Face Painting for Birthday Parties : Painting a Spiderman Mask on Kids Faces

Face Painting for Birthday Parties : Painting a Spiderman Mask on Kids Faces

Hi, so we’re working on a spider man face
today. We’ve done our eye and we’re going to add in the red. Now what I’m doing is I’m
just doing the spider man mask on half of our model’s face, what you would do if you
were painting at a birthday party, spider man birthday party or event you might want
to do the whole face, but I’m leaving this half blank because I’m going to show you what
you can do on the other side and down the line. Our model has a lot of hair, so what
we’re going to do is we are going to pull it back because that’ll let us get the full
red on there when we do the rest of the spider man mask. What I’m going to use for the red is a sponge.
It’s great for large areas; you could also use a large brush and the cake paint. Today
I’m using a sponge and a powder, goes on nice and smooth. I’m just going to go right up
to where I did the white eye, its okay if I go over it a little bit because we’re going
to go back in and outline it. You want to just press gently, you don’t need to press
hard, and it?ll be uncomfortable for the children. Again relax your face, close your eyes lightly
like your sleeping, if you scrunch up I’m going to miss it and spider mans going to
look funny. Almost done, we just have to get around the mouth. Can you look at me please?
One thing I actually, I do not like my models to hold mirrors while I’m painting them because
it’s easier for them to look at me or where I want them to look rather than looking at
themselves in the mirror. Just going to go right down since we’re only doing half the
face, I’m going to go right down the center of his nose and just half of his mouth. Make
sure you get this spot right here, in the nose. It’s easy to miss that spot. See how
nice that red went on? Nice and smooth, full coverage and then we’ll get back in and add
the details. That’s how you add the red for your spider man mask.

14 Replies to “Face Painting for Birthday Parties : Painting a Spiderman Mask on Kids Faces”

  1. this kid was not a brat at all! the poor kid obvisouly didn't want his face painted, why not use another model?

  2. I appriciate this because you can see that a little squirming can be delt with and still produce a good face. Not every kid can hold it still for even 5 minutes. This boy is typical of alot of boys… doesnt want to sit still! The artist dealt with it wonderfully.

  3. i thought that too, but then i realized that this is what you deal with in real life face painting at a party with a bunch of stranger kids and their parents lol

  4. sorry can nobady see this boy has adhd or terrets.i experience this when working with kiddies with learning difficulties.
    its a good pointer how to cope with a wriggler.well done

  5. Poor kiddd. He obviously doesnt want his face painted… so leave the kid alone! Im not sure if your the mom or not but I know if that was my kid I would not let you grab their chin like that. How disrespectful!!

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