Cops Show Up To Birthday Party When Boy’s Friends Didn’t

Cops Show Up To Birthday Party When Boy’s Friends Didn’t

Glenn Buratti in Florida is a six-year-old
who wanted to celebrate his sixth birthday with some of his classmates but unfortunately
his peers did not show up to his birthday party in fact when his mother sent out the
invitations no one RSVP’d but she was hoping that hey maybe someone or some people will
show up and help to celebrate my six-year-old’s birthday when they didn’t show up she was
absolutely heartbroken about it here’s what she had to say from the minute we from the
minute he woke up that day meaning the day of his birthday party he wanted to know how
many minutes until his friends came none of the kids’ parents RSVP’d but I was still holding
on to the hope that some of them would show up it never crossed my mind that it would
be zero so obviously her heart was broken and she went on to the community’s Facebook
page to write about it and vent out it and she told everyone that her heart was breaking
well that was when something super sweet happened apparently the local police department sent
over a helicopter to fly over his birthday party a bunch of strangers showed up with
their kids help him celebrate his birthday and apparently the cops also showed up a few
days later with a squad car motorcycles a SWAT vehicle and for Glenn to check out all
of those stuff there was even a fire truck and so the community came together to celebrate
his birthday so it wouldn’t be ruined by the fact that no one showed up so when I was first
reading this story and I saw that none of the kids showed up especially cause he waiting
anticipation I nearly teared up and so and I love the mom and she was saying it might
be something silly to rant about but my heart is breaking for my son I love her I love her
I love that put that message out there and tried to and then when the cops showed up
I was like oh no please don’t shoot him like I got a mild heart attack because like and
then the cops showed up over it with a helicopter I’m like oh no don’t spray the place oh no
and now of course it turns out that they did something terrific here they even pooled their
money together to buy him gifts the cops did and then the neighbors started showing up
with their own gifts not just their kids one woman bought him a bike a whole bike OK that’s
awesome I’m not that generous I would have bought him just like a steering wheel or a
bell I’m not surprised about that OK no but look in this day and age when anything on
the internet usually ends up disastrously it’s so good to know that there are great
humans out there who want to come together and do great things for others I’m so jaded
by some of the reactions I’ve seen online especially over the last year when it comes
to issues regarding domestic violence and rape MRA movements and things like that and
it’s just good to know that there are good people out there that want to look out for
their fellow man they don’t make every issue political they don’t see themselves as out
to get other people it makes me feel so good and honestly this story me tear up I love
it yeah and he apparently had the time of his life he’s still talking about it to this
day apparently and so I just wish we did it more often got together to celebrate something
and make somebody feel good and it’s cops in Florida that did this a feel good story
out of Florida involving the police yah

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  1. "In this day in age, when anything on the internet usually ends up disastrously.  It's so good to know that there are great humans out there, who want to come together and do great things for others.  I'm so jaded by some of the reactions i've seen online, especially over the last year when it comes to issues such as domestic violence and rape and MRA movements and things like that.  And it's good to know that there are good people out there who want to look after their fellow man, they don't want to make every issue political, they don't see themselves as out to get other people"
    I love how she had to get that jab in at the MRA movement during this story. She lumps the MRA  (men's right's activists) movement in with domestic violence and rape and classifies them as "out to get other people" and says they "make every issue political" all while insinuating they're not good people.   As opposed to feminism that doesn't make every issue political and isn't out to get other people?  You fucking deluded bitch.  YOU CLASSIFY as a person that makes every issue political and is out to get people, and not to mention that's the forte of the feminist movement.  The MRA movement is tame compared to the ferocious lions on the other side in the feminist movement.

  2. Its clear just how much we crave a community where police are peacemakers and we can tear up in happiness over cops! We all really want that but we cant accept it until they are revolutionized.

  3. Not all cops are bad Cenk. When I was 17 years old I was homeless. I was sleeping one night in the baseball dugouts at the high school I dropped out from. I was woken up by a San Jose, Ca. Police Officer. He asked me what I was doing here and I told him my story. He then took out his wallet and gave me 20 dollars and told me to get something to eat and then he left. True Story.

  4. Because cheering up one white kid make up for years of maiming and killing black and Latino children, right TYT?

  5. The cops later arrested the boy, and executed the parents because the boy beat them at Parcheesi and put it on youtube.

  6. I was apart of a similar situation (minus the cops) and it was super rewarding. I worked with a socially awkward girl (although pretty) who was having a birthday party at her parents house. She only invited everyone at work because she had no other friends. I knew from hearing them talk that nobody was coming. I wasn't even going. Later that night she texted me to say the pizzas were delivered. I knew how bad she was gonna feel. So I grabbed and begged like 7 or 8 of my friends and stormed her house all at once. She was so surprised and didn't even question or care that she knew not one of them. Later after learning I was the only person she actually knew, her mother walked up to me and gave me a hug and thank you. She ended up making friends with a few of mine so it was nice in the long run too.

  7. Jesus christ why are people so entitled and narcissistic these days? Moron parent gets on facebook because her sons a loser and feels important enough to demand people come then gets outraged if they don't? You're not important.

    Seriously is anyone else seeing a problem in and with the growing number of mindsets like this? Or am I the only intelligent person in this country?

  8. So if a kid without autism has a birthday party and nobody shows up, not news? If the police had to fly over and create enormous media soliciting events at the taxpayers expense every time a kid has a shitty birthday experience, I would imagine there would be another "not-so-feel-good" type of report.

    It's a feelgood story, it's also nonsensical.

  9. Yeah, maybe the parents who were supposed to RSVP didn't know the boy so they just dismissed it. God forbid. And maybe some of them simply already had plans. But, how awesome is it that the cops and community would still partake in a celebration and try to make this boy feel cool and special. Truly an uplifting story.

  10. i bet the kid is not black or hispanic bcz they will use a flash granade and claim the kid have is with the sinaloa cartel

  11. They are 6 my parents would never let me go to a strangers house when i was 6 and got invited to friends birthday partys.

  12. Bullying culture at its finest… what sort of wankish parents would do this.. we should find out the name of the school and shame the parents of the classmates….

    man its a shame….. effed up classmates…. so wrong.. just so wrong…

    On another note..I guess this is where all the 'good' cops are…  the other day a kid was arrested for making an officer look silly playing basketball..

    America.. u need help…

  13. I only read the first few words of the video title and i thought that this was gonna be another exsisive force case

  14. Is she an idiot?I mean do not get your sons hopes up if no one rsvp,make other plans for him to have a good birthday.I mean its nice that people did come in the end but to go on social media about it seems weird to me.How does she not know that maybe the other kids do not know this child that well or who his friends are?

  15. thats fuckin awsome its soooo nice to know that all cops arent bad people thank you turks for this story it made my heart smile

  16. i bet everyone who didnt show up was like "FUCK, mom why didnt you take me to billys party!?!?! they had a fucking helicopter! "

  17. Too fuckin bad. No one showed up to mine, my mom didnt give a shit so i didnt. I still got presents n ate cake. Thats the way this shit should happen

  18. 2:38 domestic violence rape and MRA, she makes equivalency between MRA and rape really? so they are basically the same thing in her mind correct?

  19. Same happened to me over and over again while growing up. I never officially had a 'birthday party' like the other kids in class had because no one ever showed up. Even if I tried having my party at someplace cool like Chuck e Cheese or some other place. None ever really wanted to be associated with me either. Pretty much just went through school all alone and with with no friends, the school's outcast, for my whole life. 
    So, in general, birthdays suck and school definitely sucks. Great for those people really making that kids day. They are all awesome.

  20. I had twins.  In elementary school, one twin was more outgoing than the other.  They each had invitations to pass out to friends from school.  The outgoing twin had 7 kids show up, the quieter twin had zero.   We were able to recoup because some people came, and we had enough gifts for the quieter twin that they each got the same number of gifts.

  21. In Florida cops are okay but in other countries they kill people and kill people's dog omg cops these days they think they run the shit! Poor dog was on the ground after he got shot if you want to watch look up -guys dog gets shot by cops the one with the African amarican omg I was crying !😢

  22. I don't ever leave comments as not be one who par takes in the petty arguments most youtubers/followers have with each other. But this story is so heart warming. I'm a resident and native of Florida. I hate most of the cops I have encounters with here because I'm treated as a second class citizen because I'm a man of color. But weather the child was white, black, brown, or blue, this is such a beautiful coverage and I hope he and his family had a wonderful day. Thank you TYT for giving us the real news we need to hear. The good, the bad, and everything in between.

  23. There have been many good things that police have done, but no one says anything about it. Recently, Officer Ben Hall of Emmett Township, Michigan, pulled a car over for a traffic violation of not having a child car seat. Alexis DeLorenzo, explained that she couldn't afford one, so instead of a ticket, he bought her a car seat. There are many more stories like this where police officers give of their time, money and themselves to complete strangers, but these stories never are covered by a biased and sensationalist media.

  24. im guessin yall 73 are the 16 of the parents and relatives of the kids from school who didn't showed up to the party . if yall reading this fuck you all .and shame in you
    . hope u never go thru something like that. who am i kiddin .karma for y'all fuck faces

  25. So SWEET… but poor kid!! Even with all the making up for it awesomeness, there is STILL the fact that his entire school rejected him like that, ostracized him to the point that they were like "don't even want free cake and party games". And the poor sweet child was saying "my friends" because he did not realize. THAT is the worst part here. I just hope things get better for him at school.

  26. this happened at my neice's 6th birthday too, no joke. My neice was was just doing her thing, and had fun, but my sister ( her mom) was absolutely devastated.

  27. You know your country is fucked when you hear a story about this and you think immediately that somebody has just been shot

  28. I wld had gone crazy happy if as a kid i got the same surprise he got😊😊 the other kids must of been super jelly for missing out on the great bday party..

  29. maybe the parents should TEACH their kid how to make friends, or at least, how to recognize potential friends. or even to recognize whether someone is a friend or not.

  30. oh my gosh, i teard up and i feel so emotional right now…and thank heavens the cops did what everyone told us the cops are, community members…family, protectors. so happy

  31. Their coverage of this story seems fake. They don’t care nor do they share the emotion this story brings to your heart. All an act.

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