COLMI P8 – Smartwatch Unboxing, Review and Setup (with Subtitle)

COLMI P8 – Smartwatch Unboxing, Review and Setup (with Subtitle)

Hi guys, welcome back to channel
freddyUs this is the latest type Colmi P8 smartwatch white packaging looks like GTS design later we will see what are the advantages and
its shortcomings at the bottom there are specifications on the back of info about the smartwatch we just open it immediately For you who are attending for the first time
this channel can activate subtitles I provide in several languages Subscribe can also be helped And light the bell so you don’t miss it
the latest video from me Inside the package there is a user manual using the DA Fit app then there’s a charger, still flops model
not yet magnetized like the smartwatch the design is black color box with the button on the right edge the display is still 1.4 inch HD 2.5D curve glass the watchface display is similar to GTS It has a touchscreen and a very responsive screen
his not slow as long as I type Colmi is good for sensitivity
the touch screen we see the features, first there are steps heart rate sleep data and … that’s all let’s look at another part we swipe down there is a shortcut menu Flashlight, DND, Weather, Brightness, settings and screen locked So, the cool part we swipe up there again menu steps, just like before message sleep data in this health
there is a blood pressure feature heart rate and blood oxygen then there is the training mode This is a lot of exercise choices one of them looks like this there is weather music control brightness remote camera stopwatch and flashlight apparently many features to change the watchface touch and hold there are 3 watchface options for the case material from Alloy the back of plastic there is a heart rate sensor and charger connector IPX7 is also waterproof the diameter is also not big suitable for my small hands the width is 36.4 mm 43mm height and 10.8 mm thick strap material from silicone with a width of 20mm strap can be replaced with other models for stainless steel buckles when used in my small hands
quite fitting not too big remembered like Colmi Cy7 pro ever
I review for very responsive auto wake up screens
his battery capacity of 170 mah battery life can be 1 weekly ok, now we download the app in palystore we fill in the biodata first then we pair,
add device yeah this looks like when connected we see the first watchface the first is we can change and choose
photo we can choose the bottom
to use another watchface so many watch faces which one do you like? I choose the analog one
and we download it In total there are 84 WatchFaces here we can enable notifications
will be connected to the smartwatch there is an alarm cool in the blood pressure data display
and blood oxygen in my opinion this Colmi P8 smartwatch is very
recommended for you to have the features are very complete, simple design diameter is not large already full touchscreen screen sensitivity is very good the application is cool,
different from other apps long enough battery life can be 1
weekly and the important thing is the price is cheap guys .. or at an outdoor olshop around $ 24 Ok, Hopefully this video can be useful and be
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can also ask in the Comments I’m Freddy, thanks for watching And see you next video

14 Replies to “COLMI P8 – Smartwatch Unboxing, Review and Setup (with Subtitle)”

  1. Baterai life nya semingguan tapi klo di koneck kan ke hp seharian apa masih sanggup 2 hari bang,?
    Biasanya klo koneck hp seharian agak boros.

  2. Saran aja bang, tiap bahas apps nya misal bahas watchface nya itu sambil ditunjukin jg efeknya di smartwatchnya. 👍🏻

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