Group Games | Super Bowl Edition

Group Games | Super Bowl Edition

Welcome to Elevate Experiences YouTube
channel. I’m Jordan and I’m gonna share one of our new favorite games called
“Yellabrate”. So whether you’re kicking off the new year with your team, or
you’re hoping to engage guests at your Super Bowl party, or you just want to get
everyone engaged at your next event, this game is for you. So let me tell you the
rules to Yellabrate. This game is all about
celebrating one another so it brings a lot of energy just to get everybody in
the room celebrating each other and acknowledging that you’re all together.
What you will do is somebody will host the game and they will say a statement,
and if that statement applies to you you raise your hand.
For example maybe the host will say “I’m an only child” or “I have run a 5k” or “I
love sports” and so if that applies to you, you raise your hand. The very first
person who raises their hand the host will call on you and say “what is your
name?” you shout your name out, and then the entire room will start chanting your
name and clapping and cheering so let’s say the person’s name is Billy. Everyone
will be like “Billy! Billy!” and start clapping and going crazy, and then when
Billy gives two thumbs up that signifies that they still celebrated and satisfied
and that they loved it. If you are leading the game these are the things
you need to remember. First of all, to have your list of questions, so you have
exactly how many rounds you’re gonna do secondly you want to keep your eyes
peeled to see who’s raising their hand first so you can call on them so that
you have a definitive participant and then after everyone’s cheered for that
person they give the thumbs-up thirdly you want to make sure to bring everybody
back in so that you can do the next round and so that you can lead the
entire experience with efficiency. So the great thing about Yellabrate is that
you can customize the game to the experience that you’re leading so coming
out of New Year’s you might want to maintain energy with your team and
center the game around goal setting or maybe you’re getting ready for a Super
Bowl party and you want to go ahead and have something prepared so that you can
have fun together. So with New Year’s you could ask a question like “raise your
hand if you’ve set at least three goals” or “raise your hand if you love New
Year’s parties” and then maybe for the Super Bowl you could say “raise your hand
if you only watch the Super Bowl to see the halftime show” because let’s be
honest or “raise your hand if your favorite thing about Super Bowl is the
commercials”. So you can customize your list of questions based on the
experience that you’re leading so that’s another great thing about Yellabrate.
Alright at Elevate we create new games as a resource for you to help you lead
people in moments of engagement. So our heart behind this is to equip you with
ways to help others connect at your events team meetings or group gatherings
Yellabrate is just one of the many games that we play with both large and
small groups. In fact, we have an entire playlist with instructional videos on
how to play and lead engaging games. So subscribe to our channel so you can take
advantage of this valuable content. We know these videos will help you take
your crowd engagement icebreakers and events to a new level! And hey, if you
enjoyed this video let us know by giving us a thumbs up below thanks for watching
and have fun as you lead Yellabrate at your next group gathering.

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  1. A friend of mine used to come back from lunch and celebrate coworkers getting off the elevator and returning to work. So fun and so uplifting!

  2. This is awesome! Such a great ice breaker to warm up the crowd and a great game to promote encouragement to your team!

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