Couples Play Fear Pong (Elissa & Peter vs. Casey & Jarvis) | Fear Pong | Cut

Couples Play Fear Pong (Elissa & Peter vs. Casey & Jarvis) | Fear Pong | Cut

– Google. (click) – Lotion. – Shh Shh. – Boobs come out. (laughs) – Shaft comes out. – Oh! (grunts) (laughter) – That was great. “Hey, babe, whatcha doing?” – No, no, no! (laughter) – Damn, that’s gonna be on YouTube, right? (opera music) – Hey! – Hi! – What up? – I’m Casey. – I’m Jarvis, Jar-D. – Alisa. – And Peter. – How long have you guys been together? – We’ve been together
12 years, married 10. – We’ve been together for how long? – Six years. – There you go. (laughter) – This is a test? (laughter) – I’m a ringer. I actually play beer
pong professionally, so. – [Jarvis] Oof! – I know what’s wrong. I’ll fix this. – Oh my god! – You see, no– (screams) – “Dance any style your opponents call out for the next two minutes.” – Yeah. – You guys are, no he’s a dancer– – Shh! – [Alisa] Oh, really? – Not really. – Stop acting like you’re not! (laughter and clapping) His name is Dancin’ Ass Jarv. – See, you just, come on. Woo. – The floss. Give it up! – Next up The Carleton. – Aye! – Yeah! – Elephants mating! (laughter) – What the, I mean what do you? (laughs) What the? – Do The Robot! Very good, yeah. Look at this guy! – Damn! – Chicken laying an egg. (sings “The Chicken Dance”) – Ugh. (laughter) – Aye! (laughs) Woo! – Okay, you guys let’s get serious. – Never for the games. (laughs) – You scared, huh? (Alisa moans) Eyes closed. Oh! – Yup. – Let’s see them muscles work! (screaming) – Y’all see that? You saw that, I want angles. – “Play your partner’s belly like a drum. Slap out a beat until your
opponents guess the tune.” – Phew. No melodies, this is gonna be hard. – I’m gonna be honest, I don’t
know what the fuck that is. (laughter) – What the! – You come do this. You slap on his stomach. (laughs) – This isn’t going to be weird. – Okay. – Busta Rhymes? – Bam! (Peter groans) (laughs) – What song? – Put all your hands where my eyes can see – Ooh, ah! – Straight buckwildin’ in the place to be – There you go! – Damn! – The first one was “I just
called to say ‘I love you’.” – So close, oh! That was the same cup,
so you gotta drink that. – So I gotta drink that one. (Jarvis laughs) (flamenco music) – Yes! – (laughing) “Describe the
last time you masturbated while your partner reenacts
your every description.” – Aw, yeah! – Kids, do you want to
go outside for a minute? – Come into the bathroom
with my laptop in hand. I put my laptop on the sink, bang bang! I look around for the tissue. There you go, wrap it up. Put that on top of the laptop. (laughter) Google. – That’s the one. – Lotion. – Shh shh. – I gotta fast-forward it
’cause they got bad acting. Boobs come out. Shaft comes out. Finale. (grunts and moans) Reach for the tissue. – Alright. Cleaned up! – Then I close my laptop– – Close my laptop. – In disgust. – That was great. “Hey, babe, whatcha doing?” – No, no, no! – He’s gonna make it, right here. (screaming) – Dump a scoop of ice
cream down your pants for every year you’ve been together. – Woo, cold balls. – Holy, um. I’m gonna drink this one. – No. – Yes! – Boom! – “Let your opponents make you a chastity belt out of duct tape. Wear it for the rest of the game.” – Where’s the duct tape? Bring it on. – I need to go around the waist to start. – This is the weirdest
shit I’ve ever done. – I got you. (tape ripping) – What is going on there? – Ugh! – Excuse me, sorry! (tape ripping) – Alright. And then, I’m sorry I hope you guys have extra balls, ’cause. – Here we are. – This shit hurts. – Let’s win this game, man, damn it. Look at me, shit. – [Together] Woo! – Yes! (Jarvis and Casey groan) – She knows what she’s doing. Come on, babe. – Yes! – I’m the champion! And I ain’t got no pants on. – (laughs) Oh my god. “Call your parents and describe in graphic detail the last time you had sex on speakerphone.” (gasps) – Oh! (laughs) – Woo, my mom’s cool, but not
cool enough for this shit. – She’s cool! – Give me your phone. – I don’t have my phone. Really? – Yeah. Do it! – Alright. (answering machine responds) – Oh! – Now you gotta leave a voicemail. (answering machine beeps) – Mom, it’s Alisa. Last time, when Peter and I had sex, we were naked in bed early in the morning. And he told me to turn over, (laughs) and then he stuck it in me. (laughs) And he goes, “This is a
teaser. You get it tonight.” (laughter) That was it. – The worst part is we didn’t
get it that night because– – No, no, no! You don’t have to say anything more! That’s it! I left a message! (laughs) – How do you guys keep things spicy? Because 10 years is a long time. – Uh– – [Jarvis] There you go. – We jumped off a plane together. – Yeah, for our 10 year anniversary we jumped out of an airplane. We renewed our vows at Burning Man. We had a bachelor/bachelorette party in the Orgy Dome at Burning Man. It just keeps things different. – Alrighty. – Okay. – That’s your advice. – Damn. – I just, I want to show your thighs. – My thighs all out. – Yes! – Take it down. – Whoa! – “Glue a beard to your face
using your partners’ hair.” We have to cut her hair
and glue it onto my face? (laughs) – Ooh! – I’ve always wanted to do this. – [Casey] That’s love! (laughs) – [Jarvis] Ooh! – Don’t worry, we’ll even it out later. – Alright, here we go. (laughs) – Yeah. – [Alisa] Oh my god. – You want me to take
you home right now, huh? (Jarvis and Casey laugh) – Kiss! – It’s like this. – Ain’t gonna lie, that
shit looks pretty gross. – God! – Balls. – Woo! (Alisa grunts) – [Casey] Oh. – For real? – Oh, balls. (all groan) – I should drink. (laughs) (speaks Cantonese) – Dude, she just basically said something really bad in Chinese. (laughter) – Do you speak– – Cantonese? – Yeah. – (responds in Cantonese) – Wow! – He’s an egg. White on the outside,
yellow on the inside. (laughs) – Damn! – How the fuck! (Peter and Alisa clapping) Hold on, we cannot lose this shit! What the! “Call up your partner’s best friend and ask them to have
a threesome with you.” – I think if we call (beep), that would be hella funny, though. – Fuck, no! – Who should we call, then? – Man. (laughs) – Okay, we’re gonna call my best friend. Let’s see if this hoochie
answers her phone. – Oh, shit! (laughs) Would you have a threesome
with me and Jarv? (laughter) – Thanks, Katie, thanks for that. (screams) – “Swap outfits with your partner?” I won’t fit, well actually. No, this’ll be easy. Bow chicka wow wow. (laughter) – Scoot over. – Okay. (screams) (air horn blows) – Good game, good game. – No! (laughs) – I’m a sore loser! – Aye! (cheering) – What is this? – “Beer pong.” – Bam. – The other way, babe! – Oh, my bad. No, it’s the same shit! – This way. – Oh, okay. – Hell yeah. – Hell yeah!

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  1. Okay but y’all know Peter told his wife Elissa all about those missed hi-5’s, and then they went home and watched the missed hi-5’s together.

  2. Love how Everytime the couple on the left, when the man trys to give his wife a high five she's just straight up doing something else and ignoring him 🤣🤣🤣👍

  3. The funny thing is he tried to high five her and she ain't even know. Then he tried to play it off 😅.

  4. 0:60 aaahnw por guy…. he just want to give a high five … but nope she is not looking so he just deside to clap his hands🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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