Gay Marriage Backers Win In Pennsylvania

Gay Marriage Backers Win In Pennsylvania

the state of Pennsylvania become the
nineteen state to approve or allow for gays and lesbians and
transgender individuals to get married yes indeed it is true a
federal judge ruled this past Tuesday that Pennsylvania on pennsylvania’s ban on
same-sex marriages on constitutional US District Judge Jon
Jones added in the decision of a white would verses
wall filed last year set that LGBT couples can now get married and it
struck down pennsylvania’s Defense of Marriage Act
his ruling came in one day after a federal judge ruled against organ gay marriage ban making the 14th legal victory in a row for
marriage equality and making the state a Pennsylvania the nineteen state to allow for LGBTQ
couples to get married congratulations to all of
our viewers all wrong to live in Pennsylvania are those that want to get
married on informed the Love sign in
philadelphia or may be in for the Museum of Art wherever did you want to get married in
Philadelphia Pittsburgh reading Scranton and on and on and on and on and you can
now do you thanks to judge Jon Jones where welcome

6 Replies to “Gay Marriage Backers Win In Pennsylvania”

  1. Good news. These DOMA supporters need to realize that you are not protecting marriage by denying access to it. It doesn't need protection as you have it and no one is trying to take it away, they just want the same things you have. 

  2. Congratulations to Pennsylvania, you've entered the 21st Century albeit dragged kicking and screaming!! And the friends my partner [we're in Indiana, a northern Southern Red State that forbids us equal rights to marry] and I have that are STR8 and married are STILL married with NO threat to their marriage contracts while still fighting for equal rights for ALL.

  3. It takes Americans a while to get there, but when they do, it happens quickly, consistently, and irreversibly.  Glad you guys are FINALLY catching up.   

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