100 Replies to “Drake – Money In The Grave ft. Rick Ross”

  1. If you sucked dick too I'm sure your have money in the grave also.. cock sucking illuminati tyrants. Support the movement. Rise or be compromised!

  2. Hi all of you great people !

    Take some Greatness of your time and listen to new duo that will break the world.. W!DE chanzy. i´ve been hearing them for the last 6 months now.. and they certainly NEED more publicity for their work,
    have a Listen for yourselves <3

    favorite song so far ! :

    W!DE chanzy !!! :


  3. Nice track!! I also got some beats on C_L_ Beats on Sound cloud check it out!! Keep the letters and underscores together One love

  4. Was watching a dude recite nursery rhymes until Ricky Rozay came on. Thanks Rick, you saved my eardrums. Drake almost put my ears in a grave

  5. tyler the creator fans should be ashamed of there selfs frank ocean music suck ass keep up the good work drake i love all your music

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  8. In the future one day, when he does pass. Some wacko will actually try. Or his place of rest will be in secret because of this.

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