thank you for coming with me. of course thanks for inviting me I really needed this you guys haven’t spoken? dude I like switched my schedules
I just, I just can’t see him right now. but it’s not like he’s distanced himself
from you though no but dude it’s just so
embarrassing you know well from what I hear he’s not making
things awkward so just give it time Thanks have you spoken to Jenni? oh god no. one problem at a time. what time are they getting here? she said they would be here after her
friend got off work oh and she said you would like him… why cuz he’s gay? she is trying can you try at least? okay fine I’m sorry I will hey gorgeous hey Sheila.. Oh… Guzmo. hi oh I see you’re starting early here um
be a doll hold my coat. thank you uh,okay let me introduce you to my friend hey oh mother fucker. Jazz this is Jake. isn’t he cute? oh hey Jake nice to meet you.
how is it going? Guzmo have you met Jake? actually yes we have.
hey how’s it been man? no we haven’t uh yes we have. sorry dude.
maybe you’ve seen my Instagram? but hi I’m Jake- yeah of course you are do ya’ll want a drink? yeah here I got you so, I told Jake the good news yes fire whiskey- oh no, that’s gross.
we’re not doing that. yeah it really upsets my stomach okay well more for us then oh no no babe that’s for trash people well it’s a good thing we’re trash actually, i don’t want to go that hard tonight anyway. what are you-
these aren’t even strong for us all right well these
weren’t free so I guess these are for me cheers motherfuckers of course there you go last chance? nope? all right
what’s the good news -you haven’t told him babe?
-yeah. babe? well Sheila and I are getting
an apartment at the end of the year ok yeah… what’s the good news though? wait what the fuck?
are you serious? wait what hold up. have you told
your parents? you told your parents when did you tell your parents? are you even going to college? Sheila aren’t you kind of married? yo can you just go get a table? yeah lets do that.
can you grab my stuff for me? dude what the fuck okay besides whatever
the fuck that was why are you acting so different as soon as they walked in I’m not acting differently. I meant to tell you but you were telling me about all your problems and I didn’t think it was appropriate you didn’t think it was appropriate? besides the fact
that that was a crappy date this is far more worse look can we just enjoy tonight
i just want to celebrate with the four of us you want to celebrate with Sheila and that prick? don’t be like that. please. it means a lot to me girl you know I can’t resist – ok ok fine fine go meet up with them
i’ll pay for the fucking bill oh hey Oh Joey whoa fuck hey uh how have you been? great great just uh, chilling. you alone? actually I was here with some friends- boo boo we found a spot great uh we’ll see uh.
catch you in a bit who is this Joey a friend of ours? oh yeah he’s a friend
of my aunts oh well nice to meet you I’m Alan Joey’s boyfriend boyfriend? wow you got him to commit finally well we’ve been off and on for some time now but finally he made it official boyfriend… where the fuck does he find the time right? man Joey… well congratulations to both of you cuz both of ya’ll are together fuck I mean
congratulations to everyone cuz that’s apparently what everyone’s
doing today so imma go over there nice to meet you Antonio Alan Andrew.
thank you sorry everything alirght? mmm everything is great oh shit is that? yup
what’s new right okay we can go somewhere else
look there are so many other places that- what are we boring you with our adult conversations? now it’s fine we can stay good. cuz i want to take this lady to the dance floor fire whiskey. I owe you one. thanks stranger. you’re obviously not having that one either so okay
someone’s still in a mood I know this song. it’s alright.
there they are boo do you anything- no thanks I’m good didn’t see you sorry. of course you didn’t she only cares about herself come on it
was an accident don’t mess with an alcoholic and his drink. look he cannot come to the house
if he’s gonna be acting like that alright okay do you want me to hold this what up killer damn you’re acting all dangerous and
cold now huh? hey take it easy okay what the fuck do you want? damn ok killer look I didn’t know you’re gonna
be here tonight- ‘ok killer’
you obviously moved on so why the fuck does it matter? damn I did not take you for the jealous type it’s hot fuck off. hey hey, wait. come on. what do you say if you
and I just have a little fun real quick you’re a piece of shit hey what the fuck are you doing here? peeing.
nothing I was just leaving. yeah fucking leave thirsty ass okay don’t flatter yourself
he’ll probably forget your name after you get kicked out of grandma’s
house hey boo i’m going to get going really yeah I’ll text you tomorrow damn it was just a drink spill
its not that big of a deal and also you’re not making
a good impression on my friend I don’t give a fuck about your friend of course not we’re out here celebrating our thing and
as always you’re gonna make it about you Sheila shut the fuck up hey, easy, easy, no she talks too much. don’t tell me what to do okay you have a hot ass mess
Jazmyne has to put up with anyway I’m the hot ass mess? I’m staring at a married woman fucking someone who’s not their partner okay boo we’ll talk about this later. no no no she always fucking does it don’t you Sheila? she comes out of
nowhere and this isn’t the first time she hypes you up and then she disappears
because that’s what you do worry about yourself okay we’re
moving on with our life why don’t you do the same? y’all ain’t moving anywhere Jazmyne you fucking know-
don’t fucking me delusional boo whatever have your parents said?
nothing Sheila you’re fucking pathetic okay you know what I don’t have to take
this in some little pathetic gay boy all right
no come one we’re leaving no , no it’s good leave.
you know where you should go though? you should go and
pretend to be that failing mother and be a part of that broken ass marriage no one
wants to be apart- are you kidding me?
I don’t know him. you I know who you are stay the fuck away from us you’ll never be anything more than a
late-night call you got it Jazmyne where is Sheila?
homewrecker. she’s getting the car so you’re really going home with her after what she did Guillermo.
you’re too drunk that might be true but you know everything I said in there wasn’t made up that’s it though you want me to say
yes to everything that you think is right it’s not always about you what does that even mean? I asked you for one thing today I asked you for one
thing and you couldn’t even do that for me give it to me look just- I gotta go.
text me when you get home I’ll be here there you are hold me the fuck did you come from? yeah talk about hitting rock bottom huh and I have hit a lot of bottoms is this pierced? what oh yeah this is my ride so I gotta go okay but listen if you ever want to shake Jake’s snake
you just let me know okay

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