Fat Joe, Anthony Ramos & Lemon Andersen Celebrate Puerto Rico | She’s Gotta Have It | Netflix

Fat Joe, Anthony Ramos & Lemon Andersen Celebrate Puerto Rico | She’s Gotta Have It | Netflix

– You know what’s wild, I went out there a week
after the hurricane hit. You’re watching your own people. Now you’re used to
watching people suffer in these third world countries on television, growing up, especially, right? And to see your own
people, drinking water, right out of the street, like literally sticking their faces on the side of the mountains
trying to get water. It was just a reminder that, until you see this for yourself, you won’t know how hard it is. (samba music) – [Lemon Andersen) So I was looking over at the bomb ass food we’re about to eat. – You know we, in my opinion, the best, Puerto Rican restaurant in New York City, Casa Adela, may she rest in peace, she’s a living legend and the woman would be
here cooking herself. Now she got her family here, she taught them everything, she taught them all her ingredients, and everything’s good but everything you eat, tastes different. You know sometimes stuff starts tasting the same.
– Yeah, yeah. Your shrimp could taste like chicken, they put it in the same oil. – Yeah that’s right. – No, I’m right or wrong? (Fat Joe speaks in foreign language) You know, it will open your taste buds. (Anthony Ramos and
Lemon Andersen laughing) Like, y’all, I’m telling you. I’m telling you, you wanna go inside? – We’ll go inside. – Let’s do it, let’s hit it. (samba music) I think Ramos
(clapperboard snapping) could sing that song, just in case you can’t get Hector. (Fat Joe and Anthony Ramos laughing) So, check it out, Lemon Andersen, producer, writer, “She’s Gotta Have It”.
(Fat Joe clapping) The wonderful talented actors
who kill it in the show. My mother grew up in this neighborhood before we moved to Brooklyn. Colombian Essex. It’s different. Alphabet City is different
from East Village, you already know.
– [Fat Joe] Yes it is. Alphabet City was a whole other level. – Still another level. – So if you got to walk down East Streets, you were related to someone or you owned these blocks, right? Then you got the Nuyorican Poets Cafe where I cut my teeth as a writer. Around the corner. I didn’t do none of
that snap slam shit bud. I held my own. – You’re a true legend– – No, I, you know. – I’m Anthony Ramos, playing
Mars Blackmon in the show. (Fat Joe clapping)
– AKA, AKA, Mars F. Boogie. – You know what I mean. (Fat Joe singing) (Anthony Ramos laughing) I grew up in Bushwick in Brooklyn, Hope Gardens projects. But I love New York, man, and I think as the years progress, the more I appreciate it, and I thank God for good people in my life and I’ve got my squad and my tribe now. – [Fat Joe] Sure, sure. I wouldn’t trade nothing. None of the struggles, nothing my family and I
went through growing up. It was shit, you know, but that led us all here.
– Yeah. What’s up IG, what about your life, BX? – Fat Joe, Joseph Antonio Cartagena, New York soul. I’m from everywhere, from the South Bronx, but I’m from all over the Bronx. So I grew up in this neighborhood as well as Bushwick and
Cornelius and all that. The only thing wrong with Brooklyn… I’m gonna tell ya, I’ve
gotta tell this story. – No, please. – As of… – [Lemon Anderson] Tell us. – Listen as of… – Listen, as I’m bigging up Brooklyn, ’cause I got too much love for Brooklyn. – Yeah, we love you too. – Is, y’all got a fake ice cream trucks, y’all used to have Kool
Cat, the green one. We had Mister Softee. (all talking over each other)
(Anthony Ramos singing) Now, y’all had the Kool Cat,
it was a green ice cream truck with fake ice cream, I’m telling you, I stood
every summer in Brooklyn– – No! – Bro, we had Mister Softee. – See, what’s wrong with the
grown up tune, like, hello? (Anthony Ramos singing) – Listen to me, now I had Kool Cat, it looked like Dr. Seuss,
it was fake ice cream. I’m not, keep it a buck with you. (upbeat music) – Our cultural references
come from the households, (Lemon Anderson speaks
in foreign language) you know, we went to Pentecostal Church, dated the daughters and shit, you know, you know how that goes, so. (Anthony Ramos laughing) At the same time, we were
blasting hip hop music, we were blasting disco
music, we were in it. – Me, I got a problem with New York Rican. – Yeah I wanna hear. – Yeah, my problem is,
that we identify ourselves, first of all, let’s be clear, I’m half Cuban, half Puerto Rican, but we identify ourselves as Puerto Rican and we wave the flag louder than anybody. And when you go in the neighborhood, you know Puerto Ricans live there ’cause they got the
biggest flags in the world. And I never understood how Puerto Ricans from Puerto Rico feel like we’re less than them as Puerto Ricans. And I’ve had a big problem with that and a big issue with that because if you call any New York Rican or whatever, so called Puerto Rican from New York, they’re gonna be like, (in foreign language)
boy, we Puerto Rican. And then when I bumped into these, the real Puerto Ricans, ’cause they feel like
they from the island, they’re the real ones, I got a problem when they telling me, (Fat Joe speaking in foreign language) I’m like, what the fuck, what
you people talking about? – Right. – I’m good, I respect everybody, no matter what their nationality is, or what their color is, if they show me respect, I’m gonna show them the same respect. (samba music) – We got picked up in season two, Spike was like, “yo, what do you wanna do? “What episode you wanna work on?” Spike and I had been
talking about Puerto Rico. He loves these actors,
he loves these talents, you know, so, he was really like, “yo, let’s bring Joe, let’s
bring Ramos out as Mars, “let’s bring these Winnie Win out, “you know, let’s really put on a show, “when it comes to the efforts “of supporting Puerto Rico right now, “let’s really put it on the front line.” And I knew that our efforts were there, as human beings, we will go
all supporting Puerto Rico, you know, with the kind
of work we do off the job. So, it was an opportunity
to shine a light on that. You know, so. – When I went out there
with the Maria farm, and, I mean, without fail, the way the community, these communities
– Yeah. were coming together– – I saw when you came back,
how surprised you were. – I mean I was just overwhelmed, you know, and like, this young couple, they’re running the social kitchen there and we arrived and we’re ready to do work and first thing they ask
us is, are you hungry? – Oh wow. – They ask us. They just got hit with a hurricane and they’re like, are you hungry? But I mean like, we sat and
drank and we ate and we chilled. We went to their favorite bar on the side of this mountain, like, and they were like, and they were like, and it was just like, let’s
just spend time together, let’s just be together.
– [Fat Joe] Yeah. – Man, listen, my family in Puerto Rico, they don’t never ask me for nothing, they don’t bother me for nothing, two days after the storm
I got the private plane but the thing was, every time I go to Puerto
Rico I meet Duerdan, I meet Fordham, I never met them together, so, I walk in the crib, I got like six suitcases full of food, full of water, full of whatever, and when I walk in there, there’s like a hundred cousins and aunts and I know them all, and I’m like, holy shit,
this aint gonna be enough. – Wow. – Like, you know the family is mad deep, you know, it was really,
it was a dire needs, and it was crazy because if you look at
certain channels over here, they’re acting like, nah
it wasn’t a big deal. – Right. – Trump was acting like
it wasn’t a big deal. And, I don’t believe people saw Trump throwing paper towels at them because they didn’t really have TV. It was messed up out there. So for the most part when you’re seeing Trump do the photo op with people running up
to him like, eh, eh, eh! They didn’t know that he’d just diss them and threw paper towels– – Yeah. – I went to Puerto Rico
with a duffle bag of money, I went to see some of the head street guys and like, papa’s gonna show them. Duffle bag full of money. I need water for my family. It was like (speaking
in foreign language). I was like, what do you mean, I wanna give you a duffle bag full of… They were like, we wish
we could take your money, there aint no water. And it was really like that. – Yeah.
It was real like that, and I remember coming back and I did an interview on CMC. I don’t know how to
explain, like, we got water, like, we got mountains of water, we got jars of water, we got so much water and when I went out there it was like, yo, they don’t have water. That was crazy, that was a very scary thing for me to see. (samba music) – I can’t even, I can’t even explain it, you know, I had, I had, many moments that overwhelmed me emotionally, you know, I still have
family out there, so, you know, I don’t know
if y’all remember yo, I was rolling like twenty– – You had family every day. – Every day, you know what I’m saying? – Twenty people, cousins,
aunts, I was like whoo! You boy were rolling deep. – And yo, like, even like,
I mean y’all, like Rosie, she, I mean, yo man, she’s just so great at what she does, man, and like her, she just feeding off of her, like, as she’s so good, and she’s so real, like. A moment that sticks out in my mind is when I’m coming into the house and I’m coming in with Nola and we greet Rosie for the first time, we greet Mars’ mum and she’s
like, gives me this hug, she holds my face and she slaps me, I didn’t even know that shit was coming. She slapped the hell outta me brother. – It’s legendary. – Yeah I was like, yo, like shocked. – And in Hispanics it’s called
a (in foreign language). – Yeah… (Anthony Ramos laughing) – You know when I saw the
scene with, you know, Mars and when I saw Anthony Ramos working with Rosie, it was a highlight, it was just like watching the future and watching the story go
like prominent actress, performer, dancer, working together. And there was genuine love in that scene. And we were improvising
it so you could see it. That’s why it translates
so well on screen. You see how it translates. It just goes over so well.
– [Fat Joe] I had a show… And wait, I wanna say
this, I gotta say this. It’s been a pleasure to write for you, as an actor, I think you know, we all believe in you as an actor and we think you’re one of
the funniest comedic actors on the show, man. So it’s been great to kind
of serve your character with these great lines, ’cause you nail it all the time, so kudos to you. – Good looking Lemon. – [Lemon Andersen] Yeah. – It was crazy, I mean it was, you know, shooting that salsa scene, you know, when, you know what I’m saying? Do what you want. – I aint saying yeah, you’re doing it boy! Aint got moves boy, I got moves! – Leading with love man,
that’s what it is, man. Leading with love. – [Anthony Ramos] Trop cool bless. – Trop cool bless. – [Anthony Ramos] You
know what I’m saying? – Trop cool bless. – Pappy buedo brothers, on that. (Anthony Ramos and Fat Joe laughing) (samba music)

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  2. Is not that us born and raised boricua people think or say that they are less boricua. First you can’t really say you are boricua because you aren’t. Boricua is the person that is born in the island. You can be born anywhere else in the world and still say you are Puerto Rican but not a boricua. The problem some have is that people from outside of the island is that they just use the fact that they are Puerto Rican just to have like that “foreign “feeling but they don’t know what is really means to be puertorican not embrace the proper way our culture. Being Puerto Rican is just more that just saying it.

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  4. Yo joe I'm feeling that hat avenue a b c d stand up alphabet city I'm Black and grew up in that neighborhood it's my childhood it's my heart j.h.s 60 p.s 34 p.s 19 Tompkins square Park the boys club on 10 St Ave a rosemary pizza shop 1ave the old penny candy store on 13 St ave a I remember the old school papa's playing the Congo's and singing good times man avenue d swimming pool Jacob riis projects and Lillian Ward projects 23 street night pool the 80"s was crazy good times like I said I'm black but Puerto Rican influenced love the food love the music especially freestyle I wish I could hear Puerto Rican Lily blasting that spring love again come back to me 🔊🎵🎶🎤11 st

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  10. Heyyy fat Joe eat an alcapurria and drink a Malta with a PR flag behind you don't make u Puerto Rican baby you know more then that papi! You know how you talk about the Puerto Rican from the island you think we are wild Indians with no education like a lot people born and raised in USA with Puerto Rican parents not all but a lot of them

  11. When Puerto Rico was hurting I was super pist , I was in Orlando In vacation , I went to Walmart bought everything and donated to the great Puerto Rican people in
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  21. Listen, if you were born in New York, you're not Puerto Rican; simple as that. You wanting to recognize and represent the heritage you inherited from your parents, grandparents and whatnot is great and all. But let's not act as if you are an actual native of the island! Us actual natives do have a problem with the people that try to misrepresent themselves as Puerto Ricans when they can't even speak Spanish, don't have basic knowledge of the culture or even worse have never ever spend actual quality time visiting the island and learning about it. You can't sell me the idea that you're as Puerto Rican as I am if you never spent a summer here with some relatives.


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