EMIKA & BDAY イベント告知 Ep02 (resumen) XMAS PARTY (ANUNCIO) 生誕イベントダイジェスト有り (Bday Party & announce)

EMIKA & BDAY イベント告知 Ep02  (resumen)  XMAS PARTY (ANUNCIO) 生誕イベントダイジェスト有り (Bday Party & announce)

¡Hello everyone! ¡Emika Kamieda here! ¿How are you? Today’s video is a summary of the “Birthday Party” event I did in Osaka in July 14th And I would like to show you how it was! Las summer, in July 14th When I went back to Osaka I held a Bday party Event And this December 12th in Osaka I will have another one! So if you would like to I come I would be really happy to see you there That’s why I prepared this short clip with some moments Of my Birthday… Party! This time I will be having two the same day. Last time we had like… Some quizzes, and question corners And I think we had a lot of fun! This time, the first half will be a Xmas special Talk Show With a photo session! And the second half Will be a Xmas-dinner Party! Y also will be… Well, since it will be close to Christmas! I will be givinig away presents like… A nice Santa! So please make sure to come if you want both morning and afternoon Don’t miss it! The link is down here! So, in order to see what kind Of event it was Check out the July 14th video! Here! 37! ¡Uaaah! (Presenter) We got the 37! I’ve heard a lot of people (Assistant): Movement out there? Yep, but when I looked at the entrance It didn’t seem like there were so many… (Asssistant): But it’s crowded.
(Emika): Really?
(Assistant): Yes Let’s see how it goes (Assistant): We are going to start…
(Emika): Already? (FAN): EMIKAAAAA ¡The group quiz starts! ¿Who is my favourite One Piece character? I’m sure more than a couple people know this one I love it (No idea, but the options were Luffy, Chopper, Sanji and Law) Here it comes. Let’s see if we have some music We can do it without BGM! (Not the very best tuned Happy Birthday in Japanese) (Happy Birthday to you!) Thank you! Thaaaank youuu So cute! Thanks a lot! We didn’t have the BGM but now… This goes to wild. How are we supposed to sing like this? (Presenter): So you already are 25! Thank you very much. This cake is pretty big, so I can’t have it all alone. You’ll have to help me. (Presenter) The winning team will eat it with Emika! Here we go… One, two and yep! 55! (Presenter): Where is the 55? Ah! There! ¡Congrats! So that’s the last question Yeah, I can answer it. Potato. (Really, potato or sweet potato was the question) (Fans): Oh yeah! Quite a surprise Are you sure you are ok with this last question? Well, yeah, I had plenty of experiences And this has been the first year, but in the second I want to work harder and warder! (Ganbarimasu!) Maybe sound like too much But I am serious about it And with that Iwill be seriously able to get closer to my dreams. Oh, my god. I’m gonna cry. (Fan): Then cry! (LoL I am working pretty hard But it’s also very hard to tell it sometimes to Japanese people You might think: “What the heck is she doing?” Or “Is she doing ok?” i want to keep doing lives, and doing stuff on SNS ¡Yooo! F……….k And I want to make sure you will be proud and happy to have met me since the beginning of my career That’s why I’ll work very hard And from now on I hope you keep supporting me! (You can skip to 5:58) Thank you everyone! foaihfojenflaasmgf Thanks, people. Are we leaving? Yep, it’s alread… Time to leave Thanks for coming today Hope to see you soon again Did you have fun? Great! Thanks! How was it? And that was the July 14th event What do you think? This year I am going back to make a Xmas event! So I hope I can enjoy a nice day with a lot of people! Now the same but in Spanish with a couple of bad jokes. I mean, you can come, but I still
can’t pay you all the trip 🙁 I will be talking a lot, really Sh…. t, Spanish R and L are like hell Today I just talked a little bit about the event, and not too much about Spain This week I’ll tray to upload As soon as I can another video Usefull Japanese expressions (and maybe some Spanish too) And now more of the same but in Spanish flow (5 more secs) If there is something you wanna know in Spanish to say in Spanish Write it down in the comments and my SNS! Also is there something that you would like to know to say in Japanese? Write it down everywhere! Here, Insta Twitter… ALL! Thank you (Gracias) and please subscribe!!!! Thanks for watching the video till the end and… guess what? Please, subscribe! See ya! Adiós! (like Bye, but in Spanish!)

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  1. ちらっと映ってた😍😍👍👍Tシャツ背中の上枝恵美加が見えてる😍

  2. ほんま楽しいイベントやったよ😊また新しいイベント開いてくれてありがとね、変わらず応援してるよー

  3. おもしろい, Emika! ^^. ¿Como puedo decir "interesante" en japonés? Tengo ganas de ver el siguiente para practicar más mi 日本語 😀 Una pena no poder acompañarte a Osaka al próximo cumple.またね!

  4. Para el próximo evento de cumpleaños no puede faltar la canción de Parchis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tznBgIGSi98

  5. Uyy, me encantaría ir a Japón pero ahora mismo no puedo :c pero yo también me esforzaré para ir pronto jeje (mucho ganbatte)

  6. En japonés me gustaría saber cómo se dice
    "disculpa, ¿puedes ayudarme?"
    "¿Sabes hablar inglés?" xdd
    "¿Dónde está la estación de metro?"
    O si veo a alguien con un cosplay o ropa chula le preguntaría…
    "¿Puedes tomarte/sacarte una foto conmigo?"

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