– I think we
should have a party. You excited? It’s your birthday. Ready? One, two, three! (bass notes) – [Tiffany] Good morning.
(laughs) Did you make a mess? – Yeah. – [Tiffany] Were
your eyes still closed? Let me see. (laughs)
Good morning. – Good morning. – [Tiffany] Good morning,
Brycers. His eyes are still closed.
– Good morning. – [Tiffany] Morning. – Sitting in the car,
uploading the vlog, waiting for Darrell and his
wife to get their daughter. She just got his wisdom teeth
pulled out this morning. (laughs) I remember that. I had my wisdom teeth pulled I was a junior in high school
or a senior in high school. So, 16, 17 years ago. But, yeah, the best part is trying to get her to talk. She’s got anesthesia and,
you know, all that stuff. Look at those mountains. Beautiful, beautiful. Looking around here and
it’s got some red rock going on. Like I said, it kinda
looks like Sedona. Love it. It’s about 2 P.M. about
45 degrees here in St. George. Just went and grabbed some
G Fuel from my hotel room. About 2 o’clock so time
for a pick-me-up. Darrell’s on a conference call. One of his consultations. Killing some time, gonna reply to some
comments on today’s video. I do have to apologize though, yesterday’s vlog
after editing it I realized that we
really didn’t do a whole lot and talk a lot about the houses. Like I said at the end, it was like we got home, we got a bite to eat,
kids are home from school, I packed my bag and
I was out of the house. Tiff and I didn’t even get
a chance to really talk and honestly, she didn’t
really want to talk about it. She needed time to process it. I know when I get
back home tomorrow we’ll have some time to
sit down and actually talk and she’s had some
more time to think about the houses and whatnot. Just briefly talking this
morning she basically said yeah neither one of those
houses were the one. At least not right now, neither one of them jumped out
at me like yep that’s the one. So I also told her it’s going
to be hard for her to find the absolute perfect house. She has to be
a little flexible and as long as she realizes
that she has to be flexible, you know, I think we’ll be okay. But it was only day one,
it was only six houses. There’s dozens and dozens more so we’ll pick another day
next week and we’ll go out and hit another
six or seven houses. We’ll find a home. – Children are home. Where you at?
There you’re at. Whoa, hi Sierra.
– Hi. – It’s like Christmas.
(snapping bubble wrap) Me and Bryce and Sierra’s
getting in on it this time. Love to pop these things! Have fun, Bryce!
– What? – [Tiffany] Why do
we like doing it? – I don’t know.
– [Tiffany] I don’t know. But Baby hates it. I think she went
and hid from us. – [Bryce] Watch this!
(lots of snaps) – [Tiffany] Whoa!
How was school? – Good. – [Tiffany] How was school?
How was school? – [Sierra] Good.
– [Tiffany] Good. Sierra’s looking through
the Justice catalog. The winter catalog. Are you putting your
stinky feet on my bubbles that I have to
touch with my hands? (bubble wrap snaps) That didn’t work out very well. (chuckles) You’re silly. – That didn’t work.
– [Tiffany] No. Is that like the biggest bubble
wrap you’ve ever had? – Yeah. – [Tiffany] Not the big bubbles. Sometimes they come and
it’s the huge bubbles. – [Bryce] Once I popped
one of those and the glass thing went off.
– [Tiffany] Oh yeah. – So the alarm went off. – [Tiffany] The alarm. – Yeah, ’cause it thought
it was glass breaking because it was really loud. – So, Sierra’s friend Tati
gave her a present today. A birthday present and
it’s super cute, guys. So cute. Very pretty. RV there yet? That was nice of her, huh? She knows you.
– Mhmmm. – [Tiffany] We go camping a lot.
– Yeah. – [Tiffany] So it’s snack time. Sierra has a peppermint
greek yogurt. How’s that? – Good.
– [Tiffany] Good? And Bryce, I bought
something new today. – What? – [Tiffany] Isn’t this cool?
It’s like a snack pack. Sausages and chips. Let me know how it tastes. – Hmmm.
– [Tiffany] Let me know. Let me know.
– No. – [Tiffany] I dare you.
– It’s dog food. – [Tiffany] Double dare you. – Only if you do it. – [Tiffany] Okay, we’ll do
it at the same time. – No. Not at the same time.
You do it first. – [Tiffany] Okay,
you hold this one. – I’m scared. – Ew, it smells like it. Ready?
– Yeah. – Set. I’m looking at you.
– You first, you first. – You promise you’ll do it?
– Yes. – I can’t. Here you go, Baby.
I can’t. – [Bryce] She just dropped that
one out of her mouth to get– – [Tiffany] How are they Baby? Delicious! So I guess we should say
that today is Baby’s birthday.
How old is she guys? – Five years old.
So how old is that in dog years? – [Tiffany] Five
years old today. – Baby’s 35 years old
in dog years. – [Tiffany] That’s old. – She’s older than you. – Dog’s year is seven
so five times seven is 35. – She’s older than you.
– [Tiffany] Mhmmm. Okay, Sierra,
time to say goodbye to– – The turkey.
– [Tiffany] the turkey. Ready?
– [Sierra] Mhmmm. He’s like, “No!”
– [Tiffany] No! Turkey dying. (laughing) – He’s gone. (laughs) Oh, look at that. – [Tiffany] Yeah,
it’s pretty nasty. Have to do it several times. (bang)
– [Bryce] Oh! – [Tiffany] You alright
over there, Bryce? – [Bryce] I just banged my
knee on the metal table. – Alright, Babies.
Should we have a party? I think we should have a party. You excited? It’s your birthday! Ready? One, two, three! – [Sierra] She’s like,
“Oh my gosh! “Which one do I grab?” Green ball, blue ball, pink soccer ball. – [Tiffany] She doesn’t
know what to do. – [Sierra] Turkey sandwich. Oh my gosh! Some of those she
probably forgot about. – [Tiffany] So excited. You so happy right now.
Look at her. Was that a fun party? Baby, was that a fun party? – [Bryce] Oh my! – [Tiffany] She had a party.
You missed the party, Bryce. (toy squeeking) – Baby, Baby!
(Baby growls) – Watch this. Baby!
(Baby growling) – [Tiffany] Let’s see
who gets dizzy first. (Bryce and Sierra laughing)
Woo! Careful. Baby wins!
Good job, Babies. Good job. Alright, round two. (toy squeaking)
– Want a ball? Whoop.
– [Tiffany] Whoop. – [Sierra] Baby, ready? – [Tiffany] Oh no, wow, she
grabbed that. Crazy dog. She’s like, “It’s my birthday!” – [Sierra] Except she’s
like that all the time. – [Tiffany] So
excited right now. – [Sierra] She’s like, “I get
to play with all of my toys.” (toy squeaking) – [Tiffany] Oh,
that’s really annoying. Oh my goodness. – This one and have fun. – Way less annoying. – Woo-hoo. Ow, she ripped it
right out of my hand. – [Tiffany] Baby’s the
winner tonight, huh? You’re a winner, winner, winner. What’s up, Clintus? – Oh hi.
– [Tiffany] What’s up, daddy? You’re in the wrong seat.
– I know. – [Tiffany] Little
dinner action. It’s like a kid’s
meal right here. Chicken tenders,
mac and cheese and broccoli. – Mac and cheese
tastes different. It’s not that cheesy. – [Tiffany] It’s
organic something. – Organic everything. – [Tiffany] This is the worst
thing on your plate right now. – [Sierra] Yeah. I don’t want to
eat it. Looks disgusting. – [Tiffany] Not a fan of
breaded chicken, huh? – I like chicken nuggets
but with chicken tenders– – [Tiffany] Too much breading?
– Yeah, I don’t know. It just looks gross ’cause
they’re like lots of breading. – [Tiffany] You either
want chicken breast or chicken nuggets? – Mhmmm.
– [Tiffany] Okay. Sorry, I thought I was doing a
favor with daddy not being here. I was doing kid’s meal.
– I’m good. – You’d done better with
Dino-Chicken Nuggets. – Watch me dip, dip, watch me eat, eat. – [Tiffany] You’re silly. Oh, she’s scared
of the bubble wrap. – [Sierra] She hates
the bubble wrap, watch. The first time we did it,
I trapped her. She was in there to get the food and then while she was
in there and distracted I put this on here,
she just stares at it. She just like,
“Okay, ready, one, two,” and she tried going as
fast as she can across it. – [Tiffany] Come on, girl.
Come on. Want some more broccoli? So I read broccoli
is okay for dogs. Oh she’s like, “I don’t know.
I want it so bad.” She’s like, “Why are you guys
so mean on my birthday? “Come on.” Come on, girl.
Oh, there you go. – [Bryce] She stepped on
it but she didn’t pop it. – [Tiffany] She’s wagging
her tail, she’s happy. – [Sierra] Okay, you’re okay. – [Tiffany] Alright,
time to decorate it? – [Sierra] Mhmmm.
– [Tiffany] All Christmasy. There it is. A short, fat tree?
(laughs) It’s cute. Little stars all around it.
– [Sierra] Mhmmm. – [Tiffany] You happy with it?
Yep. Squish.
– Watch this kill. – Oh, we have to wait.
We have to wait. He’s getting a
good kill I guess. – Show them that,
show them that. Hurry up. Bang, hit ya, woo! – Alright, let’s say goodnight.
– Yeah. – We’re gonna say goodnight.
Get the clips off to Daddy. See you tomorrow!
– [Bryce] Bye! – [Tiffany] Say bye Sierra!
– [Sierra] Bye! – [Tiffany] Bye!
– [Sierra] Bye! – [Bryce] Vlog on! – Alright, you guys,
so a few hours later I’m here actually
at Darrell’s house and he was kind enough to
invite me over for dinner. We had some pizza,
some salad and now we’re eating some ice cream. They pulled out all the stops. We got four or five different
kinds of ice cream, some cookies and now
we’re heading downstairs. We’re gonna watch a video
recording from this morning when his daughter, Ellie, got
her wisdom teeth pulled out. They recorded the
whole 20 minutes of her right out of the anesthesia. Her mouth is just
full of cotton balls and she’s saying
all kinds of nonsense. It’s hilarious. Check this out. Darrell, what are
we gonna call this? Ellie after the dentist? – Yeah. Ellie on drugs. So the best was “I’m blind.
I can’t see anything.” “Well, your eyes
are closed, honey.” (group laughter) – [Clintus] She’s all
good now though. She’s sitting here eating
ice cream and Jell-O. She’s all good.
– Yep. – [Clintus] Aw. – [Woman] You guys are
good cousins, good friends, aren’t ya? – Well guys, I made it
back to my hotel room. Wrapping things up. It’s about 11 o’clock and
I’m going to go to bed. Try and get some extra sleep. I only got a few
hours last night and so I got more traveling
to do tomorrow night. I managed to download Tiffany’s
clips so I have it ready to go either to edit tomorrow
morning or even on the plane. I’ll edit on the flight.
We’ll see. Worst case scenario,
I can edit when I get home since I’ll be home by 10 A.M. To wrap things up here in Utah, great meeting, great brainstorm
meeting with Darrell. I have a laundry list of items
on a Google Doc of follow up items, video ideas, potential people to collab with, just all kinds of stuff to do
when I get back home which is exactly what I needed. Last time Darrell and
I talked it was kind of like he gave me some ideas
but I didn’t really write too many of them down. He gave me some tips and tricks,
didn’t really write them down. I’m bad about notes.
I suck at taking notes. This time I made
sure I took notes. And like I said, it’s about a
page and a half long. I definitely have some
work cut out for me. Don’t get me wrong, these daily vlogs I try to
keep as real as possible. Nothing is ever really staged. Of course, we plan things. We plan a Nerf gun fight, we plan a trip to wherever, we plan a prank on the kids. There’s things
that we plan to do and yes, we plan them because
we make YouTube videos. That’s kinda part of the gig. But I try to make
them as real and keep them as real as possible. I definitely don’t
want to do click bait. I definitely don’t
want to over-dramatize or falsely title or
thumbnail a video because that’s just not me,
that’s just not who I am. But at the same time,
we know how powerful a title and thumbnail are and how that could make
or break whether or not someone clicks on
one of my videos. And so, you only get
one shot at that, right? In a 10, 12 minute video, you’ve got to pick one
frame and make a title that connects that frame,
that picture, to the video and hope that’s
compelling enough to grab their attention
and earn their click, right? And that’s the most difficult
part about being a YouTuber. Especially a daily vlogger
when in 10 minutes of a video, 15 different things
could potentially happen. How do I choose the
correct title and thumbnail? Lot of what Darrell and
I talked about today was trying to,
you know, think about how to pull those
out of our videos to make the best
title and thumbnail without being misleading. Because that’s one thing
I do want to avoid. I don’t want to be misleading. I don’t want to be click bait. Anyways, I’m gonna go to bed. Thank you so much for watching. Thumbs up the video
if you enjoyed it. More videos on the end slate and we will see you guys
tomorrow back in Phoenix for another
travel day to Anaheim. Vlog on. – My name is Peter
from Russia and vlog on. (upbeat music)

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