Gay Man Adopts Partner For Same Benefits Straight Married Couples Receive

Gay Man Adopts Partner For Same Benefits Straight Married Couples Receive

a story gives you a sense uh… just how
nafta amin interest the had style would
details the idea and and for chile you know with
the uh… followed oma we’re all we’re starting to see more court cases around
the country uh… and i appreciate that it simply a
matter of time uh… before virtually every state in the country recognizes that gay people deserve the
same rights as straight people i mean it really is quite area as as as
simple as that two people forming union they make it official the state the nation our society of ford’s them
certain privileges and benefits because of it whether it’s in tax law whether it’s in uh… civil law whether it’s uh…
function of visitation rights on and on and on literally hydrants if not over a thousand of these benefits
that come when you form a union with a nother person and it’s called marriage the state also gives all their benefits to other groups few for maybe a c three ehlo what is a
seat for world one oh three what are some tax group you get a tax exempt status some uh… groups will take tax and
exempted donations other groups will have live dodi ltd to the individuals who are in that group
and they’re called corporations and they get certain tax benefits society does this all the time but uh… sadly still in some states
across this country if you are gadi and our in the insects and type of relationship as if you are straight and eight committed loving relationship where two people have decided to foreign aid bond that they hope will continue through
their lives you are not afforded the same rights if
you are galleon some states and so in pennsylvania john francis sixty five years old has adopted he’s seventy three-year-old to gay
partner gregory they have been together for forty five years and at one point apparently they started to realize that
what what happens to this life that we’ve got together for forty five years if one of us dollars we simply don’t have the same rights and uh… yeah there’s a there’s a huge amount of
rights and we’re talking about things like um… just uh… passing on the estate to not
having to go to probate court eccentrics eric cetera tax implications uh… in this instance because in pennsylvania same sex marriages uh… is not
recognized uh… john francis sixty five yrs old has
adopted a seventy three-year-old a partner uh… basically pratt and primarily but i have believe
there’s other issues to when uh… when one passes away uh… to get the benefits of tens of a music
marilyn’s tax law which says is a zero percent uh… tax
on transfers to a surviving legal spots is a four point five percent tax on
transfers to direct descendants and lineal aries instead of getting no uh… tax obligations when one of them guys they’re going to
be getting a four point five percent tax because now one that is legally the
parent of the other as opposed to the fifteen percent tax
transfers on other errors anybody who’s named in your will for
instance we want to protect ourselves from higher
inheritance tax terrace actuals couples who do not incur on the death of one or other specs it’s humorous to me uh… said john gregory was a high school and college jock today i’m making dough
for blueberry chris toda and he is golfing you’re going to think of him is that dad
rather than a data provided us some level of comfort that we protected each
other as much as we can and he just the idea that in today’s date age to people who have been committed to
themselves each other for forty five years have t_v_ concern themselves because the state refuses to acknowledge
their relationship uh… is just perfect it’s just the fatty but uh… good for
them for figuring out at least some measure of some workaround hopefully it’s a means to some type of
uh… core challenged in some way that that that blast through this ridiculous ridiculous predicts

32 Replies to “Gay Man Adopts Partner For Same Benefits Straight Married Couples Receive”

  1. A civil Union, a partnership…all the benefits that married people receive…Just don't call it a marriage. A marriage is between a man and a woman. Call it anything else , I'll ALL for it.

  2. Just like when we made schools and other establishments for blacks and for whites! Same benefits and everything! that worked out JUST fine didnt it?

  3. I have a better idea. We rename old marriage to civil union and gay marriage can be named marriage. You want to deny others to call their union for marriage, so why can't why deny you that right?

  4. So, basically you don't hate gay people, you love semantics. I assume you love torture when someone calls it enhanced interrogation.

  5. So, separate but equal, is what youre advocating? Maybe we should have separate drinking fountains and bathrooms for homosexual too, huh?

  6. Ron Francis? Didn't he have roughly 142389678253698346578189239079123894739327983209 assist as a Penguin when he played on a line with Lemieux and Jarg? I never would have pegged him as gay. Interesting.

  7. This isn't a civil equality issue, Sam. I'm sure he did it so his lover had to call him "daddy."

  8. Likely that some republican will charge him with child sex abuse… I can see the FOX crawl now….deviant gay child…well you get the point

  9. This is what happens when government intervenes in marriage. All these laws that were built around what was originally supposed to show unity between two people and the bonding of their souls created this bureaucratic mess where incidents like this happen. We wouldn't be debating gay marriage if it weren't the complete negligence of state governments to add benefits to being married.

  10. This would hardly be the first time a straight person married a gay person in a loveless farce for tax purposes. The only difference now is that both partners are the same sex. So I don't see a problem here.

  11. As a conservative it is hard to see a country built on the principle that rich white heterosexual males should be able to own all other people as property get to this stage. These homosexuals should have long ago been driven to suicide by organized state persecution yet now they are merely greatly inconvenienced. While we conservatives have made great strides in re-instituting slavery in all but name, state persecution is lagging behind. Together we can create what our slaving founders intended.

  12. Yeah, that's what's really important. What we call it. You are really full of shit. It's not the word that bothers you it's that gay people's relationships are just as important as straight people's.

  13. Those benefits aid a great many people and encourage the family unit which does have value to the state. I think it should be religion who should be out of it and there are plenty of reasons to get married that have nothing to do with taxes or what some random holy book written in the bronze age says.

  14. I know no one that marries someone for the purpose of getting benefits. If they do so, they probably don't love each other anyways.

  15. It is not government interference to extend a special legal status to people who choose to form a family by entering into the contract with all its advantages socially, economically and of a personal nature. As long as law has any say on property regulation this type of family contract has to be he providence of the state even if religion has no part of it. This lawful status is being denied, it is not the state that is the the problem but group who want to impose their version of faith on all.

  16. You misunderstood what I said. I said that government interference in marriage itself caused this problem. If the government never made any laws about marriage, there wouldn't be any fight here. Government started this and people expect government to end it.

  17. I wonder if that means if they're caught having sex, they would go to jail. That would be sad. Every state will have gay marriage legal. There will be clearer abortion laws from the federal level; which will make abortion as safe as possible with enough clinics. The opposing people can fight all they want, but eventually these things will happen. Just stop fighting over meaningless topics that should be law already and fix other issues. Stop distracting us while passing FISA and the Patriot Act.

  18. You want to call it marriage., but you can't call it marriage. A marriage is between a man and woman. How can you change that, unless you change the sex of one of the participants. I didn't make the rules.

  19. There are no real rules.. Marriage is a contract between two people, it is a ceremony of commitment and a proclamation of your love for one another, but first and foremost it's a contract, that's why witnesses are necessary, they enter the contract as well as witnessing the contractual agreement. Why do you think court is the step taken for divorce? To get out of the contract, and to divide assets obtained while joined together in the marriage/contract..

  20. The same way it was changed from marriage being between a man and a woman of the same race. The same way it was changed from marriage being between unlimited numbers of men and women. Changing the rules has happened many times, why do you think THIS change "can't" happen? We KNOW it can happen, because it already has! Countries have been making this change since 2000, & the dictionary & law books didn't magically jam themselves shut & say "NO! Not allowed, you can't change this definition!"

  21. Under Pennsylvania law, these men will now be guilty of incest if they have sex with each other, because adoptive parents can be prosecuted the same as biological parents. The sheer stupidity of family law all around the world knows no bounds. Can we stop retarded people from becoming law makers, maybe?

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