Fortnite Battle Bus CRASHES at Birthday Party! πŸ’₯

Fortnite Battle Bus CRASHES at Birthday Party! πŸ’₯

– Alright we landed here
at Tilted and there’s a ton of people here and I
think I got paired with a rando and that my duo, this isn’t Olly. – [Dad] This is not Olly. Who is this? (light music) – Oh hey guys and welcome
back to our channel. I was starting the video
right as Finn fell asleep so I thought, may as well
just start it silently because I didn’t want him to wake up but he’s taking a nap
now, he decided to wake up extra early today and it
is actually lunch time and I just made myself
a delicious sandwich. This is actually just like
egg and cheese sandwich, it’s like my favorite thing these days. I’ve never had one until the other day, Brian introduced me to em and
they are the best thing ever, yum. Anyways, make sure you are
subscribed to our channel because we put it out really
fun videos all the time so double check if you’re
subscribed and we have fun, fun day planned today so stay tuned. – Speaking of lunch, Draco needs lunch. – You’re right. We have, I’m holding Draco right now. You guys, look how big he is. Olly, look how big he is. – He is getting huge,
we can still hold him while he’s still big. – Yeah, he’s pretty cool, huh? He’s getting ginormous. When we got him on Olly’s birthday. – Who do you think he looks like now? – Who do you think he looks like? He looks like a bearded dragon. He’s getting very like
flat but yeah we got him, how long ago was it,
like three months ago? – I think so. – September, October, November
so about three months ago we got him, he’s only three
months old and he’s huge. When we got him, he was
literally like fit into the palm of our hand, huh? Yeah he’s pretty cool and
yes, it is his lunch time. What is on him? Is that poop? Ugh, oh gosh. Yes, it is his lunchtime though so, – [Olly] He’s pooping on you. – No he’s not. – [Olly] Yes he is. – I’m gonna feed him some cockroaches, does that sound good, Draco? He’s like, yes please. I’m ready for lunch. (playful music) As you guys know, Oliver
loves his bearded dragon and honestly, he loves any kind of animal, especially reptiles, insects, bugs. – Look what Papa brought me. – Yes, and Papa just came over with this awesome surprise for him. It’s basically a book of stickers, right? – [Olly] Yes. – [Papa] And you put this sticker. – ‘Cause I found an ant today. – [Mom] You found an ant? Wow. So he’s a. – [Olly] Is this one right? – [Papa] Yep, right there
so today he’s on ant. – An ant and he put the
sticker there, that’s awesome. So this is from his
Coyote Peterson package, which we did a video of the other day, I’ll have it linked up in the
icard you guys can check out. All the cool stuff he
got from Coyote Peterson. My dad made it super
easy so he could just. – Also, I found a scorpion but it. – I had not. – [Mom] You did not see a scorpion. – You have found them before,
I know we’ve seen them before but you have to actually
see it before you can put the sticker in, okay? – This is awesome and he
can find all the cool bugs, there’s even a bearded dragon
in there and I’m pretty sure he’s found a bearded
dragon today, right? – That is not a stick
bug, that is actually a walking stick. – Oh. – [Mom] Oh, there you go, that’s
not a stick bug, dad, jeez. – [Papa] What’s that one? – Here you go Olly, see. – [Olly] What are you guys doing? – We found a book of stickers
and we are looking at em. – [Olly] You sold me that, that was. – This is my sticker book. – [Olly] Actually it is mine. – Oh actually it is, is it? – [Olly] Yes. – Well actually if you come
across this in the yard, you’re gonna have to call me first, okay? – [Mom] Don’t just be grabbing a sticker. – Yeah. (laughing) – And I’ll just hold his mouth open. – [Papa] No. – Guess who birthday it is, momma? – Whose birthday’s today? – It’s CJ’s! – Woo hoo! Yes, we are actually headed
to CJ’s birthday party so I am getting really
excited because he is super, super into Fortnite right now. You know what Fortnite is, right? – Yes. – Yes and I thought it would
be fun if we could dress up and go over there. I don’t know if it’s
officially the birthday theme but I know he really
wanted it to be but I’m not sure if they like were
able to pull it all off or not so I’m totally gonna
bring over a few surprises and we’re gonna dress up. So we’re getting ready
to go so we’re gonna dress up right now, does that sound fun? – Yes. – Alright, let’s go get dressed up in our Fortnite outfits, K? – Yeah. – [Mom] Yeah. – I’m gonna get changed right now. – I’m a (mumbling) – [Mom] Wow! Look at that. That is awesome. – Looking good, bro. – [Mom] Now he just needs the pick ax. – This is actually a really
cool costume ’cause like I feel like it like can keep
you safe from the elements. You got a really cool visor. – [Mom] Wow. – You can lift up. – CJ’s gonna think you’re
so cool in this thing. Okay, I think it’s
definitely time for me to get into my costume so I’m
gonna get changed right now. – [Dad] Alright momma’s
stepping out right now, let’s see what she looks like. Whoa, she’s the cuddle bear leader! – I even got the perfect. – You got the rainbow smash pick ax, that thing looks awesome. Missy, your head is ginormous. – And also, momma, I have a pick ax. – [Dad] Yep and then he
has the Fortnite pick ax. – Yes, it’s perfect. – That’s amazing, you guys look so cool. I think CJ’s gonna love his
Fortnite birthday surprise. – He’s gonna think this is
hilarious, I’m so excited. – Alright you guys, smash
that thumbs up button if you guys think Missy
and Olly look so cool. You guys are gonna need
a way to get to CJ’s birthday party though. – Yeah. – Have you thought about transportation? – I haven’t really thought about it but it needs to be cool, whatever it is. – [Dad] Okay. Olly, did you have any
ideas about how you could get to CJ’s birthday party? – I think we should use a Fortnite bus. – I don’t know about that,
but I do have this old bus that’s been sitting in our driveway, you guys wanna check it out
and see if that’ll work? – Yeah! – Yeah, that’d be perfect. – Okay, cool. Let’s go check it out. – Wanna show you my outfit. – Whoa, you play Fortnite in real life? – Not Fortnite yet. – [Dad] Isn’t that cool? – That is pretty cool. – Alright guys, head on
this way to the driveway, I’ve been wondering what
to do with this thing. – Wait, I need some wood. Yay, so much wood! – There you go. You guys are gonna show up in style in your own very battle bus! – That’s a real battle bus! – So awesome, yay! – Oh my gosh, this thing is so cool! – [Dad] Look at this giant battle bus! – We are getting in this thing, Olly. – Yeah so we’ve had
this bus in our driveway for a few days, it just like rolled up, the driver left. I’m like, how do you even fly this thing, it’s like a bus, it’s like a balloon. – This is so cool. – What is it, you guys? – Battle bus! – We got the Fortnite
battle bus in real life and they are about to
board it and take a very special trip to a birthday party, this is going to be really cool. Look how huge this thing is! – Guess what, I already
know where I’m dropping. (dramatic music) It’s time to go! – [Dad] It’s taking off, Olly. Let’s jump up and grab it! – [Mom] Grab on, bud! – [Dad] It’s taking off. – I can’t hold it. – [Mom] It’s leaving. (dramatic music) (dance music) Alright we landed here at
Tilted and there’s a ton of people here and I think
I got paired with a rando and that my duo, this isn’t Olly. – [Dad] This is not Olly. Who is this? Ah, it’s CJ! What’s up dude, happy birthday, buddy! How old are you, dude? – 10. – [Dad] 10 years old and what
did you get for your birthday? – A battle bus. – [Dad] A battle bus, whoo! – Finn is having a great birthday party, pizza, YouTube, that’s all you need, huh? He’s all by himself, like
the party’s over here and he’s just like. – [Group] Happy birthday dear CJ, happy birthday to you. (cheering) (light music) – My wife, ladies and gentlemen. – So since our Fortnite
bus just totally crashed at CJ’s party, we had
to get someone to come bring our car so we could drive home. Huh, boys? That Fortnite bus was so
much fun though to ride in, that was a blast. Anyways, we are headed home. – What happens to the Fortnite
bus after people drop off, does it just? – It just regenerates. – It must land, it must land. – Maybe it lands at that one island. – Yeah, that’s what it, that’s right yeah, it carries you from the island. That’s right. – Oh, I love Fortnite, you guys. Alright we are home now
and check out Draco’s cage, we came home and we had to
decorate and look at this. This is a bearded dragon’s safe decor, Christmas decor, they’re
just like little stickers and he’s got a tree and
it says Merry Christmas and Santa and snowflakes
and we had so much fun at decorating this. Now it is time for bed. The boys are sleeping so I’m
just hanging out with my pups, wow, Luna just has to make
herself known she’s here, she’s loud and she’s proud, huh? Yeah, anyways, we had a
super fun day celebrating CJ’s tenth birthday, it
was amazing, so much fun, it’s always fun just to
get together with family. But anyways, we’re gonna
end it so make sure you give this video a big thumbs
up, especially if you love Fortnite ’cause I love Fortnite, also if you love dogs
’cause like Kharma will not stop kissing me. Are you just hungry? Are you just trying to get
food out of me, huh, food? Food? Alright we will see you
guys in our next video, bye! Boop.

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