Gilbert Gets It – Gun Range Birthday Parties

Gilbert Gets It – Gun Range Birthday Parties

Hey, folks. Gilbert Gottfried here. So there’s this gun range in
Texas that is planning to host birthday parties for children
ages eight and up. The parties will feature a
30-minute class in gun safety. Then the kids will get
the chance to shoot a .22 caliber rifle. Look, I get it, Texas. You’re not going to lead the
nation in executions unless you teach your kids how
to kill people. And what better way to blow
out the candles on little Bobby’s birthday cake than with
a blast from a shotgun. I just hope they offer advanced
classes for some of the older parties, like
firing your rifle from a university tower. But no surprise parties. You never want to startle
a Texan packing heat. Meanwhile, there this fancy
urinal designed to look like a guitar that plays different
notes when you pee across the strings. Not only that. Once, you’re done, it will
upload your “song” to a website so that you can
“stream” it online. Look, I get it. Everyone loves to make music,
and this way, you can strum the guitar and play with your
organ at the same time. I’d love to try it out. Though I have to admit, I have
trouble playing the guitar when someone else is
playing next to me. I actually went online and
listened to other people’s piss music. It wasn’t great, but it
was all still better than the new Coldplay. My early piss music
was fantastic. But I’ll admit, lately, I’ve
been coming up with shit. Finally, a designer in Colombia
has made a polo shirt that is not only stylish
but also bullet proof. It costs between $3,000 and
$9,000 depending on what kind of weaponry you want it
to protect you from. So for you poor drug lords, I
hope your enemies only carry tiny handguns. Look, I get it. You need to protect yourself
from rival cartels, but you also love casual Fridays. If these take off, maybe they’ll
make the whole leisure suit bulletproof. [GUNSHOTS] Honestly, this sounds like a
great idea, especially if you prefer getting shot in
the arms and face. I actually bought one
of these shirts. I’m wearing it to my nephew’s
birthday party this weekend in El Paso. Do you guys know any stupid
stuff I can sound off on? Just send me your ideas
on Twitter. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve
got a full bladder, and I’m going to go play “Freebird.”

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  1. Dumb ass were teaching our children the importance of gun safety and having fun at. Which them off the streets, computers/TV plus it teaches them responsible. But you probably prefer the them doing drugs, living off the welfare system draining our society, Your worst than a sniper on a tower because your spreading misinformation, what next you’ll tell to us how Communism is so great oh wait you people call yourself progress now. Go to the range and take a few classes before you speak about it

  2. oh.. oh.. I know.. how bout… we don't teach them to use a gun and not to do drugs and get a job… their we go… but seriously… kids using guns is stupid.. I've seen the end results of it and no matter wat you say.. or how much you educate… its a very unnecessary risk..

  3. How did you know I hold my own kids parties where the kids do drugs and learn how to buy things with food stamps.

  4. its a firearm… there's always a level of unsafe.. a unnecessary risk for a child… locked away or not.. fact is.. we are humans and make mistakes… with a firearm.. might be the last mistake

  5. You could make the same argument with household chemicals, or any of a multitude of very dangerous, potentially lethal things kids can be around on a daily basis, but I don't see anyone 'up in arms' over any of those things.

  6. you can color it.. paint it with pretty flowers.. then dip it in dog shit… its still a unnecessary risk for a child…

  7. You can reframe your argument in any smartass way you want, dip it in chocolate with pink and purple sprinkles and gummy bears on top, but you aren't going to get most people to buy into an irrational, illogical argument. You can make that same argument about many common things that people have in their houses, that have safer alternatives… why aren't you arguing against bleach, motorcycles, wood chippers or space heaters? People kill themselves all the time with those things.

  8. bleach cleans things, motorcycles saves gas and get you there, wood chippers makes large pieces of wood make manageable, and space heaters keeps the cheeks warm…. now… what do guns in a CHILD'S hand do……

  9. It's called Sports and Recreation. Unless a kid has severe mental or emotional issues, shooting a .22 rifle at a monitored range is not all that dangerous for anyone. I shot many types of firearms as a young person, way more powerful than a .22.

    Shelter your children as you will, mine will learn first-hand life lessons about responsibility under safe and controlled conditions. It takes little imagination to figure which kid will grow up with a bit of confidence and character…

  10. And guns protect homes. In the hands of a child they teach them gun safety & responsibility, under close adult supervision in a controlled environment. That should be the only time they EVER have access to them. That's what safes and trigger locks are for.
    Show me the stats on gun injuries in homes that use proper gun safety and I bet you the types of potentially dangerous items I mentioned have higher injury rates. Then again that would be comparing apples to apples unlike your last post.

  11. wow. I unsubscribed due to the anti-gun message, knowledge about firearms saves lives, Ignorance takes them.

  12. Agreed. Besides, let's say anti-gun laws passed and we couldn't carry guns (let alone use them), we'd be fucked. Criminals can get guns, no matter what laws are in place. Lawful people can't.

    So, yeah, I'm pro-guns and I think pretty much any child (providing there isn't some condition that makes them dangerous or unable to wield firearms) should learn how to use guns from a relatively young age.

  13. Ya I couldn't agree more, but even people who are against firearms understand (or at least should) that knowledge is power and with proper knowledge of guns we can save lives. I loved this channel too I used to watch all their videos but if there going to be so ignorant I cant stay as a subscriber.

  14. The problem is most people who have access to guns are too stupid to have anyone else's life in their hands. Which is exactly what happens once they get a gun.

    More firearms in communities cost an incredible and unnecessary amount of lives.
    Thats just a fact.

    Which is why the US currently experiences a horrendous amount of deaths each year due to guns compared to any other first world nation.

    Feeling a little safer might be nice, but theres no denying its a bad idea for almost ever community

  15. First of all your facts are incorrect, but I know we can both agree that education saves lives. I can guarantee you education about guns will save lives and ignorance (as portrayed in the above video) will take them.

  16. lol.
    "All my facts are incorrect"
    I was going to post a link, but I don't think its beyond anyone to google "deaths by guns in the US 2012".

    And I also don't think anyone is naive enough to have ignored decades of facts about the US' ridiculous amount of gun-related deaths and crimes.

    While gun-safety and gun-education are better than no gun safety and education, neither can come close to saving as many lives as taking guns out of peoples' hands and out of communities would.

  17. IF you disarm society and take away rights then criminals who already do not obey laws will continue to have firearms, I didnt think anyone is stupid enough to believe criminals would break other laws but be willing to turn in their guns. Taking away peoples rights is FAR more dangerous then having guns. Take your personal belief out of this, save it for later, the debate here is that this country needs gun education. it will benefit all.

  18. um…you do realize that he never said anything bad about it right? he cracked a few jokes and made fun of how ridiculously random it is but that's about it…talk about overreacting to nothing…

  19. The funny thing Gilbert does not get is that in rural areas where kids are taught to handle guns from a young age, they have very little problems with gun violence. In the urban areas where parenting is apathetic, and kids are taught guns are bad bad bad, and learn their knowledge of guns from TV and movies, they have gang & drug problems with kids shooting kids left & right. Obviously Gilbert does not get it!

  20. your a very stupid person , you cant see the ones that want ALL the guns and want them away from people is obama , like itler before the war he collected all guns and killed gun owners, , this video shows kids taking lesssons on how to respects and use weapons , , unlike your obama that killed border patrol agents when he failed at his gun grab operation fast and furious , ,,,, if you and i are on an island and i have a gun and u dont,, whos the slave?,,, get the picture?

  21. have you heard of fast and furious? international small arms treaty , hes a puppet for the global elite , your 50 bux ? is that ameros?

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