Easy Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do!

Easy Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do!

– [Narrator] Making the
Statue of Liberty disappear is probably going to be beyond you. But that doesn’t mean you
can’t impress your friends with some less
resource-heavy magic tricks. These tricks include classics
like making a coin disappear or bending a paperclip with your mind. What’s more, most of them only
take a few minutes to learn. (puzzled music)
– Amazing. – [Narrator] Number 20,
turn paper into cash. Magic always looks more
impressive with fire. Of course, we always urge caution when adding anything
flame-related to a trick. For this one, you’ll need a
piece of paper, a fire lighter, and some cash. Hold the piece of paper in
your hand then set it on fire, flick your wrist and, hey presto. And in its place you have a 20-pound note. Here’s how it’s done. First, fold the bank note in
half three times as shown. Then hide it in the palm of your hand. Now, light the paper as normal. While the audience are
distracted by the flame all you have to do is push the bank note to the front of your thumb, simple. This trick works best when your audience doesn’t
know what you’re gonna do. Number 19, the levitating card trick. The levitating card trick is another very easy piece of magic. All you need is a pack of
cards and some fingers. Let’s hope you still have yours. Place your index finger on
top of the deck of cards, lift it up and using the
awesome powers of your mind, a card should follow suit. This card will always be the one placed at the back of the
deck and with good reason. To do the trick, simply
hold your pinky finger against the deck in the middle of the card while your index finger rests
against the top like shown. Raise your hand and the
card should move with it. Number 18, the disappearing crayons. Take box of crayons, hold it
out in front of the audience. Before their very eyes you’re
going to make the crayons inside the box disappear. Wave your hand over the crayons in a suitably theatrical
manner and suddenly, poof, the crayons are gone. To get the crayons back all you have to do is turn the box over and the crayons have magically reappeared. This is a little trickier than some of the tricks in this video and requires some basic
arts and crafts skills. You can’t do this trick
with any old box of crayons. The crayons are cut in half and glued to a few Popsicle sticks or whatever you have that suits as shown. When putting the crayons inside the box, hold your finger about halfway up the box to keep the crayons in place. When you want them to disappear, simply release the pressure on the box and the crayons will slip
to the bottom of the box. Once you turn the box
over, the crayons reappear. Number 17, disappearing coin trick. This is one of a host
of classic coin tricks you’ve probably seen a version
of dozens of times before. In this particular case, you’re gonna hold the coin in one hand, place your other hand over the coin, remove it and the coin is gone. Place your hand over the other hand again and what’s that? The coin is back but this
time in your other hand. As you might have guessed, this involves a little
bit of sleight of hand. Once you place your second hand over the one with the coin in it, simply place the coin in
between your index finger holding it there. Now, to make the coin reappear all you have to do is lift
it from your index finger and show it to your
hopefully astonished fans. Number 16, disappearing match trick. Next, we’re gonna make a match
or a toothpick disappear, whichever you have. This is another really simple trick that if carried out right
is really effective. Hold a match in your hand,
open your hand dramatically as if you’ve thrown the
match clear with your mind. Now, as if catching the
match from out of thin air close your hands and
boom, the match is back. Repeat this as many times as you like. It will amaze your audience every time. All you have to do is take the
match to your thumb as shown bend the top of your thumb downwards to put the match on display and simply straighten your
thumb to make it disappear. If you don’t happen to have tape on you, this can still be performed. All you need to do is lick
the back of your thumb between the knuckle and nail when the audience is distracted, and squeeze the match
against your thumb tightly. It should create some temporary adhesive so that it will hold long enough for you to at least
perform this trick once. Number 15, disappearing
coin trick off table. Some more coin trickery now. This time, we’re gonna
make a coin disappear through a table. First, place the coin on a flat surface, drop your hand over the coin and concentrating really, really hard, use all your magical abilities
to make that money vanish. while rubbing your palm back
and forth over the coin. What you’re really doing
by rubbing the coin is actually inching it slowly
to the edge of the table first with your palm and
then your wrist, as shown, where it will magically fall off and disappear onto the floor. It helps if you do this
trick in a carpeted room. Number 14, magic liquid
through a plastic cup trick. This is another trick that requires a little bit
of advanced preparation. Drop one plastic cup filled with liquid, preferably colored
liquid, into the other one and if your powers are
working at full capacity, the liquid from the first cup should magically appear in the second one as if the liquid is passed
right through the first cup. To do this trick, you actually
need three plastic cups. cut the bottom of the third cup and fill that with liquid
mixed with some food color. Place it on the bottom of the
second, completely empty cup. Making it look like
it’s filled with liquid drop this cup into the first one. The base from the third cup should fall off into the first cup and disappear into the liquid, making it look as if the liquid has passed from one cup to the other. Number 13, wine glass and coin trick. This is another perennial favorite in magicians the world over. You’re gonna take a wine
glass, put a cloth over it or simply place your hands around its top and slide it over a coin. The coin as if by magic will vanish. It is important for this trip to work that it occurs on colored paper. It is this paper that is
the secret to its success. Beforehand, you will have
cut out a circular piece of the colored paper and glued it to the top of the wine glass. So when you slide the glass over the coin, it looks like it has vanished when really it’s hidden
underneath the colored paper. Slide the glass away and
look, the coin is back. Number 12, signed card trick. We’ve been lied on card tricks thus far so let’s address that issue right now. For this trick, you’ll
need a deck of cards, a marker, and a see-through bag. Get your participant to pull
out a card from the deck and without showing it
to you sign the card and place it back in the deck. The cards will be placed into the see-through bag and sealed. Give the bag to your participant to hold with a born entertainer’s flourish, you’re going to pull their
signed card from out of the bag without actually damaging the plastic. Impossible, right? Well, obviously not. The trick here is to palm the card once the person is placed
in back into the deck. To do this, simply cut the pack of cards so that there is a break in it. Shifts the card so that the person’s
card is on top as shown. The card is then palmed as you misdirect the audience’s attention with the question like how
many cards are in the deck? Once the participant holds
the bag, you scratch your face and lick the back of the card which is then stuck to
the other side of the bag so it’s never actually inside the plastic. Once it comes time to
pull it out of the bag, all you have do is pull it
off the back of the bag. Make sure do it with a
little bit of style though. Number 11, breaking a
pencil with an index card. This is another really simple trick that you can do with a regular old pencil and an index card. What you’re gonna do is break
that pencil with the card. Get your delightful assistant
to hold the pencil tightly. Swipe down with the card and the pencil should break in two. Of course, you can
actually break the pencil with a piece of card but
what you’re actually doing is quickly straightening your
index finger as you swipe, and it’s this that does the damage. It could hurt a little but it’s all worth it
in the name of magic. Just make sure to apply
ample power to your swipe. Number 10, the torn corner card trick. So if you’re feeling a little hungry, here’s a trick that will astonish people and seemingly fill your stomach a little. Your assistant picks a card, you tear it a little at the corner. Then you bite it off, chew down
on the card and swallow it. Then go to your wallet
and look what’s inside, it’s the bit of the card
that you have just eaten. To pull this one off, you
need a duplicate card, so access to two decks. For best effect, use a picture card like the king of diamonds so you can tear both at identical places, say where the king’s crown stops. Take the tone piece of card
and put it in your wallet, then force the duplicate
card on your spectator. There are multiple ways you can do this. Now all you have to do is tear the card in the exact same way you
tore the previous one, you don’t actually have to
eat the piece of the king. Instead, simply tuck the
corner behind the card as shown as you bring it to your mouth. Set the card down so the corner is hidden. Then go to your wallet
and complete the trick. Number nine, bend a
paperclip with your mind. Bending a paperclip with your mind is not as difficult as it sounds. In fact, it’s remarkably easy and it requires surprisingly
little psychic abilities. Take a normal paperclip, flatten it out and then hold
it straight in front of you. This trick is all about perspective. The paperclip shouldn’t
be completely straight. However, when you hold it in front of you, it should look like it is. To bend it, simply roll
it ever so slightly between your fingers making it look like you’re bending the
paperclip with your mind when in reality, you’re
just rotating it a little. Number eight, magic chalk powder. For this, you’ll need some
chalk and an assistant’s hands, preferably attached to their body. Get your assistant to hold their hands out
in front of them facedown. Make sure to place them exactly
where you want them to be. Put some chalk on your
hand, rub it some more until the chalk has disappeared. Finish by blowing on your hand to magically transfer the chalk that was there into your helper’s hand. Now turn your assistant’s hands over and the chalk should have
magically jumped to their palm. The trick here is in the
placement of the assistance hands. Rub some chalk on your fingers
in advance of the trick. Once you reposition their hands, you’re also transferring
the chalk to their palm. Everything after this is mere showmanship. Number seven, disappearing coin trick. This is another twist on the
classic vanishing coin trick. For this variant, you
need a glass of water, a coin of course, and a piece of cloth. Put the coin under the cloth and then hold it over
the water tap at once, maybe twice for effect, remove the cloth and the coin is gone. What you need to do to
make this trick magic is hold a transparent coin replacement like the glass of a
watch face in your hand and swap it out for the coin before you actually place it
underneath the cloth like shown so when you let go of what
is supposed to be the coin, the transparent object
drops into the water completely unnoticed or
disappears as if by magic. Number six, disappearing ring. Ever wanted to make a ring
disappear, here’s how. Place the ring on your index finger. Wave your other magic hand in
front of it, the ring is gone. A second wave and it’s back again. All you have to do to
make this trick magic is simply swap fingers. When you wave your hand, you swap your index finger
for your middle finger and then swap them back again
to make the ring reappear. Who knew magic was so easy? Number five, magic slap card trick. Now we’re going back to card tricks. Get your assistant to
pick a card, any card, look at it and put it
back anywhere in the deck then give them the pack of cards. Now you’re going to slap the
cards out of the person’s hand until the only card that remains is incredibly the very card they picked. To do this, you have to
keep control of the card when it’s put back into the deck, ensuring that it winds up
at the bottom of the pack. Once it’s there, the rest
is fairly straightforward. Make sure they hold the deck
of cards relatively loosely and in this specific way as shown with their thumb and index finger. Once you select the pack of cards, they will naturally fall until
you are only left with one. It might require a little bit of practice to know exactly how hard to hit the cards. Number four, anti-gravity ring. Now we’re gonna do something really cool. We’re gonna make a ring defy gravity. Take a piece of elastic, break it and threaded through the ring. Hold it in an angle like so and using all the power of your mind, make that ring go up. It’s actually a pretty
easy trick to pull off. Hold one end of the elastic at its edge while with the other end, you’re actually going to leave
quite a bit of the elastic resting in your palm. Then stretch the elastic so it looks like it’s at its full length. Now all you’re gonna do is
pull the elastic upwards, releasing it slowly to make it look like the
ring is defying gravity. Number three, levitating money trick. With this trick, it appears that all you’re
doing is taking a standard note and folding it. Then for added suspense, the note is balanced
between both your thumbs and ever so slowly, it is
less suspended in the air. The illusion makes it seem like the note is levitating on its own, but obviously it isn’t. The note is then unwrapped and inspected. This trick is super simple. All you have to do is take a coin and hide it in your palm. As you take the note to start folding it simply slide the coin behind it and fold the note over the coin. Now all you have to do is
slowly balance it on your thumb. Once you’re done levitating the bill, flip it upside down and release
the pressure on the coin so that the coin falls
back into your hand. Number two, disappearing foil coin trick. This is a delightfully simple trick that looks wonderful if
pulled off correctly. Take a coin and a piece of paper. Place the coin inside the piece of paper and then nice and slowly
fold the paper over until it is nothing more than
a scrunched up piece of paper. Did the coin disappear? Well, the truth, as ever,
is a little more prosaic. There never was a coin to begin with. What you do is take some tin foil and to make an impression of the coin. In the U.S., a quarter will work. For British magicians, you’ll probably want to use the 10p coin. Trim around the edge of
the foil with scissors so you have a foil quarter. At a distance, it should be really hard to tell the difference between
the real and fake coin. From here, the rest is simple. Number one, torn and
restored dollar bill trick. Now, we’re gonna destroy some money. Well, not really. Take a note, tear it
straight down the middle, then do it again and again. So you now have half a
dozen or so torn pieces, rub the bits together until
eventually the bill is restored. So how is it done? All you need are two of the
same denominations of note and some glue or rubber cement. Super glue might ruin your notes, make them un-spendable. Fold one of the bills in half and line it up with the back
of the other bill as shown. Run some rubber cement around
the outer edge of the bill just the outer edge. The second bill goes on top. Press it into place
with two flaps as shown. Now you could start tearing the first bill from just about where the fold is. Tear it some more to
make sure your audience are convinced you have torn the money. Slide the tone pieces
into the pocket created when you glued the two notes together. Start rubbing, which is really you just moving the pieces into the pocket. Maneuver the bill into a Z shape. Showing the slide that hasn’t been glued, straighten the note with a flourish. You can even show them the other side being careful to hold
the note in such a way as to hide the crease. There you go, 20 tricks to
amaze and astound friends, loved ones and enemies. Let us know how you get on
with them in the comments and make sure and share
this video with any friends you’re happy sharing our
magical secrets away to. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to like it and subscribe, clicking that bell icon to
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