Girl’s Guide to Frat Parties!

Girl’s Guide to Frat Parties!

one of you guys are headed back to
school which means it’s time for a frat party at their so i was not as attorney
and i mean i don’t i have friends who are in
serious i don’t mean acrylic sheets on sorority girls fried handouts and answering your list sold hyderabad seaweed is jackie judd originated
outside in the eighteen th effective anyway so here are some he
responded by seagull live with if you’re going to a frat party nights in a funny
story to go on vesel like i said not mister reacting to have also made it
clear blasting some kind of an era cell i don’t remember winter like one
frat party my entire college career mimis crash many air my friend ethnic with
pledging a frat and he invited me to be in dayton this factory i forget what the theme was the when
everything was like i did not dressed appropriately and uh… i would just be
more like looking at me like this that girl she’s obviously strange damaged in
transit what should we be able to report out
here and i’m not pro costume the robotic now so anyway so this atmosphere in some
ways that you have a better time than a draft party the night and so one of them
is due to ask for the team annandale but don’t go overboard that’s where something versatile sinking
easy easily party hopped in not wear out full sexy cop for a binding constant
because that only deal i got a place that you
also had become targets for cops machine for lamination created is probably jump
but if there is not true though what subject to wear the sexy
outfit unavailing he’ll be talking to park while you’re probably not even that’s
not necessarily a good thing depending on the time and continue on interactive we will continue to be a desire to go to
for a burning incense term unsolicited advice is going to be a
great don’t be total skinned bag and then
watch out for sleazy guys see a on but basically people don’t seem to know that it where the series like ten seconds i’ll
go back to the fund i tell people what i was in college who
had horrible experiences a frat parties sod that forever affected the way they
viewed college so they care for uh… but but aside from the serious as
we do have uh… some i think more fun with thinks i dyed one thing that i
don’t think is on this list that we should probably add is the manager drinking as you can get you
can’t keep up with the fact that handling i mean i mean there serious now on there isn’t that brought from the
university who who died because of alcohol poisoning after going to factories all day long so
it actually is very serious uh… but finally turn out yet what the related to that in terms of
the threat as a drinking like first of all this should see my common
sense but don’t accept drink from a random guy really don’t know especially
if you just walked up through the crowd with a straight has probably gonna have insinuate that
was a revealed a lot of things a lot of people on it not mean you know that with an update of
the novato admires life and began over at the farmers it would
be terrible about that uh… use the buddy system obviously
they say bring one other person but then if either one of the starts talking to a
guy you’re alone johann sebastian log on to other people and i’ll go home with a
guy at least about telling your friends that you’re leaving with them and maybe like people watch out for your
friends and just like make sure that that they know what they’re doing and i think this is a really answer
guaranteed to grow i thought this was funny offend you have a designated
walker which is precisely if driving a nineteen indefinite advising the walking
and i actually think none of them actually really good point because you could get really really drunk in any
party in especially track are teas and you not even be able to walk home uses
hugs totally tickets only happen don’t necessarily think that is because
they’re not driving everybody can get completely weight said because you need some
middle-aged steering wheel the right direction in
getting back to you don’t know that for the only thing about the sort of the like don’t lie deduction embroidered
sweater don’t flirt with multiple brothers don’t make out what everybody that comes
up to you later but those things like do you think freshman year your first few weeks in
college like do you think it really matters all right i think it matter if the
allies in connection with their memory is like that so i got from first at the
first week uh… and classic dot reasoning out of seven
fact that they may nineteen ninety i mean you can probably ready and
probably recover about chilly but i’m just saying fair on
handling keno enough feeling when you make up the next morning est uh… crap acting outside the pakistan
and just alperstein went down on the seven
frightened i’m afraid i’m not aware of whatever and now there are presently
like i said i wonder what happening and in the last time usually nothing
interests in wake up feeling humiliated institute liable under other systems

100 Replies to “Girl’s Guide to Frat Parties!”

  1. I've read through most of the responses on here. I feel that's a very good youtube video. My older brother would like to get incredible with the ladies. He studied alot from a web-site called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The information with regards to getting chicks at clubs from Master Attraction got him his first sex in more than 2 years. I've been pissed though considering that I heard them all.

  2. The designated walker thing is very serious… There were multiple students that died when I was at ASU from drowning in Tempe Town Lake. They most likely fell or jumped in and accidentally drowned.

  3. You will know that horrible stage when your nephew (who's been a loser always, by the way) gets an unbelievable woman to fall in love with him in 2 weeks?! Absolutely, that basically materialized. I am aware that I ought to be happy but I want it to be me. He revealed that he applied the the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wanna disappear inside of a cave at this point…

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  5. Let’s get it out there. I’m so very jealous of my nephew currently. He has been unattached permanently. But he’s made a catalogue model to inform him she is in love with with him in less than a month. How can that be achievable? He explained to me he obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone beautiful told me that… I’ve not before seen him so happy. Kind of makes me feel bad.

  6. People give frats a bad rep when it isn't necessarily a bad thing. When you go out in the real world, just simply networking with these people can help you immensely in landing a job. Its just that many of them are depicted as only partygoers or heavy drinkers that give them a negative connotation

  7. There are a lot of sour grapes in the comment section. But fuck it, who needs a Frat party when you can have a LAN party and who needs sorority girls when you have fictional girls… Liara the T'soni girl for me.

  8. Rule 1: If it's a shady frat cough*pike*cought don't put your alcohol down. Someone could either A) drink it all B) leave a lil more surprise than you want (roofie)
    Rule 2: If your wearing a short skirt and showing your cleavage. Don't act offended when you get attention. While it is unwarranted for someone to get grabby just off of how you are dressed, if you didnt want that attention you wouldnt dress that way. A jean and nice top will suffice.
    Rule 3: Don't get all huffy when the person running the music doesnt play the song you want, your not special. They're asked for request all night and aren't about to ruin the vibe of the party just so you and your group can have 3 mins of karaoke.
    Rule 4: Remember the word no is a part of your vocabulary. If you DONT want to do something dont go along with it. simple
    Rule 5: Under no circumstances should you be THAT girl. If this happens frequently you should reevaluate your life choices lol

  9. "You don't want to have a reputation" why the fuck not? does it really affect anyone else if you make out with 7 guys? no. stop reducing people who don't do sex the way you do (or who have a lot of sex) from human down to trash. you can be as much of a "skank bag" as you want and should still be respected because YOU ARE A HUMAN and deserve the same amount of respect as someone who has no sex at all. i fucking hate people that slut shame smh

  10. I don't even really hate frats, I hate girls who go to frat parties. As long as there are skanks who want free alcohol and groping, there will be guys who buy a house, don't let any guys they don't know in, pack it full of sluts and shower them with liquor. It's offensive to nice guys who can't afford to be in a frat or have respect for themselves enough to have friends without paying. I really don't care how frats pay to get their friends but frat party hopping loosies are not where you want to meet your girlfriend

  11. @Robert Hahn
    Then get the fuck off youtube, an American enterprise created by three graduates of american colleges. The US gets a bad reputation for education because we properly cite our statistics. We educate EVERYONE through high school. Look at India. Maybe 1 in 5 actually goes to a school to become a statistic. If you look at the whole picture, most asian countries drop off the chart of higher education. We have a terrible economy right now and it's still the world's largest, with china second by a wide margin. It's people like you that make the world a terrible place. I hope you die a terrible death from a disease that is curable in an american hospital with american doctors from american universities.

  12. @bill nye the science dipshit
    I went to college, played D1 rugby and am a USMC attorney. I started by prosecuting fraternities for sex crimes. So literally take your paddle and shove the handle up your ass or I can track down your frat and have a great time racking up felonies. It's very easy when your friends have archived information on everyone who has ever commented on youtube

  13. I always watch out for my female friends at parties. I would feel like shit if the one time I didn't my friend got hurt or worse.

  14. The hippie=dips hated the Greeks back in '68 because they refused to let themselves by politicizedin the service of "DA Movement."And the aging, retread silver ponytail profs continue to hate them because the tight, high morale Grrek chapters represent a serious brake on the power of academic busy-bodies.
    Freedom of Associationmean students can choose who yo associate with and who not to-without a By- Your Leave from some Dean or other administrative minion.

  15. designated walker is a genius idea, i know several people that walked home on their own and got attacked

  16. per mile, more accidents happen per drunk mile walked than drunk mile driven (source is Superfreakonomics)

  17. How about a frat party guide for boys:
    – don't roofie anyone
    – don't make people drink more when you know they had enough
    – don't rape anyone 
    – don't have sex with anyone if you know they don't really want to
    – don't harass anyone after they give you their numbers

    Problems solved. 

  18. In my high school there used to be so much nice and pretty girls in my grade but then came along the frat guys who invited like 70% of them including my best friend( which is a girl) to their frat parties and 1 by 1 they got 20% more and everyone who got invited pretty much came out as sluts or bitchy junkies…the remaining 10% who did get invited but didn't go were remaining on my nice list, recently I have been getting bullied by some frat guys who say I will never get invited…even though I am the strongest in my school they still bully I don't know whether to take revenge or spare them..

  19. Worst TYT show a saw. Sorry. Dont do these bullshit topics, Im from europe, this does not even make sense to me.

  20. They literally blame rape on victims throughout this entire video.. "just don't be a total skank." really? that's all it takes? ok..

  21. Please consider your word choice in the future. "Frat" is belittling and has a negative connotation. Not all fraternities are the stereotypical jock douche types. The word 'frat' lumps all organizations into a negative stigma. For a professional organization, please use 'Fraternity" instead of 'Frat'

  22. More rules.. don't make a false rape claim to a national magazine. Or your sorority won't be allowed to the frat parties

  23. When you wake up in the morning and go 'oh god 7 frat guys' and regret it because your reputation is tarnished, thats when you say it sexual assault because you were drunk. Easy.

  24. If someone told me, hey dude, if you drink and go through this ally your chances of getting raped go up like 70%…I'd probably not drink OR go through that alley. If you tell a girl in college that if she goes to a frat party and drinks her chances of getting raped go up blank%, she'll say, nooo, I'll do whatever the fuck I want, next morning, WHY DID NO ONE WARM ME!!! Literally, for YEARS the same news keeping popping up, college/frat/party/drunk/rape but girls keep doing it but yeah, let's not treat them like adults but just helpless children who didn't know any better. 

  25. I'm not from America and I also don't live there. So all this Fraternity and Sorority thing is new to me. And I find it kind of interesting to learn about what they do in America, but I just think that Fraternities and Sororities are a HUGE waste of time.. They're so pointless? But that's literally just my opinion, I don't mean to offend anyone.

  26. Goin to college next yr snd im going away from home and have already decided to join a fraternity it just feels right for me…… that weird. In hs im a very social person so its only basic that i join the social part of college which are frats and they basically are like ur 2nd family away from home and i have a cousin who did that and he wasn't a failure if people sayin it causes u to get lower grades cuz u need to have good grades to stay in a frat/Sorority.

  27. She got her first tip about not dressing overboard straight from in the article titled “A freshman Girls guide to frat parties” smh ? Or maybe hercampus got it from her ? We shall never know .

  28. worse thing that ever happened to me at a frat party (I was an 18 year old male) a shot girl (girls who pour shots in your mouth from the liquor bottle) missed my mouth and poured some vodka in my nose. It was awful for about 5 minutes and thank god i was already drunk asf or else that would have hurt so much more. Do not get vodka in your nose lmao!

  29. this is so disgusting, she's salty because she was a freaking loser so she wants to make people feel bad for having a good time

  30. Greensleeves you have??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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