100 Replies to “Elizabeth Banks Made “Charlie’s Angels” To Celebrate Women At Work”

  1. I would rather watch epstein clinton himself than watch this trainwreck that was directed by a trainwreck….oh and colbert,you are a puzzy

  2. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah,women..ahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Did he just call her beautiful?
    Did he ACTUALLY reduce her down to her appearance???
    I have never been so effing triggered!!

  4. This waste of money, energy, time… is so bad, it's not even funny.
    She shat on hollywood studios who made her, a below average "actress" worth more than 55 million dollars.
    She's basically one of those blue or red haired "gender studies" graduatewho never admit being wrong even when you prove them with facts and logic .
    If that "movie" she have a huge responsability in it.

  5. Ten seconds in the the interview
    Banks: I love it.
    Damn she is so much easy to to see through. Hardly anything she says isn't manipulative

  6. Yeah I remember Kate Jackson when I watched the series as a small kid and no, Kirsten Stewart did not play her, she played Kirsten Stewart. Based on the trailers and snippets of the movie.

  7. I'm picturing theaters across America showing this movie virtually empty accept for a few women dressed in lumberjack coats and work boots with crew cuts.

  8. If the movie was anything like that coming out music, then I'm glad I avoided it. This entire interview is looking awful, from both sides.

  9. If this movie proves anything, it is that Americans are longing for more films that moralize from Hollywood about the Woke Utopia we should all be embracing.

  10. This reboot sucked….ok honestly I didn't see it…. Had no intentions of seeing it (My fault I'm a guy)… I mean come on.. kristen Stewart, really? And Epstien did not kill himself.

  11. I like her but what a shitty excuse for the movie failing if she’d of used people as the Angels who people actually knew would of been better

  12. Womens at work , remember when the day without a women almost made society collapse due to the importance of all those who walked out ? Yea me neither.

  13. Women in the workplace – that party finished about 60 fucking years ago.

    And she made it to get paid – any actor with any sort of self-respect would stay away from superhero movies and remakes.

  14. I like this lady but her new movie looks like complete shit. If I don’t like the fast and the furious movies… do you really think I’m going to like this garbage?

  15. The movie was poorly marketed, I had no idea it had come out until I saw the reviews. It seems like they blew most of their marketing budget on the Ariana, Miley and Lana song. The only main cast member that had any box office drawing power at all was Kristen Stewart, that alone says a lot. It's also really off putting when movies become politicized.

  16. Her movie which she made for women flopped because women didn't see it? Nooo….it's the men that failed it! The best example of oxymoron I've ever seen.

  17. She is out of touch with reality, it's a shame she thinks the world is the same as Hollywood. News flash women don't do this irl men do, women are used to get close to men in ways other men cannot in spy related stuff, go watch the spy movie with Jennifer Lawrence.

  18. Thats just another example why I wont ever be a modern feminist. My "sisters" are constantly blaming men for the failure of these shitfests. Nobody prevented women to go and see this movie. Nobody wanted it and its badly made. Face it and take responsibility.

  19. She got some advice for other female actresses lol that advice was terrible and it probably was just bullshit to ruined her career because females are jealous of other females lol. Stupid woman.

  20. Sooo toxic women blame men for stuff they had started and responsibilities (only to play the victim) now they've adapted into blaming men for something that they wrote and directed…*Sigh*.

  21. If, during the publicity drive for a film you alienate a huge swathe of the audience; Don't- DON'T- for one fucking second blame that section of the audience for poor sales.

  22. A preformed a speech about modern propaganda just the other day. Such perfect timing! I had a couple of jokes about this travesty of a film, and they went over very well with the audience. Thanks, Elizabeth Banks!

  23. 0:40
    "I busted my ass to get to where I am, do you think I care about how I look or yellow not being my colour? What does my style or personal life have to do with this? Fuck off!"
    Clearly not inspired by women in engineering.

  24. So she wanted to make a film that had been done a million times before and were better ?
    If I yell "equality" at people will Hollywood throw money at me ?

  25. Reads script. Chooses to do a movie with fake boobs and little people anyway…. starts to blame ''the industry'' for putting her in a movie like that. Because only women get put in goofy situations or get sexually objectified?

    Chris Evans, Hemsworth, Henry Cavill etc. all had to take their shirts off for their superhero movies to make female viewers cream their panties. Plenty of goofy male actors out there that keep getting typecast in goofy roles. Maybe if you were a better actress you'd be in movies good actresses get offered like Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Lawrance etc.

  26. Look at that. Elizabeth Banks saying the movie is made for women.

    Who's fault is it that the movie flopped again? Not men's, they weren't supposed to go.

  27. If a movie looks boring I will not watch it no matter who directed it. I’ve seen banks in better movies, but this one was not her best.

  28. Klobuchar should've gotten more time – she's got a better chance of becoming POTUS than this trainwreck has of breaking even

  29. Make a good movie for male and female audiences: Men and women will watch your movie.
    Make a good movie for female audiences: Men and women (mostly women) will watch your movie.
    Make a SHITE movie: Nobody will watch your movie because it sucks.

  30. Well, now that I know Elizabeth Banks is on the Trump impeachment train, and is too stupid to think for herself, watch the impeachment hearings, and understand that there is absolutely ZERO evidence to warrant impeachment, and since she advocates murdering babies as "choice" rather than using birth control as "choice", I'll be sure to not watch anything that she is in any way associated with.

  31. Charlie's Angels 2019: The most talked about bomb of the year. Sorry Ms. Banks, you seem nice enough, but bad movie and bad man-hater message alienated at least half your potential viewers. It's the "Gigli" of girl-power movies, but at least it will be remembered for that 😉

  32. 2019 Misogynist man checking in. Wonder Woman and Black Widow look badass and I will go see it in theaters because I appreciate well made movies, and to top it off, they are female led action movies. Win-Win.

  33. She made a movie to celebrate women at work. I think it worked. It made women decide they rather work on sundays than go out and watch her movie. Thank you Elizabeth, for empowering our women!

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