[ENG SUB] Renjun’s Birthday Party – NCT DREAM Instagram Update

[ENG SUB] Renjun’s Birthday Party – NCT DREAM Instagram Update

Nice~ Honestly, we all have to do it. Renjun-ah, whose birthday is today? Who wants everyone to do it? Starting from there. Quickly. But it’s unfair. When it’s my turn, you always stop me. So we have to do aegyo. Aegyo. Aegyo. You have to do aegyo for us. We won’t start it again. Again, again. [They asked him why he likes Moomin] I just like it (no reason) His body is white. Because we(Moomin) are similar~ On Renjun’s bed there are 3 Moomin dolls. That.. Honestly, just like Renjun likes Moomin, everyone has a favourite character. Dragon Ball. What about Jisung? Pikachu is my favourite when I watched Pokemon, but I like Dragon Ball more. Snorlax Mickey Mouse..? Really.. Ah, there is one. Do you know Winnie the Pooh? The tiger in Winnie the Pooh, he’s very cute. One Piece. I like Crayon Shin-chan. I really like Crayon Shin-chan. I would watch it everytime before going to sleep. Let’s hear Renjun. Thank you for coming today. Next time too.. Let’s grow up together. Today I had so much fun. Mark hyung, I got it. Installing swag~ Yo Dream~ Yo Dream~ It’s the first time we’re doing it like this. Let’s do something different. Shall we have Renjun do it? This is something only the leader can do. Let us see your swag. Yo Dream~ Yo Dream~

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  1. only mark knows winnie the pooh?! lol the other look so clueless. now I understand why mark said the generation gap between him&the other dream kids are too big😂

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