Gay Marriage Is Legal in Taiwan, But Is it Accepted?

Gay Marriage Is Legal in Taiwan, But Is it Accepted?

In May, Taiwan became the first place in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. But for many couples hoping to get married, the struggle is not over. They still have to convince their parents. This is Andrew and Zac, and this is Kira and Areal. These couples recently wedded after Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage. Areal and Kira were the first couple in their district to get married after it became legal in May. Andrew and Zac got married in July, in a wedding attended by friends. But despite the legal win, the couples still struggle with getting their families to accept their relationships. So Andrew and Zac are actually friends of mine in Taiwan, so what was really cool was that I got to go to their wedding and shoot it at the same time. We have a lot more stories on love. Check out this one that we made on love in Hong Kong. And don’t forget to subscribe to @Goldthread2.

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  1. I think some traditional Chinese concepts need an updated interpretation to fit today e.g. children to continue bloodline. My great grandparents adopted a boy (because he was left at their house's footsteps as a baby, we assume he was from a poor family) whose grandchildren are just as Lu as everyone else. So if your children takes your surname, adopted or not, that's continuing bloodline! if the father sucks and abandons family, children should take mother's surname instead. Ahaha my thoughts but yea, I don't think LGBT dishonors Chinese traditions. There's even been historical/literary LGBT people for long time, and if iirc, last dynasty Qing was very prudey and suppressed sexual stuff but need to check

  2. Same sex marriage doesn't really fit with Asian culture, that's just the harsh truth. It will take a long time yet to change things.


  4. Although I support gay marriage, but isn't Taiwan is so proud of their democracy? 2018 Taiwan's referendum show that 72.48% of them vote for "Restricting marriage under Civil Code to one man and woman". If they are so proud of democracy then they should respect those 72%.

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