Giant Party Popper in Slow Motion – Slow Mo Lab

Giant Party Popper in Slow Motion – Slow Mo Lab

What’s up guys? Welcome to Slow Motion Laboratory Today is a very exciting day for me Anytime it’s a fireworks day, I get really excited, especially when I see it in slow motion I got. I got one of those party popper But it’s a giant party popper that we are going to pop in slow motion And um, they are very easy to use As you can see, you gotta hold it on the blue line with one hand and on the red one with the other hand And just twist it in the opposite directions. It actually shows you the arrows where you need to twist it So we are going to check it out and we are going to film it in slow motion. Лес дует! I am going to twist it in opposite directions and see what happens. Not really sure what to expect [giant party popper pops] that was pretty cool. Let’s check it out in slow motion! Well that was one amazing party pooper! It goes pretty well with the saying that size really matters! As a matter of fact, let’s check out an even bigger… Bigger Giant Party Popper! All I am going to do is just grab it on the two ends and twist it up and we are going to see it explode! Let’s check it out in slow motion!

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  1. The slow motion parts he did it again bc on the 2nd party popper look at his knees in slow motion and in regular like if u agrre

  2. Hey there! This video is amazing! Would you mind if we use a few seconds of this clip in one of our videos? We will also publicise your video and account! Thank you for this wonderful video xx

  3. party pooper hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahajahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhah i literally fell from the bed while watching this and i watched him saying party pooper for about 100 times and i still laugh haha

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