Dimash’s “Surprise Night” birthday party—Crazy For Food (English Subtitles)

Dimash’s “Surprise Night” birthday party—Crazy For Food (English Subtitles)

Crazy for food Translated by Gloria Wu “Crazy for food” When I see the phrase “crazy for food”, I know this is all about eating Before we start our second game, let’s watch this special video clip Please come to the middle of the stage We are not friends anymore You have to explain to Dimash- this is our sponsor’s idea. Not me! Watching that video made me hungery. How about you? I had no idea Dimash loves to eat! What is your favorite food? Peking duck Peking duck? I eat anything that’s spicy You like spicy? Then you must like Sichuan hot pot? Yes Just now I saw a few scenes with you eating Sichuan hot pot We know that there are delicious cuisines worldwide But I feel Chinese cuisine is the best because we have 34 provinces each province has its own cuisine, all delicious and special In 4 months, Dimash has already tasted a lot of Chinese cuisines There is a lot of good food here, for sure some Dimash has not tried yet Today we will serve Dimash with birthday themed food We have asked someone with “magical power” to serve food tonight Thank you magician! He was paying close attention. Let’s see if he figured out what these are Everyone feels you couldn’t figure out much. What did you see? What is this? These are snacks The audience came to see my perform, but they ended up watching me eat You are the birthday boy so we want to give you surprises So let me tell you about these snacks This is a specialty in the northern region called “sugar-coated haws” He knows this This is rice dumpling (zongzhi), a special food item for Dragon Boat festival This is called “pea yellow”, another snack from Beijing This is called “Wife Cake”(Laopo Bing) If you eat this you will find your future wife The more you eat, the more wives you’ll have I won’t eat this He doesn’t want to eat this Let’s see if he will end up picking this one This is ginger snack. So five food items Let’s explain the rules of the game Dimash will choose his favorite three out of five food items We invite three dears to participate in three games Dimash must wait until the games are over before he can eat these Chinese delicacies Pick three food items you want to try I lied to you. Eating this doesn’t mean you will have a wife Let’s open it I was just kidding Sugar-coated haws? He chose sugar-coated haws Try this one The second item is “pea yellow” This one is delicious He is finally convinced Please come over here What if after eating that I have to get married tomorrow? Then your wife must be in the audience I am still too young I better keep quiet Let’s welcome the three fans Congratulations to the lucky three All three are young and pretty Dimash chose three food items Sugar-coated haws, pea yellow and wife cake A, B, and C The three of you can each choose one You choose A You choose B Then you choose C We will play three games with Dimash If you win, then he cannot eat If he wins, then he gets to eat Do you understand? The two of you who chose B and C please wait over here Let’s see which game the girl who chose A will play A- “Put chopsticks in the bowl” Let’s explain this game our crew please bring the props The rules are very simple Pick up ping pong balls with chopsticks Dimash and this dear will use chopsticks to transfer ping pong balls from point A to B Whoever transfers more balls in one minute wins Understood? Tell him he can only pick up orange color ones, not the yellow ones Give it a try Dimash This is your tool You have to pick up these (ping pong) He has questions about the rules Use chopsticks to pick these up Let see if he can do it Try again You understand the rules too right? I have a stopwatch Wow he is so considerate He gave that ping pong ball to the girl. Such a gentleman I will start the stopwatch He has one minute Whoever picks up the most balls wins Ready? Start! He is good at this! This is a close match! This one doesn’t count So considerate! He thinks I am blind! Ok I’ll pretend I am blind Let’s continue 39 seconds The last 20 seconds Keep it up! Keep it up! Last few seconds, five Four Three Two One Let me take a look Let’s see how many balls are in the girl’s box I am not really blind! Since you are good-looking I will let it go One, two, three, four, five, six Let’s see this side One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight Eight balls He can eat more than that Seeing the result he feels he will eat more Although we have our rules but I want to respect the lady’s opinion If you win today will you still let him eat? Of course Meaning regardless of win or lose you will let him eat Yes How about you? Will you let him eat? So nice! You will let him eat Congratulations! Dimash wins! Thank you! You may leave the stage now Our crew please take away the props Dimash come here Just now we gave the first gift The first food item is sugar-coated haw Let me open for Dimash Taste and find out what sugar-coated haw taste like What do you think? Very good Is it both sweet and sour? The taste of one’s childhood? You are forever three years old Don’t eat too much. He still needs to sing later I don’t want him to not feel well Let’s start our second game Dimash please come to the center of the stage The girl who chose B please come here He asked if we still need these and I told him we don’t Of course he can We have different zones tonight- 1,2,3,4,5 Whichever zone is the most enthusiastic, I will let him give you the snacks Let’s play our game first Let’s look at the big screen and see what game it is “Heart with consonance” The name of the game sounds so cheerful Let Dimash stand over here This game is very simple as well Use gestures to act out the words you see If both Dimash and his dear do the same gestures, then they win We have 10 questions If they get half right So if they do the same gestures in 6 questions then Dimash wins. Understood? Let me say the first word The two of you must give your first reaction Otherwise doesn’t count You cannot look at each other. Stand further apart Don’t look at each other Let me stand here. The first word is “Sleepwalking” There is Kazakh translation for him Are you ready? Do it together Ready? Three, two, one, start! Looks like a vampire! I heard a girl over here yelled, “fall off the stage”! You are so cruel! You want him to fall off the stage! Ok the first word, you passed the test Let’s see the second one “Horseback riding” Get ready Three, two, one, start! According to my professional experience I cannot let them pass the test Because Dimash first got on the horse but she was already riding the horse He thought this was a verb Don’t worry we have 10 words, missing one or two is ok So they got it half right OK the third word “Bad mood upon waking up” You understand right? This is a unique phrase in China Three, two, one, start! What are you doing? This is my look when I wake up This is how you look when you wake up? And you? This is how you look when you wake up? I don’t believe the two of you can read each other’s mind Fine, I’ll let you pass. Next one “Frightened” Ready? Three, two, one, start! Both of them covered their heads But one leaned to the side, the other covered her eyes I am a strict judge so I can’t let them pass the test Should I let them pass? Alright you are the boss tonight. I’ll let them pass Let’s see the next one “Dancing” This one is hard. We have 56 different ethnic minority groups Many different types of dance Kazakhstan has many different minority groups as well, each has its own dance I don’t believe the two of you will do the same type of dance Ready? Three, two, one, start! I said we have to start together Ready? Three, two, one, start! He won again Should we let him win? Ok, whatever you say Let’s see the next one “Listening to favorite music” This one the two of you should have similar reactions Ready? Three, two, one, start! What’s happening here? What was your reaction? You really think I am blind? I feel dizzy when I hear my favorite music You’ll get dizzy? How about you? Whose songs make you dizzy? Whose songs make you dizzy? Dimash’s songs make me dizzy I get dizzy too when I hear him sing Thank you! Alright I’ll let them pass Let’s see the next one “Shooting hoops” This one should be easy Get ready. Three, two, one, start! Same steps! I’ll let you pass “I am hungry” You are hungry Three, two, one, start! Call an ambulance! Hello, is it the hospital? My goodness! I guess he is really hungry! When you touched his hand, did you feel electric current run through your body? Yes, of course! Do you want to experience electric current as well? OK, we will see if there are opportunities for you to play games Let’s see the next one “I am handsome” I will lose for sure I can’t possibly let them pass this time Should we let them pass? He said we shouldn’t use this phrase in the game, because he will lose Why? Because she is such a pretty girl, I will lose for sure Such a flirt! I tell you- Dimash is a natural-born flirt! Regardless of whether he is singing, or playing games, he flirts! Let’s see the next one “Swimming” Ready? Three, two, one, start! Wait a minute. Just now you didn’t swim this way At the beginning you didn’t swim like this You suddenly changed! Did you see what he was doing? I didn’t see him. I just all of a sudden changed Changed for no reason? Women change so easily OK, this is the last word I’ll let dears be the judge If you feel they should pass, then they pass If you say no, then they don’t pass. Should they pass? Pass! I will listen to you. Congrats Dimash! You passed the second game! Thank you for helping. You can leave the stage now Dimash please come over here and try the food The second item you chose is “pea yellow” Let’s take a look Try it. Quite nice What does it taste like? It’s sweet So it’s sweet. To be honset I’ve never tasted it before Maybe I should take a bite I will open one for you He will open the package for me! I was going to say I can taste his piece I feel bad he has to open the package. I will take a bite then Just now I thought opening the package for Dimash was the best thing in the world And now this is even better- Dimash opening the package for me! Birthday boy opened this for me I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight Thank you birthday boy Let’s have the last girl come play the third game Over here Let’s see what game we are going to play “Real love doesn’t blink” The rules are very simple Dimash and this pretty girl will stare at each other without blinking See who will last the longest This allows Dimash to show off his beautiful eyes We will also try to distract them Let see who can last the longest without blinking Dimash please stand here Keep this distance. I worry you cannot control yourself Let’s get ready to start Let me get my stopwatch This game makes everyone jealous! What can she do? She drew the lucky number Get ready! Three, two, one, start! Let’s see who blinks first So romantic! Wait! Someone just blinked! These six ladies…. We didn’t plan this Let’s see how long they can last They really don’t move at all Dimash, how long can you last? Thank you ladies, thank you! Please stand in the back OK it’s over They are not willing to end Let’s ask these six ladies some questions Dimash will shake their hands Which one is the representative? You danced so well. Do you like Dimash? Yes! We like him so much! Today is Dimash’s birthday How about we wish him happy birthday? I will say”Dimash” and then together say, “happy birthday” Happy Birthday! Thank you! Thank you! You may leave the stage now We didn’t have this during rehearsal. I was taken by surprise This time let me ask you. Other’s opinion is not important Do you tnink he won or lost? He won But I saw that he blinked first Not true! I blinked first You blinked first? You will sacrifice yourself for him? Of course I will sacrifice for him Since she puts it that way, I have no choice but to declare Dimash the winner We will let him win, ok? Thank you! You may leave the stage now The last food item. Dimash please come This one….what kind of cake again? “Wife cake” This is “wife cake” This is a famous food item in China According to tradition, the wife makes this cake for the husband When he misses her….. What did you say? When he misses his wife, he eats this cake Let’s have him try and tell us who he misses Dimash please Can I be thinking about my mom when I eat this? Of course! You scared me My goodness! Dimash fed me wife cake! Very good Before I was worried that Dimash….. Oh thank you! So considerate! How do you find such a charming idol?

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  1. Gloria Wu, thanks for another thrill! Wow, Dimash likes spicy food!? These games are… just as incomprehensible/ridiculous … even with your great translations. And, that was the longest staring contest ever! Thanks for the giggles! (P.S. I have to Google "haw"!)

  2. Развлекают Димаша, как могут!! А он такой скромный и забавный. 😄 Всё-таки в Китае интересные шоу. И на реакцию Димаша нам тоже хочется посмотреть. 🍀

  3. Тателер де секырып-секырып ойнапжатыр екен!! Жарайсындар!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Кыздар сулу. 🌺🌸🌺 Только не уведите от нас Димаша. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. Глория, спасибо вам! Очень понравилось шоу. Димаш на высоте!

  5. Gloria, you are a STAR!!! You are the bridge that links all of us to Prince D and I love you for doing this. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

  6. I like how the host is fanboying over Dimash as well hahaha! Like when Dimash reached out his hand and the girl grabbed it or when Dimash opened the package for him or when he hugged the third girl or when he fed him ''wife cake'' 😀 those 6 dancing ladies came out of nowhere 😀 I love how Dimash dropped the ball, then picked it up with his hand and put it in the box.. and stuck his tongue out like a cheeky little brat after haha he's adorable <3 and give out the snacks to the fans <3

  7. Спасибо Глория дорогая за перевод. Такое удовольствие получила…. Хорошо когда знаешь о чём речь. Какой он всё таки простой, озорной, милый, внимательный. Димаш несомненно рождён для сцены, это его стихия. Давно я так не веселилась.

  8. Though Dimash is so great in his talent, he is surely a normal young man with all the cuteness and get fun with things around him, as I watched him in videos , he is so down to earth ,kind,and loving 😊nice knowing there is a blessed people like u Dimash😊 thank u Gloria Wu for sharing 😊

  9. Poor guy, the things he has to do just to promote his career. One has to feel sorry for him sometimes. I hope he gets at least a little fun out of it all.

  10. Dimash …. Dimash … Dimash….
    He sings beyond his vocals…
    Sings with his heart ❤️ & soul ….
    Sings with in-depth passion…
    Most talented singer (artist )- I’ve ever heard 👂 🎤
    I can’t get enough ….
    I listen 👂 to Dimash every day
    Many claim he’s not human ( Alien 👽)
    I think 🤔…. he’s an earth 🌏 angel 😇

  11. С при великими удовольствием, пройдёмся по истории. И насладимся
    Вновь и вновь, прекрасным Принцем Димаш!!!!!

  12. What game show is this?? I really enjoyed watching this!! wich is strange if i think about it, since i dont like watching very many "english" TVShows.

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