Ah, good day everyone! So.. I’m here with the girls. So we’re at Target, which is a very exciting excursion. Lizzie: Oh so exciting! I’m letting them out of the house today. And umm.. We’re gonna go find some games. I think it’s down here actually.. Oh she’s.. Lizzie: Wow, beads! Dad, can I have one please? Lizzie: Can I have it? oh my god….sure Lizzie: This one Kinetic sand! Oh my gosh! I feel like they have a lot of really good video ideas here and stuff. You guys don’t have target though. Both of the girls: No. Back in your home town you ain’t got that. But Tiffany’s coming over tonight and we’re gonna have a game night. *laughing* Wait! Lucy: Do you think it would fit? It actually probably would. *laughs* Lucy: Maybe I want to be.. Ooh a cow girl look. Lucy: I like that one. Lizze, I actually think you could fit into these. Lucy: You could..! Lucy: That’s the scary part of it. Oh my god. Wow. You have your Halloween costume for this year. *laughing* But, we wanna get more board games and stuff for tonight. Uh, and lots of other goodie goodie gumdrops. What are you guys freaking out about? Lizzie: There’s a shopping cart going up the escalator Lucy: What is it doing! *laughing* *Laughs* Magic! Welcome to America. One of the girls: Again, again! *More laughs* Again, again. Do you guys want to sit in it going up? *Laughs* I think that would be dangerous, Joey. It would be dangerous but it’d make for a really good vlog. So A really good fail video. This is so crazy they have Youtubers…. Uhh…minecraft shirts.. They have Sky, they have diamond minecarts. They have him. Jerome Captain Sparklez! Oh my gosh! Where are ours guys? We’re looking real hard..! And they don’t have it. I’m real disappointed.. I don’t get it. Alright. Lizzie, is about to fulfill her dreams. Of pushing it down. Watch you like break it. Keep OH MY GOD I thought you were gonna go with it! *Laughs* She’s like, standing in there with it. You would die. Lizzie: My baby.. OH MY GOD imagine if someone put their baby in there! Lucy: Oh no! The baby’s just like in there. Like “Hi baby, how you doing?” That’d be so bad. But so funny at the same time! Ok, so I want to do a video with um, of British girls trying American cereal. So I’m about to get a bunch of these cereals. And we’re gonna try them all together! I think I’m gonna get some that I’ve never tried too, um, just because. It’ll add to the fun of the surprise! Let’s do it! yes! a 10 was rolled, um,
so we are here playing settlers of catan Guess who’s here Hey guys, ohmygod! Your hairs matching your shirt Did you guys plan that? We always do! Always matching! I was telling Tiff that basically if you want to be a cool gamer girl you have to Die you hair at least pink or purple So I think I’m next cause I wanna be the next big gamer girl! I don’t know. I kinda would wanna do like a purple or a green! Yeah Something like that Exactly *gasp* Teallllll! I like it! What do you guys think? Shall I dye my hair? I think I’m actually gonna do it this year! You Should! Really!? Yeah. Awesome, hmm You should do it. Anyways we’re playing this settlers of Catan. A ten was just rolled? yeah I think that’s wood right? No, that’s brick So I get a brickle shoot! Umm, let me show you guys my cards this is what im working with Oh my god, guess what i can build?! I can build a nice roadylin um So the point of the game is to get ten points. and I’m building roads and building
house and getting resources kinda like MInecraft, But not really at ALL! um, so This is exciting! You’re in the lead so far am I? Yes you’ve got two victory points I have three actually 3 victory points! wowwwww. Yeah, whatever, it’s no big deal *hairflip* So the game is just starting We’re all friends still. We’ll see what happens We might kill eachother and uh I might be crying by the end of this because i didn’t win so we’ll see so if any of you guys are
planning on clicking the links down below to tiffany or yammy don’t um they’re both very evil what do you have to say for yourselves he’s
in the lead so you’re gonna win if we don’t stop
here that sucks ok so you have a choice yammy you can
either take from poor joey or you can take from him he’s wearing a purple shirt I only
have three cards what about you Joey I have like one card I have one i see your pile over there joey
and I’m like hes so rich I need to take one. you’re taking one are you sure you want to do this? which one will you get I’ll remember this. It’s a long walk back to England just so you know remember where you’re sleeping tonight. good that’s what you get and you
don’t get upset well guess what it’s my turn now bittys
oh what are you building i’m trading for a brick you’re not trading with me no I’m not Im trading with Mike Cuz i dont have a brick actually lizzie is like I might trade your best
friend where I’m moving places good get outa here I’m gonna block you off of over here *GASP* that’s not blocking me off yeah i will i’ll get you you look at what you started you’re like we
need to gang up against Joey cuz he’s winning ok so i have nine points currently and
now take i have a lot of cards to get rid of does anyone want to trade cuz i dont oh I want a good oh wait it’s two three coal two wheat and oh I’m going to turn oh do I even have anymore I hope not No you don’t have anymore. Oh you can’t do it. Yes I can Oh no i’ll just put that there Oh no your cheating you don’t have the right piece wait it’s just missing somewhere we all have four cities yeah Fine I’ll win a different way. Give me a second ok so i have nine points like i said and
i just bought three development cards with my cards so there’s a chance that I could get a
victory point to make it 10 so we’re about to see all right here we go no victory what is this Oh my god It’s a victory point. shutup! I won I won I won I’d like to thank all my supporters aka myself um Girl you had 6 points Did you guys like.. it coz that was fun ok this was everyone’s first time
playing except for mine so I should have given myself like a disadvantage yeah
but anyways I won and that’s all that matters sooo alrighty so it is the next morning and
we ended up playing another game called zombies which I don’t mean to brag but I won that one as well no big deal uh but it was a lot of fun uh yeah it was a good night, a good ol’ night um i want to show you guys some things that I got Im gonna start doing some of these oh yeah thumbs up if you’re excited
about yummy nummies these look so
delicious uh oh it says delights but it still looks delicious even though its a delight um so yeah that’s all for today’s video i hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please give it a
like and also I am going to Vegas so tomorrow is going to be a Vegas vlog.
Can’t wait! I can’t fricken wait. Alright that’s all for today I will see
you all tomorrow good day. Bye! what are you doing who me? just catching some Ray’s some light rays down on you ew you’re sick get off that carpet there’s little mites in there im lounging
come join me right here uhhh im sleepy jane sleepy Jane Joe Oh im sleepy We found some good things I
found a rug for my office, which is great I don’t even know how this lighting is
but look at all the

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