Gay Marriage Victory Is Not About Equality

Gay Marriage Victory Is Not About Equality

DHARNA NOOR: Welcome to The Real News Network.
I’m Dharna Noor joining you here in Baltimore. In breaking news, the Supreme Court has just
made the historic ruling that states cannot ban same-sex marriage. Just after the decision
came down, same-sex couples across the country began joining together in wedlock. So this comes after a 2013 Supreme Court decision
that all spouses, same-sex or otherwise, must be granted equal federal benefits. And today
the court went even further, ruling gay marriage a Constitutional right. This comes just in
time for the weekend’s festivities. Gay pride parades will take place this weekend in cities
like San Francisco and New York. But is it all rainbows from here for the queer
community in America? Now joining us from Chicago to unpack this is Yasmin Nair. Yasmin’s
a writer, an academic, and an activist. She’s a member of Gender Just, a radical queer grassroots
organization, and a co-founder of the editorial collective Against Equality. Thanks so much for joining us today, Yasmin. YASMIN NAIR: Thank you. It’s a pleasure to
be here. NOOR: So Against Equality, huh. Do you think
that it’s right for institutions like marriage to be exclusionary? NOOR: So your organization Against Equality.
It seems to purport that exclusion in institutions like marriage is okay. Do you think that that’s
what you’re actually trying to get at. NAIR: No. I mean, what we’re saying is that
the equality movement [exactly] the way it’s configured has nothing at all to do with any
kind of social justice, any kind of equality under any law. It has everything to do with
excluding people from life saving benefits such as–even now such as healthcare, immigration
status, any number of benefits you could name. The word equality has been vastly misused
by the gay marriage movement. And what we wanted to do by naming ourselves as Against
Equality was to first of course get people interested in our group, and also for us to
be able to say, you know, you need to really question what the word equality means. For
whom equality, for whom, who [disperses] equality, under what conditions, most importantly. NOOR: So today gay marriage passed by a margin
of one vote. There were five yeas and four nays. And among those who voted in favor was
a Republican appointee, Justice Anthony Kennedy. Is it shocking that somebody who’s sided with
conservatives on things like affirmative action and campaign finance reform would support
this? NAIR: It’s not shocking at all. It’s actually
inevitable, because in fact that is gay marriage, as I have argued elsewhere, is a fundamentally
conservative movement. I’m actually surprised that it took, you know, it only squeaked by
by such a narrow majority. But gay marriage is a fundamentally conservative institution,
and conservatives love it. Conservatives, liberals, even leftists love
it, because what it does it to shore up a system whereby–a neoliberal system whereby
benefits accrue to those with the most private resources. And that’s what conservatism is
all about, right, it’s all about everyone for himself or herself. The state takes absolutely
no responsibility for one’s welfare. Every man and woman for himself or herself. That’s,
that, you know, fundamentally is one of the tenets of conservatism. It’s an economically–marriage, not just gay
marriage, but marriage is, is an economically sound institution for many conservatives.
They have wanted it. You know, they always propound its benefits. So it makes perfect
sense that this would be, this is how it all goes down. NOOR: So you’ve also noted in your writing
that pro-gay marriage organizations have used all these images of black civil rights leaders
like Martin Luther King in their branding. So why is it that when people think of the
gay rights movement they so often think of the faces of moneyed white men like Dan Savage,
the creator of the It Gets Better project? NAIR: Right, right. And Dan Savage isn’t even–to
be clear, you know, Dan Savage is not even one of the wealthiest gay men who are behind
the movement. The gay marriage movement is actually fundamentally–yeah, someone has,
people have always accused me and Against Equality of acting like the gay marriage movement
is run by a cabal of white men. What we’re finding out is that that is in fact quite
true. The gay marriage movement has been funded
by millionaires and multi-millionaires. If you look at someone, something like Jo Becker’s
book Forcing the Spring about the gay marriage movement, we find out–when you look at that
book you find out that a lot of the funding actually came from extremely wealthy people.
It’s not a grassroots movement at all. It has been funded fundamentally from the start
by wealthy white gay men and women. What the gay marriage movement has done to
counteract that particular appearance which keeps coming to the surface is to exploit
and use the faces and actions of civil rights leaders and heroes like Martin Luther King
and Rosa Parks. At the same time, the gay rights movement has also been fundamentally–and
it is fundamentally at its core, it’s a racist movement. It is all so often said, they use
slogans like gay is the new black. Gays are very fond of saying that gay people are the
last oppressed minority in the country. Anyone who’s been following the news in the
last few months, including about events like Charleston, anywhere in this country. I live
in Chicago, I live in Hyde Park, I live in the South Side. Anyone who actually knows
what reality is about knows that is simply not true. But the gay rights movement has
always enjoyed using the metaphors and lives of black civil rights leaders in a sense really
not–in order to do nothing but just appropriate, and to cover up the fact that it is fundamentally
at heart a movement led and financed by wealthy gay white men. NOOR: And you know, even some that would agree
with you on some of the problematic ideals that are within the current gay rights movement,
let’s say that now that we’ve checked gay rights off the–or gay marriage off the list,
we can move on to further radicalizing the movement. What’s your response to that? NAIR: My response is that this isn’t–gay
rights is an economic movement. It is a movement by and about–it is fundamentally about the
economic–it’s about accruing economic benefits for the privileged few. It is fundamentally
neoliberal. It is about creating a system whereby people can only access resources through
privatized means like marriage, right. So that–economic systems don’t work in any other
way but to dismantle current systems and then to move on and create even more oppressive
systems. Gay marriage is not a social function, it’s
an economic function. Right? So what you already see–this is, it’s never going to happen.
What’s never going to happen is that gay marriage will now lead to some further radicalizing
of causes, or that we can now take a breather and say well, now let’s get to queer youth
homelessness or HIV/AIDS. Because what’s happened in the last 20 or 30 years is that gay marriage
has sucked away a lot of resources from both straight and gay people. Is that organizations
that deal with HIV/AIDS, organizations that deal with queer youth homelessness and so
on, have actually shut down. Again, there is no moving beyond gay marriage
simply because gay marriage has already ravaged the economic landscape of queer organizing.
There is no more money to be had, and it’s very unlikely that the wealthy gay white people
in particular for whom gay marriage was such a big issue are going to turn around and say
yes, now let’s work on all the other things that actually matter. They don’t have to care
about it. Remember again that wealthy gay white men in particular never had to care
about HIV/AIDS really, because they could always afford the medications. [Inaud.] They
didn’t have to–so it’s all, it, it’s just–that’s just not how economic structures work. And we have to think about gay marriage not
as a social [project], not as a social issue, but as an economic problem. And neoliberalism
does not work to stop and look back to see whom it has left behind. It just plows on. NOOR: Sure. And we’ve seen a steady rise in
support for gay marriage in the U.S. in recent years. So I guess you’re saying this isn’t
just because people are becoming more accepting, more accepting of people, more accepting of
love. NAIR: I’m sorry, I have to laugh at that.
But no. No, love has nothing to do with it. I do think that a lot of the sort of liberal
left support–the delusional, frankly, liberal left support for gay marriage has been because
it has been, it has perceived the movement as being one about love. So all it sees are
these sweet gay couples and their children and so on and so forth. The subterfuge has
worked really well. I think the more and more people learn about gay marriage’s economic
ramifications and also who’s really behind gay marriage, I think there’s going to be
much less support for the cause. Of course, now it’s, it doesn’t really matter because
we’re in it now. But no, I think the support has been because
again, because of the failure to recognize gay marriage as an economic matter. NOOR: So what kind of policy solutions do
you see as being effective, to truly support the American queer community, the gay population,
trans population, et cetera? NAIR: I think what we have to do is first
of all–I do think that there is a, there’s an enormous ideological and psychological
component to all of this. The first thing we have to realize is we’re in a terrible
spot, right. So as long as we keep thinking that gay marriage is one point in a long history
of achievements, we are, we–we are, I’m trying to think of a word that’s polite enough and
that’s not a four-letter word. We’re just screwed. As long as we think that we can move on, there
is no–there is no healthy alternative for us. What we have to do moving here onwards,
here forwards, is to stop and first reevaluate how we think about what communities mean.
We also need to think about, I think the really big issue for the queer community is to start
thinking about it as part of a larger community. As part of a larger fabric, as it were. So as long as the queer community only thinks
selfishly about itself as gay marriage is being the guiding, the guiding force, for
instance, everybody is doomed. And I think moving forward we have to start realizing
that matters like intense racism, right, that exists in this country which is worse than–as
bad or worse than plantation racism. That’s what we are in right now. And 21st century
America is suffused with plantation racism. We have to think about that. We have to think
about the devastating economic and environmental policies that we have set in place. All of
that is connected to people. It’s not just about gay people and their particular gay
issues. So moving forward we have to think in those
kinds of dare I say collaborative ways. But we also have to start thinking about how to
get support to matters like, for instance, queer homelessness. Or an issue that I’m very
concerned about with, I see it in a lot of my older friends, the questions around geriatric
AIDS, for instance. For the first time in many generations we actually have a couple
of generations of men and women who are actually living older, who are aging with AIDS, right.
And [inaud.] gay men who are actually living to very, to quite a ripe old age, and we don’t
know what to do about them because we can’t simply put them in the usual kinds of senior
housing services, for instance. Those are the issues we have to think about,
and we also have to think about how do we fund and support those matters. How do we
sustain those kinds of struggles without being focused only on the funding given to us by
a few wealthy gay people. And that has been the fundamental problem with queer organizing
for far too many years. And that, a lot of that is because nobody would fund it before.
Nobody was funding AIDS research until we forced the government to do it. So we’re in a different time and place. And
we have to start thinking, stop thinking about the gay patriarchy as being the only source
of revenue or the only source of support. We also have to think collaboratively. What
all of this means is actually in many ways it’s going to be really difficult, is to dismantle
and to sort of, and to kind of interrogate a gay nonprofit-industrial complex that has
sprung up in the meantime. That’s really hard work. I’m tempted to say it’s impossible.
I’m just going to say that it’s hard work, simply because I know so many of my friends
who are actually working within the bowels of that machine, right. So it’s a long and hard struggle, and I think
it is delusional of any of us to say that now that we have finished with gay marriage
we can move on. The work is much harder because there’s much less money, there’s much less
political energy, and times are hard. Neoliberalism is flexing its–not just flexing its muscles,
it’s, it’s taken over and ti’s strangling us. NOOR: Thank you so much for this very sobering
conversation, and we look forward to hearing from you in the future. NAIR: Thank you, it was a pleasure. Thank
you for having me on. NOOR: And thank you for joining us on The
Real News Network.

56 Replies to “Gay Marriage Victory Is Not About Equality”

  1. On top of the "Gay is the new Black" slogan being extremely racist, it also further marginalizes and erases black LGBTQIA people. If gay is the new black, then what are black gay people? What about black trans people? The ones who are being oppressed for their race as well as gender and sexual orientation? I'm just glad for Yasmin Nair to say it.

  2. hey when I'm wrong I'm wrong, but I had no idea people were using that phrase in such a dumb way. it can be taken more than one way… oh well – learn something dumb every day

  3. Yasmin Nair is a conservative who is tired of "lefties", so she wants to say that this gay movement is all about neo-liberal conservatism. What a joke.

  4. Reading Yasmin Nair's recent tweets:

    "I'm getting really, really tired of the inability of "lefties" to hold complex and sometimes competing thoughts in heads at same time."

    "Keep mocking the Right all you want, but there's a failure to sustain intellectual complexity in the left."

    Why is she on Real News again?

  5. Gay Marriage has been legal in Canada for 10 years. The day after the law was passed it was business as usual. Now it is part of our fabric and did not cause moral decay. We are one of the happiest countries in the world and why? Because we allow all people to live their lives and accept our friends and neighbors for who they are.

  6. This is the only guest you invite to discuss the landmark civil rights victory of marriage equality? TRNN has consistently failed to report on the LGBT rights movement, but this really takes the cake. Marriage only benefits rich white men economically, and it has nothing to do with love? Right. Moving on.

  7. The socialist position is the complete abolition of marriage.  Only with equal individual rights can we achieve true equality.

  8. Wow! A political movement that achieved success was funded by those who cared about it's cause and had discretionary income? That's crazy!

  9. The Real News Network is non-confrontational with their guest, which is good. But they let these guest spew nonsense without so much as a challenge, and a host who looks bored as shit.
    Gay marriage is about love, no matter what the supposed motivations are of the elite white gay males, the people supporting it are trying to help gay people marry whomever they want – and I see nothing wrong with that. She then goes off on racism and AIDS funding for seniors, neither of which has anything to do with gay marriage.
    All around a disappointing video.

  10. This lady is very bad at communicating her viewpoint and nuances of the subject. I'm not entirely sure where she is coming from

  11. I am anti gay marriage,and I'm christian.Marriage was created by God,the father of Jesus.Government has no place in religion,yet the government allows gay marriage now.America and white countries are degrading and eroding all morals.The end times are near.WW3 will slay the evil,natural disaster will and God will finish the rest of the evil sin condoners.

  12. I don't really have a problem with the fact that this change was funded by wealthy gay men, but I share my sympathy with her idea that this gay marriage thing in the US wasn't led by a mass movement by the American people, young or old. The top-down form of change became immediately apparent when everyone I knew on Facebook were all surprised by the unexpected news and changed the colors of their profile pic as if they had done something to share the glory. This type of celebration is not only superficial, but problematic in a sense that it equates legal word-based change with actual change in the underlying social structure. Yes gay people should get married, but the legal statute doesn't actually address the underlying social problems of homophobia, stifled family relationships, bullying in schools, etc. which are equally, if not more problematic for gay community than marriage in America. What's more is that the legal change probably will block actual social change, with celebrators feeling like their part of the work on the gay struggle is done now that they changed their FB pictures to rainbow color and shared a link about how amazing Obama is. By the way, TPP is still happening and Obama's leading the most destructive legislation in world history. Celebrate that.

  13. Ok so either an emancipation movement goes bankrupt or it actually gets some funds and then it's automatically morally bankrupt, it's almost as if this woman insists that as a leftist movement you cant win! How peculiar…
    She keeps making all these sociological claims without explaining why we should assume things to be so, as if they should just become obvious by her merely mentioning them. No, they are not obvious, in fact quite doubtful.

  14. Why is it every time something good happens there's always a root saying this why it happen. Can folks just not be happy it happen. Why do people on both sides always try to break down why it doesn't happen then when it does this is why it happen

  15. Good point: this is fundamentally "a conservative issue," but marriage "has nothing to do with love"? Hmm. Of course the practical aspects of unions (money, shelter, inheritance, status, etc. are critical), but it'd be hard to get millions worldwide to believe that love or affection is not at all involved.

  16. Much needed perspective in the aftermath of this victory. If only we could capture the people who celebrate this to turn their attention to social justice, we might make real progress in ending deep-seated oppressive policies.

  17. Gay marriage, however defendable the principle, is to homosexuals what student loans are to the learning kind : a way to lead them even further into bourgeois conformity.

    Acknowledgement by the general public through conformity of the gays : that's what the whole agenda of the self-proclaimed LGBT leadership has been about for the past two decades.

    Meanwhile, the Senate voted fast track for TPP, a treaty that would have a direct negative impact on the price of meds as well as on research for new meds (through the patent extension clause). But, aside from dynamic NGO's like Code Pink, no gay in sight to demonstrate about that…

    What Yasmin Nair says is pertinent, however difficult it might sound to the soppy indoctrinated kind trying to mimic straight "love" patterns : there's nothing the system is more worried about than a coalition of rebels, like in the good ol' days (Muslims, 'niggaz', gays, students, minimum-wage workers, etc.). Gay marriage is one of the tools making it less worried…

  18. What more are they going to ask for? They are not finished they will want to flood the U.S with gay immigrates , Boy Scouts will now be have to wear dresses they will push for transgender leaders in the. Scouts ,NAMBLA will take a step forward in the spotlight ,they will want to push a gay bath house on every corner,this is a dangerous lifestyle ,they will want average citizen to pay for there medicine,( like they do now) pedofilia will be more and more ,seems every month they catch a teacher ,u tube pedofilia in Hollywood and England ,they have a 10 year experamint before the country sees what they are about then they will stop them

  19. I'm a non-transitioned MtF transgender and what Yasmin is saying here leaves me confused and bewildered at so many levels, and in so many ways…  In the trans community, at least of it that I've been exposed to, same-sex marriage has never been one of our central goals,… but, I think all (or, certainly most) trans people celebrate victory joyously in the long struggle for marriage equality.  I've heard this stuff about rich gay men being behind pushing for same-sex marriage, and… well, even if it is largely true, well, no, we're not all real equal like here, and perhaps we even live in something of a plutocracy, but I can think of a lot worse things that rich people could be spending their money and power pushing for.  As to some suggestion that it might all be about making some profit… I'd really like to see some empirical evidence on that.  It may be true that everything in our society is, perhaps unfortunately, touched by money and resource allocation decisions to some extent, but I really doubt that is the major motivation behind those who have fought so long and hard for same-sex marriage.  Perhaps I'm a bit of a romantic, but I believe much of it is truly about… love.  Advocates commonly use a lot of rhetoric… true, arguably, that nature of communication may not paint a picture of reality that reflects all the empirical data as faithfully as other manners of discourse.  However, Yasmin is using her own rhetoric… unfortunately, this kind of rhetoric often utilizes allegory, but I don't know the backstory to her allegory, so so much of what she's saying sounds like gibberish to my ears.  It seems like she's just throwing darts at the mainstream LGBT movement.  Maybe much of the rhetoric of the mainstream LGBT movement is emotive argumentation… okay, perhaps true enough, but I, for one, am not going to lose a whole lot of sleep over this since the thrust of it all appears to be increasing  degrees of freedom for the individual.  And, regardless of whether it's, at least in part, the corporate sponsors or the rich gay men,… they seem to be having a bit of success… and a bit of success in forwarding what I think are some very worthy goals.  I agree there are many other worthy goals in the ongoing pursuit of LGBT equality, like legal protections in the workplace and housing…  But, the struggle for same-sex marriage has enormously helped in these future struggles to further LGBT equality.  Whether its largely been the deep pockets of the corporate sponsors or the rich gay men, their messages to the American public advocating for same-sex marriage have, on the whole, made the American public much more favorably disposed towards the LGBT community, which should make future victories in the struggle for LGBT equality only easier to achieve.  We don't always have the necessary support to do all the good we'd like to do,… at least right now.  But that should never stop us from doing the good we can do… now.  And, this is good… this is very good.

  20. What the ever lovin fuck is this woman talking about? Not even sure what to say to this amount of nonsense.

  21. I'm bisexual, and I'm obviously in support of equal marriage and so on but lets get real for a moment. This is a step forward, but kind of a no-brainer, and isn't it convenient that this is all happening as a sort of distraction to improve Obama's so-called legacy when the same US congress has now given Obama special authority to fast-track the TPP, paving the way for a serious blow to the rights of everyone in the Western Hemisphere, with more to come for the Transatlantic Partnership which is a done deal for the Eurozone Oligarchs.

    This does not even begin to cover up the more serious damages of civil rights, again for everyone, Obama has allowed to happen with his support of the Partiot Act. With Obama's signature, three parts of the Patriot Act — including the controversial Section 215 — came back into full force just after its brief expiration.So  if the US was taken over by a fascist, theocratic government they would find it very easy to round up homosexuals, liberals, immigrants or anyone else that they decided to cleanse from society, with equal marriage being irrelevant in the mechanisms of what actually makes a nation free from tyranny and oppression. 

    Moreover, this is all a special kind of whitewash to distract from the resurgence of what can only be the precursor to racial conflict with the emergence of disenfranchised people becoming gun thugs and joining militias just as they did in the economic troubles of the 1930s with the emergence of Baldwin Felts and The Pinkertons and with another serius blow to the economy possibly new breeds of radical state terrorists might emerge in America which will laugh in the face of equal rights and with the insane gun culture in the US nobody will be safe least of all homosexuals and ethnic minorities. I welcome and congratulate the US in what it has done, finally to recognize that gays are exactly the same as everyone else, but unless the US is serious about all of its many problems and corrupt institutions and refuses to focus on all but the least influential aspects on the real mechanisms of oppression then the citizens of the US could be in for some serious trouble in the future.

  22. Hunger, poverty, war, mass incarceration, global warming – not many give a shit. Oh, rich, white men getting married? Let's all jump on board. Delusional people.

  23. I agree that marriage is a conservative institution – it is also failed, because it is an attempt by the middle class to hold to the economic status quo – which in the inequality that reigns currently, is a desperate cause.

  24. This woman is so ridiculous! She reminds me of the cliche` ultra-feminists working at the bookstore "Women and Women First" in Portlandia. Complete conceited narrow-minded non-sense. LOL!!!! Such an offensive stand against people like Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer, and all of the gay people how fought for the rights that come with the union of two people.

  25. America is a nation of Church and State, the State Civil Court performs unions between two people that are immediately legal. Church performs religious ceremony of marriage, however this ceremony of marriage is not 'legal', until the authorized pastor signs a 'civil document' making the union legal.
    American citizens elect State rep's to Congress, these rep's at the directives of their people make laws (of the people). The US Supreme Court do NOT 'make laws', they interpret the 'intent and purpose' of (the peoples) law. In this instance the Supreme Court made a 'new law', which the US Constitution does NOT give them authority. Each Supreme Court Justice that voted for this (new) law, needs to be impeached and removed from Office.

  26. @Dharna Noor  You ought to be ashamed of yourself to giving a Platform to this Anti-gay Bigotry and hate.

    This Is Utter hate propaganda! Even Faux News has the decency to dress up itsantigay hate its religious nonsense and "freedom" .

    "Against Equality" … yeah that says it all doesnt it. ?

  27. @Dharna Noor  If you are not an antigay Bigot yourself, why did you let all this Hatred go unchallanged ?

    "The Gay rights movement is a fundamentalist Racist Movement" ( 4:59 ) 

    " The word equality is misused by Gay-marriage"  ( 1:48 )

    " The gay marriage movement has exploited and used faces and actions of  Civil Rights leaders  like MLK and Rosa Parks " 4:42

    Outrageous =Hatred and Straight Washing of the Civil Rights Movement!

    "The gay Rights Movement does nothing but appropriate ( civil rights ) 5:31


    "The Gay Rights Movement is about accruing economic benefits to the Privileged"  6:17

    The Venom just keeps on coming!

    6:43 "Gay Rights is not a social Function, its an economic function" 

    Spread the hate on thicker

    "…Gay White  Men have Never had to worry about HIV/AIDS becuase they could always afford the medicines" 7:48  

    Complete Outrageous Lies!

    "The Delusion of Liberal-left support … for  Gay-marriage movement is  that is perceived to be about Love" 8:33


  28. shes basically saying that the gays should just stay as the punching bag for the rest of society?  to say that the movement ONLY about economics is disingenious or plain stupid.

  29. Getting ten millionaires to each donate $100,000 to a cause at a fancy dinner is far easier than the massive organizational requirements needed to gather $10 from 100,000 people going door to door and calling on phones. It's not that those 100,000 people don't care or don't want to support the cause, it's just logistics, not a conspiracy.

  30. Nair is preaching an ideology of hopelessness, where lgbt kids growing up can't picture a future where they are the same as everyone else, with the same opportunities as everyone else. Where the focus is forever on mere survival from homelessness, HIV, and intolerance, and while surviving these things is crucial, there needs to be with it a positive vision of the future, which Nair protests because of vague economic hypotheticals.
    This strikes me as reminiscent to Mother Teresa's house of the dying which she refused to have updated with proper medical equipment and training even after sufficient funds were met, because she needed to feel the suffering of the poor for her own spiritual fulfillment. Nair and her foundation offers lgbt people nothing that real organizations dedicated to youth homelessness and HIV awareness programs don't already give. Or donations should go to them and not this duplicitous witch.

  31. Consider, Civil Courts and (some) Christian churches have been 'marrying gays' for decades, however recently four (actually five) AIPAC-Zionist Supreme Court Judges made a 'new law', that gays must be 'married'… what were the AIPAC-Zionist trying to tell us, other than be true to the Baghdad Talmud?

  32. Another Nazi facist "news" site – conservitive hate masturbation channel like Faxe (Fox) News. Give it up you hate filled ass wipes!

  33. Regardless of Right Wingers, marriage being inclusive of gays is a step forward, just like when it became inclusive of different race couples.

  34. As one drag activist of many who fought int he streets, online and in orgs and meetings for equal rights, including gay marriage, I have to disagree if not roll my eyes at this proclamation. How people love to classify and decry, especially when they get to apply terms like "Bourgeois" and "Assimilation". It was an all out effort that involved, yes fund raising from wealthy gay, lesbian and straight people, as well as a huge grass roots organizing. Grass roots is how we changed Californians minds in 3 years from November 2008. Had the state Constitutional ban been voted on in 2012, if would have been repealed because of door to door grass roots organizing we did. WE. All of  us. She's right that there are major issues we need to take up and that not every one wants to get marriage.. but that's not what this was about. It was about a glaring prejudice and injustice in the law. It wasn't about privilege getting; it was about equality in the law, in fact.

  35. This woman is insane! I hate far left ideologues like her, they're just as bad as the nutty far right people. How dare she say that gay people shouldn't have the same rights to get married just because she herself is against it! Whether she likes the institution herself or not, it exists. If it exists, why on earth wouldn't she want gay people to have equal access to it? Who the hell does she think she is to speak for all of us? I'm not part of her leftist agenda on marriage and nor are most other gay people. If she doesn't like marriage, she doesn't have to get married! It's that simple.

  36. I'm gay and I'm really against Gay marriage. People are different let's accept that. The equality movement is silly. Mainly because gay marriage isn't real marriage. I believe we deserve federal rights but Gay marriage is NOT about equality. It's a childish rebuttal fueling onto the fire in america. It is only creating more hate because it was a hateful action. I just want the same opportunity as others in this country and not have people make a big deal because of sexuality.

  37. Sweet Christmas, Yasmin is an idiot. In what alternate universe is being allowed to marry the person you love considered a privilege? Some people are allowed to marry who the want while others are NOT allowed. So a movement dedicated to extending marriage to the people where were not allowed is FOR a form of equality! Because that's what the word means!

    And marriage equality is racist??? Holy Hell, Yasmin will literally just say anything, won't she? What is her problem? Why is she actually against marriage equality, because her arguments just are not making any sense.

  38. As a queer adoptee, there are many like myself who are being called homophobic/biggoted/scum by "progressives" in queer spaces when we speak up against adoption, foster care, surrogacy, and donorship. The assimilation toward colonizing structures is part and parcel of how white people with marginalized identity have operated for a very long time; even going back to when the Irish immigrant population went from being tarred and killed, to one of the most outspoken groups toward "other" newcomers in the 19th century. "The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House" – Audre Lorde

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