Groom Kidnapping Goes Horribly Wrong

a bachelor who was gonna get married
pretty soon I was kidnapped by 16 masked men they ambushed him and here’s what
happened it it felt anyone about this of fuckin kill
you I’m kidding I’m getting one back by
tonight OKC I perhaps as though what happened but it
was actually pretty cool up groups so these schmucks actually this is their
friend with devastating consequences absolutely a keep in mind that he is %uh
fiance was in on the trick now let’s watch the
real video I yeah and go we’ve got now golf from cool good good yeah and yeah go out got not the close so coveted okay so that prank was so bad he got so
scared that he got shingles as a result his Sastre okay so for those why don’t do
that don’t do that what if he had a gun on a more what if
someone had called 911 if they happen now watch it limit people show up with guns week did
it is a terrible idea it’s here well yes so many different levels for
those if you don’t know what singles are its at like a chicken pox like rash but
it’s much more painful and people often get it when they’re
alder or when they get extremely stressed so understandably he
was a stressful situation there his fiancee was in it are out maybe you
should marry that woman know what that is I think they 10 long
and hard they went away no she looked like you think he’s cool
about it now he’s like I you know there is rather me I’ll get
them later that kinda I don’t don’t get them back later me blog okay got another great idea a
report YouTube reason I’m gonna torture you pull your nails out ago cycles very wicked don’t do that Loki they drove a hundred miles by the way we
have hundreds of my 0 your design decision I know that’s
unacceptable a hundred miles is insanely low later
the force them to wear a Borat style mankini and then a right and then like bike back
to town yeah it if the guy is overseas like losing is
my life now look I think in the fiance’s heart
was in the right place she’s like oh I don’t want to be a downer and I want to be in with his friends and
I want to be cool and it’s a prank et cetera it’s just that the prank was insane
inadequate roads not her fault it’s a friends for now it’s everyone’s
fault except for the poor victim in this case is like I don’t think I would agree to that yet no I would try to talk about it’s a good is
a pretty bad idea and I’m I’m picturing the poor guy like
in fetal position after was like Oh why would the shingles all or most men
who batter strachan for a hundred miles he must have been scared shitless

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