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  1. Do you know what the range of the app will be. I have the need for 60 feet of reliable line of sight control.

  2. Is the app out yet? I preordered by the way.. Looks like it will be another DJI winner product. Can you guys please confirm there might be a possibility that the focus wheel might work with Sony A7 series cameras in the future? I am sure I am not the only one wanting to know. This would really be a game changer if so.

  3. Will you be able to use the app as a remote control to move the gimbal for videos when you are not holding it?

  4. can i move the camera during the "track" feature to make a hyper lapse and i can focus of a specific object?

  5. Will the Ronin-S also trigger Fuji X cameras in intervals for Panorama or Timelape function? I was wondering, since the commpatibility list does not show Fuji X. As a 20$ remote can remotely trigger Fuji X cameras in intervals (using the 2.5mm or RR-90 connection) I hope that will work with the Ronin-S too. Any insights on this?

  6. 1st DJI drone crashed, 2nd one sucks, DJI support, the worst!
    On April 18, I got the 2nd red DJI Mavic Air, due to the 1st one crashed two days ago. I was excited to fly it
    I contacted DJI support about the problem of Mavic Air immediately, and sent the drone back, while they were not able to explain the real reason which caused the problem, the answer was always ambiguous, such as the problem was from my part probably, or from the APP and so on.
    Anyway, I tried more than 10 times to contact the DJI support, while still failed to get a clear solution for that. They did not even reply me in a proper manner most of time, or just ignored my case simply…
    One month later, as a neglected customer, I decided to go to their head quarter in Shenzhen. Again, no solution! That made me more furious!!! Honestly, I have never seemed to get a person that wanted to solve the problem for me, everyone was afraid of taking the responsibility, though I even contacted their so-called Chief of Public Relation Dept.!!!
    Yes, DJI, they make great products, but I found them to be so unorganized and a very disappointing company to deal with.
    Like a nightmare, for me, it’s a really very annoying experience to buy a drone with them!

  7. I got my DJI RONIN-S today but none of the cables work with canon 5d mark 4 to use the app to operate the camera

  8. The IR connection for all a series Sony is not so reliable .. does not properly work with the creative Functions . Lets hope DJI will have soon a proper usb cable connection since the A7III is booming with videographers .

  9. Are you able to shoot motion time-lapse without connecting a camera to the Ronin?
    Want the Ronin to move between the waypoints without needing to trigger the shutter, my camera is recording a time-lapse separately.
    Can just use the IR cable and not actually use it to trigger the camera but can you use the motion time-lapse of the Ronin without a cable connected, like the Crane 2?

  10. When in track mode, would the Ronin bee able to loop the motion, or repeat it back and forth until you decide to stop it?

  11. None of the features work with a Nikon. Just the standard up down side to side. They need to make software that works with a Nikon D750. None of the cable work and the red cable light keeps flashing indicating you need to connect the cable haven’t been able to turn the flashing light off

  12. I am unable to position any Track way points with my GH5 as shown in this video. Selecting a point and moving the camera simply creates another waypoint, yet that waypoint is not in the correct position on playback. Adding a new waypoint with the plus icon simply stacks a new point directly above the previous one, and is also in the wrong location. I am able to (very roughly) drag a waypoint on the tiny app grid but the process is slow and extremely inaccurate. This would be a great feature if I could only get it to work.

  13. Hi, is it possible to make a motion lapse with a non-supported camera (e.g. FZ2000/2500) combining the time-lapse programming from the camera and the gimbal's movement programming?

  14. I have a 5D Mark IV and can't figure out how the focus wheel works. I've tried it with the camera lens set to <auto> and <Manual> but neither seem to do anything. Is there another setting I need to make it work?

  15. Does anyone know how to make "micro movements" in track mode?
    For what I am doing the smallest moves are too far. This might be able to be fixed if we could zoom in the the app to plot the points on the grid. Let me know. Thanks

  16. yea its not working for me, something isn't right, I set the in camera intervalometer, a brand new TOUGH card 300 mbps in slot 1. and firmware is at 3.1 on the sony a7riii…also didn't work with the ronin-s motion lapse as well. I had to disconnect the cord in order for the time lapse to work on the camera alone

  17. Would be great to do timelapse, motion lapse…but it skipps frames…jump, drit…went trough 3 Ronin S and they all do the same thing…cheap and bad construction DJI. Fail!

  18. Hi I'm having issues with triggering my sony a7iii with the attached cable it kind of works with the IR cable but not that reliable. please HELP I really need this feature to work.

  19. Is anyone else's virtual joystick inverted completely? It's not a huge deal to just flip my phone upside down however it seems to work as intended at :13 of this video….

  20. I was in doubt, I need to configure on camera the shooting of the photos? Or the Ronin S app does the shooting. I did the test and mine did not shoot, only the rotation.

  21. Hi, I am using ronin s with the latest update and sony a7iii connected by USB c cable. I am able to start video recording by pressing the button on the gimbal so I would assume it is connected correctly but when I want to do panorama or timelapse the gimbal moves but the camera is not taking photos, any idea how to fix this? Thanks Adam

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