Easy Halloween Kitty Kat Mature Skin nicqui madden

Easy Halloween Kitty Kat Mature Skin nicqui madden

Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel. Thanks for watching. So today I have a little “puddy kat” for Halloween for you. It’s pretty easy. It is a little bit time consuming. The most time spent, I guess, is doing your cut-crease with the white. So let’s get started. Ok guys. So that’s my “puddy kat” for Halloween. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, don’t forget to give me a “thumb’s up” and subscribe. Click on the “Notifications Bell” so you’re notified when I do upload some more content. And I’ll see you in my next video. Bye x

5 Replies to “Easy Halloween Kitty Kat Mature Skin nicqui madden”

  1. How lovely! It looks fantastic, the white cut crease looks awesome, I really must try a cut crease on my old eyes, you wear it well and give inspiration to us older people, I'm so impressed with this look, thank you for sharing😀

  2. I love your video. Your makeup came out so balm!!❤❤❤ it mean alot if you could checkout my channel ❤❤❤

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