Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 179 – Full Episode – 20th March, 2020

Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 179 – Full Episode – 20th March, 2020

Come inside, dear.. Come.. Put all your
stuffs over here. Okay? From now on,
you three will live here. But whose house is this? What does that matter? Put all
your stuffs here. The rent is way cheaper
by the looks of it. This house is
very neat and tidy. If you tell us the
job what we have to do.. Do you
have an Aadhar Id? Yes, I have..
But why? Bring it to me.. Come, dear.. Have a seat.. I’ll go and bring
the daily essentials. You guys take
some rest till then. What was the need
to give him your Aadhar Id? You could’ve said
that you don’t have it. My mind
didn’t work back then. He asked and
I gave it to him. What do you mean? We are here like
this because of him. What was the need to
give him your Aadhar card? Calm down.. Were we living
a happy life over there? Neither we had any work,
nor we had anything to eat. We didn’t want
to die out of hunger. That’s why I
agreed to come here. And both of you are
complaining to me for no reason! Don’t worry..
Everything will be fine. How will everything
going to be all right? You even handed
your Aadhar card to him. Now we can’t
even flee from here. I have brought you some
clothes and other essentials. This one is for you.. This one is for you. And this one is for you. And I’ve also brought
mobiles for you all. All right? This one is for you,
Payel. Oh, I forgot.. Here is
your Aadhar card. This phone
is a new model. Did you do
all these for us? Absolutely. Please put your number in our phone too. We’ll do that later.. First, let me give
this gift to Tejasvi. Here you go.
It’s for you. Go and play with it. Why are you
looking at me like that? Won’t you wear
the saree and show me? Yes. Go to that room
and try it out. And what are you
doing by standing here? Go to that room
and get changed. What are you doing here? I’ve paid Rs. 45,000
for you and your children. For new saree, mobiles.. And also
a place to stay. On top of that expenses. Shouldn’t I get repaid? How do I look? Payel.. Take off these clothes. And wear
your old clothes. Why? It’s not important
to answer all your questions. You can stay
gloomy if you want. I want to
go for a stroll. I’ll be leaving. Payel,
listen to what I say. Payel.. I am done.
I don’t need anything else. I wanted to
ask you something. Go ahead. You never stay
home at night so where do you go? So now you want
to interrogate me. No, it’s not like that. I just wanted to know if you
don’t stay with us then whom
do you stay with? Stay within your limits. I have bought you.. I didn’t marry you. That you’re pretending
to be my wife. That’s what
I want to know.. When are you
going to marry me? You worthless woman! Do you think an
honest man will marry you? Get lost! You have upset my mood! Hey.. Where are you going? I’m going to find out where he
goes every night. Where did you go? I went to the market. Who are these people? Go inside.. Okay..
But who are these people? Come, I’ll tell you.. Do you understand now that who these
people are? Or do you want
me to explain in details? Let’s leave from here.. Let’s go. Mishra.. I heard that you
have sent less force in the political function.
Why is that? I’ve sent the rest of our
forces to the civil hospital. Sir.. We found a corpse
in an area behind Gautamnagar. Let’s go..
Bring out the car. Mahesh, Aarti, let’s go. My mom. Sir, my mom and sister
are missing. Sir, look for them.
– Don’t worry. Tell me calmly. What happened to your mom
and sister? My mom and sister
went out two days ago. They haven’t returned yet. Don’t worry.
We’ll find your mom and sister. Damini, give him water
and make him calm down. Record his statement. Go with her.
– Come. Mishra, let’s go. I don’t have my dad.
He died few days ago. I have only my mom
and sister. Boss brought us here
few days ago. Who is your boss?
What is his full name? I don’t know his name. Everyone calls him boss. Where did he bring you from? Sir, she seems to be
a Rajasthani by looking at her outfit. The blood has also dried. Looking at the condition
of the body I think she was murdered
two to three days ago. Mom left from home
day before yesterday morning. When she didn’t return home Sister Payal went in search
of her the next morning. Today, Sister Payal
didn’t return home too. Do they have mobile phones?
– Yes. But it’s of no use.
I tried a lot. But their phones
are switched off. Sir, we checked
everywhere. But there is no mobile,
purse, ID or murder weapon. Sir, there are no forced
marks on the body. She hasn’t been raped. Everything else can be
found out only from the report. Mishra, take a photograph
of the body and circulate it
to the nearby stations. Her missing complaint
might have been filed somewhere. She is my mom
and she is Sister Payal. Does your mom have
a tattoo on her hand? Or some kind of mark?
– Yes. There is an ‘Om’ symbol
on mom’s hand. Dear, I will show you
something now. Don’t be scared. Look carefully and tell me
whether she is your mom. Mom.
She is my mom. What has happened to her, ma’am? What happened to mom? Why is mom lying like this?
– Calm down. Mom, get up.
Mom. Mom.. Sir, I haven’t seen
such a case in my career. A 12 year old boy had to
identify his mom’s body. Mishra, it is obvious that Tejasvi has been
through a trauma. We cannot reduce his pain
even if we want to. But yes, we can try
to reduce his pain by getting justice
for his mom, Revati and by finding his sister,
Payal, safely. For that, we’ll have
to find out who this boss is who purchased Revati
and Payal from Rajasthan and brought them here
to Kanpur. He gave them a house. He brought clothes
and phones for them. Mishra, do one thing. Find out under whose names
these numbers are registered. This may help us
locate that boss and find Payal safely. Okay, sir. Sir, Tejasvi has got
the boss’ sketch done. Mahesh.
– Sir. Find out if there is any CCTV
near Revati’s house. Check the footage. See whether this man is spotted
outside Revati’s house. If not, show this sketch
to the neighbours and collect as many details
as possible. Sir. Sir, this boss
might have murdered Revati because Tejasvi mentioned
that he hasn’t come home ever since Revati
went missing. Did you get Revati’s
post-mortem report? Sir, there’s a strike
in the government hospital now. It will end by evening. Sir, I’m hoping to get
the report by evening. Sir, Revati, Payal
and Tejasvi’s numbers are registered under
Revati’s name. The sim cards were
purchased from three different
places and Rajasthan’s address’
Aadhar car was given as address proof. This boss’ number
would be present in their call records because he must be
contacting Revati. Sir, I found only
two numbers in Revati’s call records. Payal and Tejasvi’s numbers. There is no other number. Did you check Payal
and Tejasvi’s records? Their records
might contain his number. Yes, sir. We have found
some numbers in Payal’s call records. We are verifying
the numbers. One among these
should be his number. Do one thing.
Bring Tejasvi. Yes, sir. Tejasvi, do you have
a problem in staying in the police station? Let me know
if there is any problem or if you need anything. Sir, did you find
Sister Payal? No, dear.
Not yet. But we will find her soon. Tejasvi, we have highlighted
some numbers. Check the numbers
highlighted in blue and tell us whose numbers
these are. I don’t know, sir. But it must be
Shiv and Lakhan’s numbers. Because apart from sister used to talk
only to them. Where do they stay? I don’t know
where their houses are. But I have seen them
near our house. Will you identify them
if you see them? Yes. Sir, it’s them. Sir, Payal and we
were friends. Sir, she told us
that the man coming home was addressed as boss
by them. Is he the one? Yes, sir. It’s him.
– Yes, sir. It’s him. Both of you were pretending
to befriend Payal, right? What’s the matter? Where is Payal? Sir, I don’t know
where she is. I’ve been looking
for her from two days. And you? From how many days
have you been looking for her? You used to call her too,
right? You are his friend. What friend, sir? She never cared about me. I would call her
the whole day. But she never answered
my calls. She always gave
importance to Shiv. They were in touch
with each other, sir. I had realised that she is also
like the rest of the girls. Why would she choose
a handicapped man like me? Why are you
staring at me? You know everything,
right? Why don’t you tell him? Hey, talk to me
and not to the child. What were you saying? Payal never gave you
importance? Is that why
you kidnapped Payal? I have not done
anything, sir. Sir, he’s right. We were in love
from the past one month. We used to talk
over the phone. We used to message
each other too. Look at this, sir. She also used to
message me. Had Payal mentioned
anything to you guys which could be
the reason for her disappearance? She didn’t say anything but
we saw what had happened to her. A man had come to
her house and raped her. That too in
her mom’s presence. When did this happen? A day before
Payal disappeared. We had understood that
whatever happened to her must have
badly affected her. That’s why
we wanted to meet her. Just to give her
some moral support. Tejaswi,
did you know about this? – No. My mom and Payal
didn’t say anything about this. So, both of you didn’t
see Payal’s rapist’s face. No, Sir. Sir, we have told
you everything. Can we go?
– No. Both of you can’t go
until it is proven that the story that you
just narrated is verified and both of you have no
hand in Payal’s disappearance. Bring them in. Sir, I have the CCTV
footage around Revati’s house. In this,
Hukum is clearly being seen. Pause it. Play it. Zoom in on the
bike’s number plate. Now this man
will take us to Hukum. Get this bike’s details
from the RTO and whoever he may be,
bring him in. Sir, I am Gopi and I am that person. I know that. Now, tell us
about the man you are hugging. Sir, he is Harish Yadav,
an old friend of mine. I wasn’t in touch
for many years but when I saw
him a few days ago we met and
talked for some time. Hey! Have you gone mad?
Are you blind? Can’t you see? Hey! Harish.
What a pleasant surprise! How are you?
– I am good. How about you? I am also doing good. We met for just
a few moments. Where does
Harish Yadav live? We are friends
since we were kids. At first, he used to
live at Suman’s house. When I went there recently I came to know that he had
shifted from there long ago. I don’t know
where he lives now. Since both of you met
after many years didn’t you ask him
where he lived now? You must have
his phone number. I did ask for his number,
but he avoided that question. Probably he didn’t want
to give it, so I didn’t insist. Then we went
our separate ways. Sir, I have told you
all that I knew. Can I go now? Mishra,
take his photo for the records. Police’s attempt to reach
Harish through Gopi had failed. In the meanwhile, police
sent Tejaswi to live at an NGO from where he used to call up
daily to know about his sister but for now, police had
no answers to give him. Police was desperately
trying to find Payal. Then suddenly, they got
their first lead about Payal. What do you mean that
there is something wrong going on at your neighbour,
Vishnu Yadav’s house. They have a 16-17 year old
girl locked in their house. That too without clothes
and only in a blanket. I have seen her myself
standing near the window. Did they leave the
girl whom they have locked up to wander about
near the window freely? Madam, I am not lying. I haven’t come here
to waste my time. Damini.. Look at the carefully. Is she
the one you are talking about? Yes, Sir.
This is the same girl. Yes, Sir.
– Give me way. – Hey. Mishra, search
every corner of this house. Will you tell us
what you are searching for? Let us do our work. But what happened?
What do you want? You will know soon. What happened, brother? What is the police
doing at your house? I don’t know. They aren’t
telling anything either. The person for whom we
are searching everywhere has come to us himself. I don’t understand.
What do you want to say? Harish Yadav a.k.a. Hukum. How are you related to him? I am his younger
brother. I live close by. But tell me
what is happening? Now, it is us who will ask
and you should answer them. We have many
questions for you. What? What questions? For example,
where is Payal. Wasn’t she here?
Where have you hidden her now? Payal?
Why would she be here? Why would I hide her? I had seen her with a boy
a few days ago in Pratap Nagar. Now,
I don’t know where she is. We will find out everything. Damini,
search Harish’s house too. Just a moment. Now will
you tell us what’s happening? You didn’t get anything here,
so will you trouble him too? Brother, just a moment. Let them search there
too. Then it will satisfy them. Whatever we may say,
they won’t believe us any way. Why won’t we? If you
tell the truth, we will listen. Now, tell us why did you buy
Revati and Payal from Rajasthan? What nonsense
are you talking? Sir,
I am a labour contractor and I take contracts
from builders. I get labourers from
all over the country. Revati had also come
from somewhere for work. I had my people working
in a building close by. Due to some problems,
I had stop it. Because of my decency Revati had come
with two of her kids. So, I let her live
in a house at Pratap Nagar. I arranged for her food. After all this,
are you trying to blame me? You seem to
be very generous. If you were so generous why didn’t you come to us as Revati was missing
since two days. I didn’t even go there.
So, how would I know? Today, I read in the paper
that she had been murdered. Sir, we didn’t find
Payal there too. You suspected me
for no reason. Ms. Vimala, we didn’t
find any such girl there. In fact, we even search
that room. There was no one. Sir, both these brothers
are very cunning and dishonest. They are lying. Sir, you believe
that mad woman, Vimala. Had you shown her
any photo instead of Payal’s even then she would
have told the same. Because the truth is that
she never saw any girl here. She just wants
to trouble us. Let me give you
a clear picture. Vimala’s husband
is Pradeep. He is a contractor
and makes building. We are in the
same profession. Both of them want
us to get a bad name and they get all our work. Tell us how you know Gopi. Gopi? Okay, Gopi. He is an old friend
of mine but how is he related
to this case? When did you
last see your friend, Gopi? The last time I met him
was in Pratap Nagar. Sir,
can I tell you something? If you are done
with your search and enquiry please give us some peace
of mind. We are good citizens. Please excuse us.
– Yes. Please. Find out everything
about Harish Yadav. Get his call records
and other details. Also, find out about
Vimala Thakur too. Sir, all the accusations
Vimla levelled on Yadav family were all baseless. She was doing this to frame
those two brothers. That means,
Vimla might also have lied to us when she told us that she
saw a girl at the window. Yes, sir. Even if we suppose
that it was a lie I still feel that something
is going on between these Yadav brothers. I noticed it. When we were talking
to Harish and Vishnu Harish’s wife,
Meghna Yadav seemed scared. Did the post-mortem
report arrive? Sir, the strike is still
going on. I had a word with the doctor. He said that he
will send us the report the moment the strike
comes to an end. Did you find out anything from
Harish’s call records and mobile location,
as to where he was at the time of the murder? Sir, we did not find out
anything worthwhile. If we suppose that Revati
was murdered on 26th February between the afternoon
and evening.. During this time and in fact
even a day after that at 1 p.m. Harish’s phone location
was of his house. It could also be that Harish
left his mobile at home to create his alibi. Did you find anything suspicious
from his call records? Gopi was lying to us, sir. He didn’t have
Harish’s contact number. But Harish’s call records
tell us the true story. Even he was in contact with
Harish since the last one month. Bring Gopi here. – Okay, sir. No, sir.. Sir, don’t beat me. – Get up. Tell me, why did you lie to us?
– Sir.. I will tell you. I was surprised to see Harish
one day in Pratabnagar. I was wondering
what he was doing there. Because he used to live in
a very good colony of Kanpur. And then I started
keeping my eyes on him. And one day, I acted as if
I met him accidently. I am good. How about you?
– I am good. What are you doing
in Pratabnagar? I had come here with some work. Really? Does that mean
you have a friend here? I saw you visiting
that Rajasthani woman. What is going on? She is a poor woman. She has two children and
her husband isn’t anymore. So I just help her
on the basis on humanity. You know that I am married. Harish knew that he can’t deny me as I can expose him. So I started luring
money from him. Then I thought that I can get
something more than money. Let it be there.
Go to your room. Okay? Sir, what
are you doing here? Why are you surprised? Didn’t
Harish tell you about this? Just leave.. – Come to me..
– Leave.. Sir, I swear.
I slept with her only once. That’s called rape. And when Revati denied it
to you the next time you murdered her. Sir, I swear. I didn’t kill her. Even before I could kill her.. Why will I kill her, sir? I was in an affair with Revati. It wasn’t an affair. You bought Revati
to satisfy your lust. You were using her and also
making others like Gopi use her. Sir, he is lying.
He is a scoundrel. Revati told me that Gopi
followed her till the house. And then he found her alone
and forced himself on her. She was broken, sir. I thought that I can give her
a better life by marrying her. But she went missing
before I could marry her. After two days,
I read in the newspaper that she has been murdered. I can’t tell you how
shocked I was to hear that. If you actually
got such a big shock why didn’t you come
to the police station to enquire about her? You didn’t enquire
about her children too. I had gone to Pratabnagar
to find Payal and Tejasvi. But they weren’t there.
They went somewhere. And you told me that
Payal is missing and you don’t know where
even Tejasvi is. Sir, I don’t know where he is.
I’m worried. Don’t worry about him. Wherever he is, he is safe. Sir, why did you let Harish go? It can be clearly seen
that he was acting innocent. Even I can see that, Mishra. But we don’t even have
strong evidence against Harish. We don’t have evidence
against Shiv and Lakhan either. Let them go. – But, sir.. Look, Mishra, all three of them
are connected to Payal. Payal must be with one of them. We have to take this risk
to find this out. Sir, I think we should talk
to the women of Yadav family. Because if Vimla
is telling us the truth even these women
must be knowing something. No, Mishra. I don’t think the women of Yadav
family will tell us anything. I think even they are victims. What rubbish is this! It doesn’t have any taste.
You can’t even cook properly. Why are you
giving me that look? Look down. And why haven’t
you covered your head? Do you want
to just fool around? Stop it. Enough is enough. Yes, tell me. What? Hold on.. Sir, there’s a call from NGO. Tejasvi has gone missing. They searched for him
around a lot, but in vain. What? Call up on Tejasvi’s number. Sir, even his phone
is switched off. Mishra, we have to find Tejasvi before something wrong
happens with him. Come. Tejasvi. Don’t worry. Come. Sit down. Here, have some water. Slowly, dear.. – Slowly. Tell me something. Why did you run away
from NGO? I got a call from Sister Payal. Is it? What did she say? Where was she
for all these days? I didn’t ask all that. She just said we are going back
to village with the help of Shiv and she asked me to come nearby Kamla Vihar at 11 p.m. I ran away from
NGO and went there. I waited for her a lot.
But she didn’t come there. Sir, please find my sister..
– Don’t worry. Sit down.
We will find your sister. Mishra, find out Shiv
from wherever he is. And call up on Payal’s number. That is of no use. She called up
from some other number. What was that number? This was that number. Whose number is this? I don’t know. Call up on this number. We can hear it ringing
somewhere around us. Anami, stay with him.
– Yes, sir. You come with me. Sir. On the evening May 27th Payal had come to our house
in search of her mother Revati. And Harish told her that he’ll help her
to find her mother. He even told that until she doesn’t find her mom Payal can stay with us along with her brother. But he was just
trying to fool her. After that Harish
took Payal to Bishnu’s house and locked her there. Both the brothers
were torturing her every day. Even my mother-in-law
and Anju had no problem with it. They were
encouraging this. Even I was angry on Payal
in the beginning because due her mom Revati I was facing problems
with my marital life. The other day when she went near the window
to ask help from Bimla. I pulled her back
and closed the window. I tried to vent
out my anger on her but looking
at her condition.. When I learnt what
was happening to Payal I was terrified. She even told me that when did all this start. The person who
raped Payal in front of Revati. Was the Bishnu? If Payal
was in Bishnu’s house then why
didn’t we find her when we
searched Bishnu’s house? Because Harish had
seen you park your vehicle near Bishnu’s house. Before you
could into his house he went into the house
through the back door and hid Payal
in the trunk of the car. I must say, both
the brothers are very smart. Is Payal still in your house? No, sir. I knew that Harish
and Bishnu will be late today. So, I made a plan
to help Payal escape. I gave her my phone and she called
her boyfriend Shiv and her
brother and said that That Kamla.. I mean, she asked them to come near my
house in the night. What
happened after that? She got out of
the house at 11:30 p.m. Half an
house after she left Harish and
Bishnu came home. When they realised
that she had escaped they went out to find her. Sir,
if they manage to find Payal I’m sure they’ll kill her. Sir, please do something. Please save her
before they find her. Please don’t worry. Mishra, let’s go. Sir, we’ve found
a dead body of a young girl in the jungle
near the industrial area. What? Even she is
killed with a sharp weapon just like Revati was murdered. There are lot
of injuries on the body. Damini, check the corpse. Yes, sir. Sir. Sir, it is not evident if is
she was raped before the murder. But she was definitely raped because there are marks on
the body and the private parts. Mishra. Send the dead
body for the post mortem. Find Bishnu and Harish
wherever they are. Okay, sir. Sir, please don’t hit us..
– Sir, please.. Sir, I’ll tell you everything. Go ahead.
– Payal had escaped. And we were scared. We both went out looking for but we couldn’t find her. So, we came back. How dare you? Didn’t I tell you to not lie? There was only one vehicle seen passing the industrial area
in the CCTV camera. That vehicle belongs to you. Not only that we’ve found
blood stains in it. We’ll get to know
that blood stains are Payal’s after we
get the forensic report. The same Payal
whom you both have raped. Her body, clothes
and your DNA. If we get a positive match. I’m sure
you can’t lie after that. Sir..
– Sir. Sir, we surely raped her but we didn’t kill her. He’s telling the truth, sir. Payal came to our
house looking for her mom. We just help her
captive in our house. We’ve made a mistake.
– Go ahead. We took away her phone
and switched it off to prevent her
from calling someone. Sir.. You have
confessed one of your crime. You better tell the
truth about the murder as well. Or look at Mr. Mishra here. He’ll skin you alive.
– Sir, I’m telling the truth. We’ve just raped her
but we didn’t kill her. Oh, my God! Someone has killed her and
threw her body behind our house. We’ll surely be caught,
Brother. When we found Payal’s
dead body near our house we were terrified, sir. We felt that someone
is trying to frame us. In order to save ourselves
we put her corpse in the car and threw it near
the industrial estate. Beat them up so bad that
they will stop acting smart. Sir, listen..
– Let me go.. Both the brothers are
saying the same thing, sir.. That they raped
but didn’t commit murder. They are trying
to mislead us so that they can avoid being
charged with murder. But the question
remains the same.. If both of them are
telling the truth then who murdered Revati? The police were
struggling to solve the mystery behind Revati and her daughter
Payal’s murder. There was a long list
of suspects. But it was very difficult
to accuse anyone without any evidence. Another problem was that
the post-mortem report was being delayed
because of the strike.. Which would have given
a clear information. Therefore, the police
decided that both the bodies would be
urgently sent to Lucknow for post-mortem. Sir, the post-mortem report
is here. Finally it came.
– Yes, sir. Payal was pregnant
when she was murdered. Both of them were gang raped. It is mentioned
clearly in the report. All the wounds on the body
are two to three inches deep. The murderer wasn’t
physically strong. That’s why the wounds
weren’t very deep. The death was due to excessive
bleeding, not the wounds. That’s why Payal’s body
had around 50 to 60 wounds. Mishra.. This was not done
by Harish, Vishnu, or Shiv. It’s someone else. Sir, did you notice
Lakhan on that day? His hands seemed
to be very weak. But even if we assume that Lakhan has a motive
to kill Payal.. Why would he kill Revati? How can someone who can’t
even hold a glass of tea hold a knife properly? If it’s not Lakhan.. Then who is the murderer? You killed Revati and Payal,
didn’t you? Why did you kill them? I never liked it when someone
insulted my mom. Hukum called my mom
a cheap woman. You cheap woman.
– That day, I found out from Shiv and Lakhan that.. Sister was abused too. Mom got angry and went
to speak with Hukum. But there was no use. Therefore, I followed her. And when I reached
Gautam Nagar.. When mom didn’t come back home Payal got anxious. She left the house, saying
she was going to find mom. Then she didn’t
come back either. Then I came to you to file
the missing complaint. Then I received a call
from Payal and she told me that we are
going back to the village. I was very happy. I went to the place where
she asked me to meet with her. Sister.
– Tejaswi. Where had you gone? Sister, who did this to you? W-Who hit you? Hukum and his brother. They used to abuse me
every day. They hurt me a lot. I never wanted to come here. But mom forced me
to stay in this hell. So I killed them both. I know that what happened
to your mother Revati and sister Payal
was very wrong. But isn’t the police here
to punish the criminals? You shouldn’t have taken
the law into your own hands. Despite Tejaswi
confessing the crime police kept Vishnu and Harish
in custody for questioning until they admitted that
Harish bought Payal and Revati from the illegal auction
in Rajasthan. Vishnu and Harish’s
DNAs were matched with that of Payal’s foetus,
so as to find out who made her pregnant.
And it matched with Vishnu’s. And both were punished
according to POCSO act. Upon investigation, it was
found that Revati was a widow and her relatives sold
her to a middleman who later sold her to Harish. Certainly, Tejaswi’s young age
didn’t help him distinguish between the criminals
and the innocent ones. Which led him to kill
his mother and sister. But for the boy to be
in such a mental state all those who caused
his condition are responsible. The government has taken
several measures to prevent the Corona virus. It is very important
that we follow the instructions properly. Do not believe the rumours.
Do not let the fear spread. I firmly believe that together we all
can successfully get rid of this disease. I, Anup Soni, bit you adieu. We will meet again with a new
‘Black Headlines’ episode of ‘Crime Patrol Satark’,
with a new case. Remember that the distance
between you and crime is determined by
how alert you are. Stay alert and be safe. ‘Jai Hind’.

100 Replies to “Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 179 – Full Episode – 20th March, 2020”

  1. I don't understand how fucking stupid this police is! When dat woman came approaching they should've first asked abt payal. She could've been alive by now. Shame on Indian police!!

  2. People are commenting on Indian culture just because they are showing crime in crime patrol. Crimes and criminals are everywhere in the world. If every country starts making this type of serial then people will come to know that it doesn't depend only on culture but on many factors.

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  6. Anup Sony ji coronavaero's nahi, in daren do se ba cha ao aap des ki maa. Bahen beti aao ko please kyu ki aus se bi katarnak to yei crimenal hai bola na goli mar do nahi to woman never safe in this country

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  8. Islam says ripest must be killed by stone if you people only 5 ripest killed by stone in front of people I'm sure there will be no ripest in India.

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    They abused the women
    They can't gave her rights and can't gave her respect
    Hate Indian govt.

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  14. Crime petrol
    Walo ko ab India k Mullims
    Per ho zulm hindo ya loog khud ker rahy Hain
    Un ki flim bana liya karain
    Shame on crime petrol


  16. Every single episode of crime Patrol stand on the ripe and Violence against women what’s wrong with Indians not any other crime but cruelty against women I had heaps of respect to Indians but I hate them now with their bullshit mentality towards woman

  17. almost 99% cases belongs to rape,murders involving extra-marital affairs sex hunger. in short all cases reflect the true face of indian society,and this picture clearly portrait this mirth" KAWA CHALA HANS KI CHAL APNI BHEE BHOOL GIA " ALL INDIAN MUST THINK ABOUT IT.

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    Good episode…
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