Fun Party Games : How to Play “The Wind Blows For” Party Game

Fun Party Games : How to Play “The Wind Blows For” Party Game

Hi, I’m Teri Lynne, and I’m here on behalf
of Expert Village. And in this segment we’re going to be teaching you a game called The
Wind Blows For. This is a great get-to-know-you game, and you need a minimum of six to eight
people. Now because it’s just David and I, we’re going to show you really mini version
of it, and we just couldn’t find any friends to play with, so we’re just going to play
with the two of us. What you do is, you make a circle of chairs and one person doesn’t
have a chair. So, if there’s eight people playing, there’s seven chairs, one person
stands in the center. So, that person wants to steal one of the chairs from someone else
in the room. How they do that is, they say, the wind blows for, and they pick something
that some of us in the room might have in common. Like, the wind blows for anyone that
has a brother. If you have a brother, you’re going to get up and move seats. If you don’t,
you stay in your own seat. And while they’re getting up and getting new seats, I’m going
to try to get in and steal one of the seats. And who?s ever left standing goes back into
the center and does another the wind blows for. Like we said, it’s a great get-to-know-you
game because you can find all sorts of things about people, because you only move if the
thing applies to you. So, I want to steal David’s chair, so we’re going to show a little
quick round–a couple rounds of the wind blows with the two of us. So, only move if it applies
to you. The wind blows for anyone six feet tall and over. The wind blows for Canadians
living in the US. The wind blows for girls. Almost got you. All right, so that’s how you
play the wind blows. It’s a lot funner when you have a large group of people. You can
play this with really as many people as you want. Just remember that when you’re rushing
for chairs, just to remind people not to push and shove, because this game can get a little
rough when you’re fighting for a chair.

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  1. The wind blows for anybody who has had their entire family slaughtered by the mafia! HAH! Kevin lost his seat. Sucks to be you, Kev! Stop crying and take your turn!

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