DIY Paper Crafts : How to Make Handmade Mini Paper Bag | DIY Projects

DIY Paper Crafts : How to Make Handmade Mini Paper Bag | DIY Projects

Welcome to Studio StylEnrich How to Make an Easy Handmade Paper Bag This is a cute little paper bag that you can use as a gift bag. Things You Need… Printed Paper, Color Paper, Scissors, Cutter, Adhesive, Pencil, Ruler, Velcro, Satin Ribbon, Decorative Stones. Take a colored paper and make a square piece as shown. Mark and divide the sheet into 3 equal columns consisting of 3 squares each measuring 7*7 cm. Fold the corners inwards in the shape of a triangle and cut the folded ends using a cutter. You will get an octagon shape like this. Fold the paper to make 3 creases bisecting each other as shown. Now fold the outermost triangles to form the sides of the bag. Keep the center square as it is. Now take a printed paper and follow the same process to get the squares and the crease on the sheet. Now paste the color paper on the white side of the printed paper. Now, apply adhesive to half of the folded triangle and paste it to the adjoining squares as shown. Now cut a 1.5 cm wide strip of colored and printed paper as shown. Paste the printed paper on the color sheet. Paste the flap inside the bag so as to get the lock flap on the outside. Now, paste the velcro on the end of the strip and on the bag. Cut a triangular edged zigzag strip as shown Paste the strips on the top and bottom border of the front side. Cut out a satin ribbon to make the handles for the bag. Paste it on the inner portion of the bag. Paste a decorative stone at the tip of the locking flap. Your Cute Handmade Mini Paper Bag is now Ready Keep your stuffs inside the bag. Hope you have enjoyed watching this video. Happy Crafting!!

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  1. wow. dat was really commendable. the way u did the zigzag strip…hats off… to save u some time…nowadays craft scissors r available to cut paper with designer edges. i have a pair with 3 designs. u can get thm in stationery shops. mine r of faber castle… in India. i don't know whr u r based…
    but any ways, congratulations. dat was supperb

  2. Ohh wow wat a mind how will u doo his really superrrrr
    I wish to more and more u try and great job in these

  3. Thankyou so much! I make a bag like this and i will sell it in my business?. Your video helps me a looot! GodBless you!

  4. Why don’t you glue the printed paper on the colored paper first? Then you have to measure and cut the paper once.

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