CPAC Anti-Gay Responses to Rob Portman Gay Marriage Flip-Flop

CPAC Anti-Gay Responses to Rob Portman Gay Marriage Flip-Flop

c_ pac over the weekend some individuals
at c_ pac or aspect think progress responded to republican rob portman
saying you know my son is gay and i’m now for
equality it did not go very well dorsal stake a
listen to this incredibles seven republican senator rod players dirac vice presidential finalist in favor of same sex marriage what’s your reaction harmonics pastor of a job like george reportedly
would be happy to hear the p_r_i_ agreement to the next one just because something like that hits home i don’t know plot changers democracy means some police experience which resignations i don’t get mandela rob portman is a
republican he endorses gave mary first of all it’s a uh… complete read and seen a call something
they would use it marriages cheerleader because marriages two different thing dot how do you have eighty eight marriage of two things fingerprints on it piece of his own sons tensions belmont if you drop workmen’s all that his son is gay this is another layer this is not this is listen not only is being gay eight joyce it’s a choice that is determined by the
foot by the parrot making a mistake interest brought for is responsible four the detroit good bad choice they decided to
cite it in eighteen months to face kiss and bad peanut butter finally were
continue finance and banking family and stop decent justification i
mean you know that i was really insists on scary this guy there talking to you now
is on the phone during the interview and by the way through the comments say
the guy speaking right now is incredibly offended and appears to be gay himself
but when responding to the question he’s he’s taking a phone call it’s a very weird scene over its eat at
least colin savings and it’s uh… paint store owner a m decade became dictator so i mean you
know that’s fine buttoning still i mean happened diminish the retreat but
dominate each other disabled that i think so held justice the justification seems to be business
how how how do you outfitting in the defense of c pack it
actually does it seem like this is the broader opinion it’s deepak because
there were some opponents of gay rights who spoke at sea back in the rooms like
almost empty and they had some supporters saying you
know the republican party has to now be in favor of a quality and there were a
lot of people in that room maybe they were protesting i don’t know but it
seems like this hopefully is not the normalcy back out on a yes uh… strange it has been a is alright out

95 Replies to “CPAC Anti-Gay Responses to Rob Portman Gay Marriage Flip-Flop”

  1. I've been in contact with some gay people throughout my life and it's amazing that it hasn't rubbed off on me and my wife. Lol

  2. who cares what old ass shits think? they were probably cheering when blacks were blasted with fire hoses when they were young.

  3. Still nothing about the Steubenville's trial and the infamous CNN's coverage?? Wow so very telling about you prorities.

  4. David is right about the guy on the phone – my gay friends told me over the weekend that the Navy Chaplain pings their gaydar.

  5. To these stupid people: Die, die go away we won't see you again one day! (BTW: There is no heaven or afterlife)

  6. And this people were supposed to be the "radical" Baby Boomers of of the 1960s? I hope our generation remains socially liberal.

  7. I've always suspected that those idiots in the tri-cornered hats were assholes. After listening to this one, I'm sure of it.

  8. Just the way the guy in pirate hat says gaaaayyy tells me he is a bigot. You can tell he feels dirty just saying it.

  9. Radical is a relative term. Look at the social mores of the 1940's, listens to the music of the 40's. Basically, pray god before every meal, don't eat meat a month before easter, if you listen to jazz you are a radical young brat because jazz is the music of the devil. Get children, 1 every years, from 15 y.o. until death.
    And, than in the 60's you got these guys who smoke pot, listen to Santana, have the pill so they fuck as they want, and study until they are 30. It was easy to be "radical".

  10. I don't see how that makes sense lol. I mean if anything the "libtards" are trying to create more unity not division. I mean its just like back in the day when liberals fought to allow blacks and whites to marry. Seems more inclusive to me, and resisting that would create more division.

  11. I'd rather the republican party just become irrelevant than have them successfully convince people that they changed for the better when we know they really won't

  12. I have had some gay neighbors and they are fine people. I can't imagine anyone would choose to be gay considering the violence and prejudice that they face from Republican Christian neighbors.I think that their brains must be wired to be be gay so it is not their choice but a situation of their birth. So why pick on the gays? Let them be and accept them as equal human beings.

  13. Libtards are doing everything in there power to create division. Just watch mainstream media, they pit blacks against whites, atheists against christians, gays against christians, immigrants against americans. It will become clear that they have no interest in any sort of unity. Half their articles are an attempt to create friction between Americans, that's why most people don't watch it anymore.

  14. I'm surprised (and glad) my grandmother isn't in here. If you even say gay around her, she spews obscenities… Wish I could cut that branch off my family tree.

  15. As a gay atheist, I don't need the media to be against Christians. When Christians threaten, demean, and taunt you…. It's pretty clear where the adversarial feelings come from. Did it ever occur to you that driving force for the media is what people are interested in because it affects them…. If conservatives did do anything to offend the groups you are talking about there is reason for people like me to care. Im not saying its you personally, but you keep some damn mean company.

  16. And black feathers ondulating sweeshily on his rugged perfumed handsome face! Ou la la! Pirate my eye! This guy is a backdoor raider!

  17. There are more old people than ever and we are living longer. Believe me the older and stupider we get, the more bigoted conservative bastards there will be!

  18. What these folks refuse to contemplate is that, as an American, you can disprove of someone's life style. The Constitution does not say you have to like anyone, let them into your church, your home, or say nice things about them.

    However, that does not mean you get to abridge their rights of citizenship.

    “Equality Before the Law” is so important a cornerstone of the Republic that it can not stand without it.

    Yet, these "patriots" would rip that stone out first.

  19. No Marriage isn't a right guaranteed by the Constitution,

    But, having a contract enforced under law is, The Equal Protection Clause.

    Since, as evidenced by the need to obtain a license to marry, laws restricting who might marry, and divorce being a civil legal process, it is clear that for the purposes of law marriage is a civil contract.

    Therefore, forbidding people to engage in a civil contract because you don't approve would be a violation of the Constitution.


  20. Nobody is being denied marriage, it just has to be between a man and a woman according to definition. By what you are saying then why can't people marry their cousin, sister, or have multiple partners? So nobody is being denied marriage, we have a definitions for a reason.

  21. Yes, people are being denied the right to marry, its just a type of marriage you disapprove of so you refuse to recognize it as such.

    There have been times and places in this country were people of different races and different religions were denied the right to marry. This is no different.

    The state has an interest in preventing incestuous marriage or polygamy. The states only interest in baring gay marriage is bias, and that is not the purpose of the Law.

    Welcome to the 21st century.

  22. Marriages of different race and religions are legal as long as they are between a man and woman. And so, there is a reason why polygamy and incestuous are illegal but when it comes to gay marriage it is bias? Who are you to decide. There are great reasons why gay marriage is illegal. Our society would be affected in many ways and we have laws and standards for a reason. Laws are there to prevent chaos. I am not oppose to gay marriage, I just see potential problems.

    Welcome to the 21st century.

  23. That arsehole dressed as a revolutionary soldier always appears at these wingnut gatherings. When Chase Whiteside interviewed him a few years back, he basically said that he wanted to fuck Sarah Palin.

  24. How many black/arab Americans are homophobic, how is that any different to racism? We're all the same. Singling out white people as racist is hurtful & unfair, especially when almost everybody if not all the people in that room are religious, probably more religious people than white people. Instead of relying purely on sight why don't you think about instead of blindly projecting.

  25. The people who are most against gays always turn out to be gay !What planet are these people from??? And they think Atheists are hateful !

  26. Hey Republicans (who think like this). I hate you. And that doesnt mean I secretly am a Republican. You really are awful people.

  27. Speaking as a gay man… part of me actually hopes that Republicans DON'T change their view on marriage equality. Sincerely. Society will continue to progress on this issue, with or without the Reps and their 19th-century mentality. Let them keep shooting themselves in the foot. And hopefully, that will have a significant effect in future elections.

  28. I know I've blown up over one small comment but it's becoming a lazy stereotype, which just leads to more discrimination. You can find stats that indicate black people aren't as intelligent as other races, science & common sense state otherwise, it would be hurtful & silly to say anything else when in both cases there's so much evidence to the contrary. Of course it's fine to say they are white racists but it seems like people really feel they're racist because they're white, it's upsetting.

  29. "A marriage of two different things"? So according to that Republican, a man marrying a goldfish is perfectly normal!

  30. not to sound too simplistic, but i can't wait for the older generation to die out. the vast majority of homophobes and ignoramuses are middle aged, flag-waving, religious nuts.

  31. Liberals try to bring people together. It's idiots like you who are dividing us up.

    Furthermore, the country is on our side of the gay marriage issue, so move the fuck on. You lost.

  32. Nope, l1btardism is dependent on playing some kind of victim mentality against majority. once that disappears there's nothing left of the failed ideology.

  33. This doesn't automatically earn him my respect.

    The guy was perfectly willing to ignore the Constitutionally-guaranteed equal rights of *other* people, right up until the point when it's suddenly him or someone he cares about being affected by the bigotry that he only a moment prior endorsed.

    Granted, he *could've* disowned his kid (quite common), and a liberal change of heart often accompanies an intimate epiphanic understanding of a social issue… but this is tainted with self-interest.

  34. Keep thinking that, asshat. Trolls like you are simply evidence of a dying breed of inbred hicks who would sooner pick up a Bible than a science book. The more you open your mouth, the more people will back away from your bullshit.

  35. I'd definitely pick up a bible over the propaganda you clowns are spewing for your political agenda. Lol, social concept, fools.

  36. Could you direct him in different styles of books he should read? Because, an idiot like him will try to read the bible or something like Charlie Brown…. Which will not be really educative.

  37. 1st of all, you got to respect people by using how they called themselves: they call themselves liberals or progressives, not libtards.
    2nd: it's not the liberals that pits blacks against white, atheist against Christian, or Shawn Michael vs Brett Hart – it's a marketing strategy that works really well in USA because American like confrontational competition. Just look at the rating of any martial art show&compare them to any dance show. Politician are not stupid, they need some market shares.

  38. Respect is earned, I don't feel like liberals deserve any respect.

    Your 2nd opinion is just flat out retarded.

  39. Respect is earned – That does not mean you have to act like a dick with everyone who did not earn their badges. And since you do act like one, well, you prove your are one! Congratulation! Dick!

    And my opinion is not retarded: it's really the media and politician that are playing marketing games to earn more market shares. It's called marketing warfare strategies, they are book written about that. If you fail to see that, you did not understand anything about the media or your life.

  40. This is how I deal with l1btards, I don't expect any kind of rational conversation or anything besides a cry about foxnews and bigotry, you are like children that slap out of the way and go on.

  41. These people are whacked! They are the "mind" of the GOP? Alzheimer's running out country? God forbid these loons take the Senate and White House!

  42. lmao Those old people who were interviewed were complete MORONS….it's not even because of their "old fashioned values"; they're just plain stupid.

  43. Then that was your first mistake.

    Never trust an uninformed opinion.

    Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to block a troll's account (yours).

  44. The most horrific news i can think of is my son coming to me with ´´ im gay´´ that's basically him saying im going to take dick in my mouth for the rest of my life …i rather have death

  45. I lived with my lover for over 10 years. He cheated on me and I cheated on him. Today I'm married God's way. My wife and I share the good news that Jesus can set you FREE from any sin and that includes the sin of homosexuality. I know that most people hate to hear the truth of God's word so they create their own god, however, there is ONLY one God and ONLY one way to heaven.
    I USED TO BE ADDICTED TO MEN, BUT 7 YEARS AGO JESUS SET ME FREE! (YouTube video) I have had NO ex-gay therapy!

  46. @xgaygreg What a load of shit. You've obviously made that account to spread that tripe of yours around the internet. You can NOT change your sexual orientation; do you think straight people can just wake up one morning and stop be attracted to the opposite sex? No. Take your bigoted views elsewhere, society will move on without you.


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