Goo Goo Mom Is Missing Part 3! (It’s A Family Reunion)

Goo Goo Mom Is Missing Part 3! (It’s A Family Reunion)

(slide whistle sound) – [Child-Like Voice] ZZ Kids TV – What’s up, ZZ Squad? In the last episode, ZZ
Dad went in to the portal. – Okay, Z Squad, I finally
made it out of the portal. Dude, where am I, man? – ZZ Dad couldn’t find Goo Goo Mom. – [ZZ Dad] Goo Goo Mom, is that you? Dude, there’s nobody here. Wait, hold on, what in the world is this? – [Goo Goo Gaga] But, ZZ
Dad found a rare picture. – Dude, they look just like us! – It was mascots! It was Goo Goo Toonz! – I was talking to ZZ Dad, and there was a Goo Goo Toon! – ZZ Dad, look behind you! – ZZ Dad, look right behind you! – ZZ Dad, run, run, run! – Oh, no! No! I’ll take trash out, next time! No! (beeping) – [Goo Goo Gaga] We lost the signal! (gasping) – And, we didn’t know what to do! Move, move, move! – [Goo Goo Gaga] We went in to the portal with our nerd blasters. – [Both Boys] Oh, yeah, baby! – Bam! (door creaking) (door handle latching) – We went in to the portal to go save ZZ Dad and Goo Goo Mom. (slide whistle) Goo Goo Mom? ZZ Dad? Where are they? – I don’t see no Goo Goo Mom and ZZ Dad. We’ll go look somewhere else. ZZ Dad, Goo Goo Mom, where are you? – [Goo Goo Gaga] Oh, my
god, they not in this room! (foreboding sound) Oh, look, ZZ Dad tablet! – How’d that get here? – It’s still recording! It’s still recording! – Let’s see what happened to Goo Goo Mom and ZZ Dad! – [ZZ Dad] Aah! (loud footsteps) – They must be at the table! – Let’s go! (Sneaky music) (laughing) – Oh, hey, kids!
– Hi! – We just over here, chillin’
with the Goo Goo Toonz. – Dad’s having a great time. Having a great time! They’re super funny, dude! (laughing) But, come on in, dude! – Come on!
– Come, have a seat! – Have a seat at the
table, dude, and join in! – [Both Boys] Okay, let’s go! – Awe, dude! Hey, hey!
– Hi! Awe, man, what’s up with
all this love, dude? What’s going on, dude? – I thought something
was happening to y’all! – You thought something happened to us? Naw, dude! We went through the portal, dude, and met the Goo Goo Toonz,
what’s up Goo Goo Toonz – Hey! – So guys, go join
them, dude, go have fun! (mother laughs) What’s up folks, got the Goo
Goo Toonz in the buildin’. ZZ Kid, yeah! ZZ Dad. What’s up, Googoo Mom, yeah! – Oh, wee (laughs) – Ahhh! (laughter) – [Mom] I can’t believe it, ah! – Oh! (laughter) – Okay guys, we about to split up and search for the magic wand, BB yeah! ZZ Kid and ZZ Kid will be own teams, baby to find the magic wand, yeah baby. Haha. – Nick Toonz (mumbles). – Goo Goo Mom, Goo Goo
Mom, and Goo Goo Gaga are own teams, baby. Yeah, dude, we gotta find the magic wand. Got that baby? Gotta find the magic wand, come on ZZ Dad, you ready, dude? Let’s go, baby yeah! – Hey dude, where’s your room? I wanna see it. – Okay, let me show you my room, dude. – That’s cool. Avengers! I want an avengers. – Oh yeah dude, look at my
Avengers, you can have them. – Okay team, let’s see if
we can find this magic wand. Let’s see, can we see it, do we see it? It’s on these balloons. – From the Goo Goo girl– – [Goo Goo Mom] From the
Goo Goo girl’s video, yeah! Goo Goo Mom, I don’t see it in here. We don’t see it, do we? No girl. Okay where else, where else? (dolls smacking together) – Look dude, I got
dinosaurs in here, look. You like dinosaurs? – [ZZ Kid] Kind of. Come on dude, let’s find the magic wand. – Where could it be? I don’t know. (sighs) What are you doing? I don’t know, dude. – [ZZ Kid] Let’s look under here. (slide whistle sound) – [ZZ Dad] Hey, Gaga baby and ZZ Dad, shall we shift over there? Yeah? Come on, let’s go. Let’s check over there. – No, no, I want to go there in that room. – [ZZ Dad] No, we gotta
check over here, yeah. You wanna check in here? Okay. – No, not here. – [ZZ Dad] Nah, I just see
some dirty clothes, dude. – Hey what’s there? – [Dad] Where, where dude, where? – [Goo Goo Mom] Let’s look to
see if it’s under this pillow. No! We can’t find it. Ah, hmm. Where shall we look Goo Goo Mom? – Oh I know the cheeky
spot, and it’s even time. Under here. They’re probably in the dirty sock. (laughs) – I don’t know, dude, what do you think? – [ZZ Dad] No, they’re not here. Dude, how about we check
the drawers over here, dude? – Yeah! – [ZZ Dad] Yeah. – No , not here. ZZ Dad, dude I don’t
know where it’s at, dude. – Hey, hey, what that room? – [ZZ Dad] Where? Oh. – [Goo Goo Mom] Oh, let’s
look under these pillows, Goo Goo mom, yeah. Go, go, go, go, go! No, it’s not there. Oh, shoot. I don’t think it’s in here, guys. – I got the Z kids. – [Goo Goo Mom] We have
to see if the other team can find the magic wand, okay? – Then we can go back home! – [Mom] Yes! So we can go back home, yes! Yes, okay let’s go,
let’s meet up with them. (fast playful music) (digital bell ding) – I found it! (cheering) – [ZZ Kid Mascot] Awesome! Yeah you got it, you got it. (all cheering and shouting) [All] Party! – Poom! (twinkling sound) – [All] Bye! – Damn, see you later guys,
we’re off to the portal. (Cuckoo laugh) Going in the portal,
I’m going in the portal. Peace and bye bye!

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  3. My sons love your shows. Thanks for giving them something positive to watch, and from people that look like them.

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