'm asking because just one fifth of South Sudan is Muslim and usually they're the ones who condone child marriage.

  31. Boers are criminals and are Africa's lords of crime, violence and rape. No matter what the presenter says she does not represent a force for good in Africa. We need a ban on Boers.

  32. I pray God will come soon n rescue women from Evil communities who is base in lust n control

  33. I'm southern Sudanese and it disgusts me that this is happening but it's getting better there is less and less child marriages now, but what disgusts me the most are these horrible comments "nuke them ?" Um excuse you that his my homeland and I know we have problems but they are getting resolved just have patience, calling these girls "ugly" and calling the culture horrible no we have a great culture just the men need to change their ways it is 2016 and there will be change but bashing the culture won't help.

  34. Lmao these males in this video think they're everything, but they ain't shit and plus they're ugly asf😂😂

  35. While we are on topic of South Sudan, how come western media does not cover what janjaweed and other Islamicist are doing, and have done to these people. What they don't want us Blacks living in the West to know is the violence they suffer at the hands of racist Arabs in their own continent. They just want you to know that they are poor and have cultural differences you aren't familiar with.

  36. ✋🏾✋🏾🚫😡👊🏾 Western black female are so privileged and they are here complaining how the woman March has done nothing for them is not right when you complain but can't help yourself people have to start taking responsibility for there action and stop blaming on others. instead of moving you forward, many grow with a mentality that they are being held back when in reality everyone had equals rights but unlike other minorities like Latinas and Asians who are immigrants of third world countries the blacks have a mentality and act as if slavery was last week so therefore they can't work and must be taken care of people need to wake and realize that life is not fair and country like South Sudan are being look past because of naive minded individuals can't say yea the man of South Sudan are the rapist and are the one torturing those young girls but instead many find them excuse ohhh they are not rapist or violating young girls they are doing that because of the white man or the Muslims nooooo! Stop finding people excuses and pointing them out for what they done not for a history that is irrelevant in today era.

  37. omg this old guy looks like bad person. I can see that in his eyes… I'm so sorry for this girls ( child ). It's too early to think about other person: new born baby. They need time to grow up for this for sex and children 😕

  38. They started such practices when they didn't have education the way we do now but now their is education and knowledge what's the excuse now. The fact that a girl is seen as property you know something wrong. So as such they are treated they sell them by force. These men abuse use and discard these girls like trash. It needs to stop just because it don't affect us because we live in a different part of the world don't mean it don't affect the human race as a whole when you get broken young girl and women they bring into existence the human race which means you will get broken children generations to come. whose innocence been stolen look at their eyes there is a saddest beyond words. Their purity is gone they are left with babies when they are babies they aren't give the money their families enjoy the dowrey

  39. I am from South Sudan, South Sudan has lots of tribes and the tribe i'm in don't do that. Since the war girls would of lot their mum and dad so sometimes they go and get them self married. Also when a girl and a boy in there 20s or 30s want to get married with each other they talk to each others family and they argee to it they get married. Then the men have to give a wedding gift and the wedding gift is the cow and gives it to the family and her.

  40. Whenever I hear femenazis moan and complain about western men I want to send them to sudan for a couple of years.

  41. here's the thing it's not a religious practice as much as it is a cultural practice love men from previous centuries who believe themselves to be the center of the universe and God's gift. all life matters no matter what gender you are

  42. Thing that irritates me is how the fuck can they keep a fly on they're face I'm from north Sudan and go they're on holidays but my god the flies are irritating.

  43. sir = case filed by my late father in 1992 = many cases = no relief = orders dated 27 nov 1992 & 13 april 1993 disobeyed = massive perjury & contempt by south delhi municipal corporation – exhausted all remedies in india = pray give justice = india

  44. sir – 30 million cases are pending in law courts in india – pray send human right inspectors to inspect law courts in india – india

  45. here's the thing. I think if we are to wake people up for the harms and dangers of child marriage we should stop calling a child marriage and start calling it slavery.

  46. I think elders who send away their children for marriage at a very young age are selfish…they are the ones who benefit from it. It has to be stopped. It is so sad to see that their future is exchanged for cows, money etc…

  47. Why does the UN classify 15 year olds as children? A 15 year old is not a child by any stretch of imagination, young and immature, but in any society 15 year olds do not fall into the category of children. Even in Europe 16 years olds can be married, and the UN is classifying 15 year olds as children in Africa.

  48. This is going too far. The government should act and arrest all those who beat up the girls, who wants to marry a young girl even the parents and the parents who sell their daughter off for money whether they like it or not and should be sentenced. And those girls that were the victims of hild marriage should be broght to a home and will be taught and will stay there until they finished school.

  49. As long as the Paris Climate Accord exist, these people will stay in poverty, and cannot receive the material they need to build shelters. So this will not end.

  50. I think another solution is to lock all those gridy adults (parents & selfish grooms) indefinitely in jail so that msg could be passed to others much clearly. They should be ashamed of themselves,even God/Allah they believe won't support such sin they're committing. Very sad 😢

  51. westerners need to keep their noses out of the business of other cultures.

    divorce laws favoring women, court systems favoring women, child support ect.

    anerican men dont even like american women. fix your own problems before entering other countries.

  52. man Traume eine standarde leben ohne krieg, gewalt, terror, hinrichtungen ohne gefängnissen, eine gesunde lebens haben,versuchen alles was man kann, aber für nicht sterben!Child Marriage: South Sudan https://youtu.be/qFP4au5WbMQ

  53. I’m a South Sudan. And what the lady is saying is true no man should be able to hit a women but yet again this is our culture we believe that women is a Women when she starts her period because it’s the way to understand your body is ready. And it goes deeper than it just being a cow. The cow is the main source of milk, clothes, meat, settlements,money etc if you say she is worth a cow your putting a dark massage behind it. My people are the Nuer people of South Sudan. Let’s say a women is a good cook and she is smart and she can take care of you she is worth a lot of cows(money). Like if she is this and much more she could be worth 25,000/40,000(USD) and that’s a lot of money transferred to Sudanese pounds. And it also goes to males as well. He most me able to take care of the family and be able to hold knowledge in his head, and proved good care for his family. And this kinda sounds like some white nonsense our culture is your culture BS. Like we been surviving long before y’all came around so why the change now and let’s not forget y’all married y’all cousins that nasty and wrong and beat your wife’s too don’t play good culture with me

  54. I don't understand why anyone would attempt to marry a child, or adult relationship this is unthinkable, children are not capable of Romantic Relationships, they cannot process a adult conversations, cannot process adult Relationships, or lifestyles

    They are children and function as children, they are being placed, and forced in adult Relationship situations, and they cannot process nor understand it until they are Adults.

    Nothing about a child is ever mentally, or physically capable of handling a Romantic Relationships, Physical Relationships, Mentality handling Adult Relationships, and Lifestyles and financial matters.

    Child cannot understand Deeper Matters of the Hearts Deep involved Love connections etc.

    So it baffles me to think any man would be interested in a relationship with a child.

    Why not choose to MARRY an ADULT Woman who has (matured in MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT), INTELLIGENCE….

    I could NEVER, EVER be attracted to a child.

    I LOVE ROMANCE, great conversations, etc.

    Children need to be focused on getting their early childhood education, and growing up around other children and playing with other children.

    I cannot fathom why any man would be interested in a Child as a Bride.

    A child could NEVER Appreciate Romance, Love Poems, a Dinning, dinner date, a enthralling Romance, and adult conversations etc.

    Really! marry a child this makes No sense to me, and is Very Distressing and Disturbing.

    Jason Sandifer,

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