Despicable Me (4/11) Movie CLIP – No Annoying Sounds (2010) HD

(DOOR OPENS) – Can I hold your hand
– Uh, no. We got adopted by a bald guy.
I thought this would be more like Annie. (KYLE GROWLING SOFTLY) (SNARLING) (GASPS) No, hey! – Kyle, these are not treats, these are guests,
girls, this is Kyle, my dog.
– (SNARLS) Ooh! Fluffy doggy! (GASPS, YELPING) – What kind of dog is that?
– He’s a… I don’t know. MARGO: Do you really think this is
an inappropriate place for the kids?
‘Cause, uh, it’s not. – No! No! Stay away from there!
It’s fragile!
– Well, he’s supposed the plan will work with to… EDITH: Hey! It’s dark in here. – (DOORS OPENING)
– (SPITS) It poked a hole in my juice box. As you can see if provided
everything a child might need. – All right, uh, as I was saying… Hey! Oh!
– (CRASHING) – Somebody broke that.
– (FIZZING) Okay, okay, clearly, we need to set some rules. – Rule No.1: You will not touch anything.
– Uh, what about the floor? – Yes, you may touch the floor.
– What about the air? – Yes, you may touch the air.
– What about this? (EXCLAIMS) – Where did you get that?
– Found it. Okay, Rule No.2: You will not
bother me while I’m working. Rule No.3: You will not cry or whine or laugh or sneeze
or barf or fart. So, no, no, no annoying sounds, right? Does this count us annoying? (POPPING) Very!

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