‘Grown-ish’ Cast on Their College Party Playlist, Crazy Roommates & More! | Dive-In | MTV News

‘Grown-ish’ Cast on Their College Party Playlist, Crazy Roommates & More! | Dive-In | MTV News

– What’s the craziest thing
your roommate has ever done? – Halle and I are roommates, right? – Yeah, you guys are roommates. – Oh, that’s true. – The craziest thing,
like not cleaning up. – That’s crazy. – That is crazy to me. – Get off the stage. – Hey, y’all this is
the cast of, Grown ish. Francia is here in spirit
and we’re going to dive in, with MTV news. (urban music) – Okay, okay, what songs
would definitely be on your college party playlist? – The issue is, I’m always
mediocre with the turn up, like I always be like,
James Blake when everyone’s trying to get excited. – But she’ll come up with
artists, she’ll be like, his name is yellow chair. I’m like, “what”? Who’s this new, who’s this new artist? ” Oh, his name is yellow chair,
he hales from the islands”. And it’ll be a dope
song, I’m like I’ve never heard this guy, but yellow chair is good. – I think what also really
nice, is that we have a very musical set, so
we’re usually pretty set. – She’ll play the whole discography
of why be in the mirror. (laughing) – Do not expose me. (laughing) – Ladies and gentlemen, we got them. (urban music) – Alright guys name three must have items for your dream college dorm? – Ramen noodles, condoms. Can I get one more
thing, get one more thing in the dorm room? PlayStation 4. – I feel like you’d
have a guitar in there. – Yeah – That’s automatic, that
comes with the room. (laughing) I feel like a really soft blanket. (urban music) – What’s the most
embarrassing first day of school story you’re willing to admit? – It’s not embarrassing,
but I snuck my Kobe Bryant shoes that my mom wouldn’t let me take. Put them in my backpack,
got there for the school pictures, put them and
held my foot up this high. (laughing) Just so you can see the shoes. – First day of school
in America, try to kiss somebody on the cheek
to say hello and they try to fight me. (laughing) – If you had to trade places
with any character on the show, who would it be and why? – Vivek, I would trade
places, because he has the most bread. – Gucci wardrobe. – Gucci wardrobe, he’s set. – And you’d be a drug dealer. – I would be one of the Forrester’s, because I always wanted
to be a college athlete. – Oh, which one? – Oh my Gosh, might be, Jazz. She’s got this bite, you
know, that I just don’t think that I have in my usual personality. – So nobody wants to be me, that’s good. – What’s one thing you personally what to accomplish in 2019? – Oh, I got that one; hashtag
year of the back flip. – Yep – I told you, I can
teach you that in a day. – You can teach me that, in a day? – I can literally teach
you how to back flip in a day, I’ll take you to my guy. The guy, yes, my trainer. – We normally always
like, vision board on the first of every year, but
we where on the airplane, so I still write mine down. But in general, I just
want to align myself to my higher spiritual self
this year, and be happier. (laughing) – What’s in your breakup survival kit? – If I’m really going through a breakup, I think a dad call. I’ll call my dad for sure. – That’s nice. – That’s sweet. And deleting social media. – I don’t know about that? Because you can miss out on
the next, by deleting that. She can help you in your slumber and then, in your slump and then you guys. – I guess that’s an invite. – If I’m going through a
breakup, just hit me up, ask me about what
happened and I’ll tell you and we can bond over that. – What’s your favorite sequel? – Grown ish II. (laughing – Lion King 1 1/2, was incredible. That was such a good movie. – Yeah, very underrated. – We’re really thinking hard – The Dark Knight, the Dark Knight. That’s the best sequel of all times. – The Godfather, the second one. – It wasn’t the first one though. – No (laughing) – Pass, pass. (laughing) – Last one, let’s do one more. – Who is your favorite
fictional couple of all time? – Mickey and Mallory, from
“Natural Born Killers”. – I know, Nick Cannon
and Christina Milan in, “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”. – What? (laughing) And Zoe Saldana and Nick
Cannon in, “Drum line”. – My favorite fictional
couple that never happened, that should have happened; is Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. And they need to make a new
movie where actually happens. What about Zac Efron
and Vanessa Hutchinson? (laughing) – Yes, yes, oh I love that, oh my God. There we go, that’s the
win, that’s the win.

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  1. Yesssss Chloe for the couples – LDCaT & DRUMLINE!!!!

    But also, the best sequel is Sister’s Act 2: Back into the Habit! Duh!

    Also, obsessed with this show. Love then so much! Chloe and Halle – best duo out right now!

  2. Rocky II , Spiderman 2 , Captain America the winter solider , the dark Knight, toy story 2 , the empire strikes back, Terminator 2, back to the Future II

  3. They are so fun to watch they’re so genuine but did y’all peep how Luka is the only not really hipe he looks and acts likes like his character so well they are literally the same person

  4. Fine black female give that sucker Luka a job on her show, and he rather hang with the Kardashians in his free time, nobody says nothing. But let a(fully) blackguy who is hardworking who no fine black female wouldn't give a job on they show, even glance at a female that ain't black, then it's an uproar. Which proves suckers like Luka, Sharmar Moore, and prisoner Jeremy Meeks gets stuff handed to them, can use fine black females and throw em away. While the brown or darker guy have to earn his way in the world, and hopefully get a well deserved good woman by they side.

  5. On my very first day of college, I was walking to say hi to my new friend I had met earlier and I had a plate of food. I tripped in a pothole in the ground and my plate of food went flying and I was laying in the dirt lol it was so bad .

  6. Something tells me the two guys Yara is sitting in between do not get a long in real life, as they don't on the show. Look at the faces everytime the other speaks. You could cut the tension with a knife.

  7. Every time LuKa makes everyone laugh Trevor is mad but When Trevor makes everyone laugh LuKa does the same thing🤷🏾‍♂️ I feel like they actually don’t like each other IRL

  8. Season 2- too much narrating the storyline from Yara she screams in a couple of episodes which makes it worst. Anthony Anderson style of narrating isn’t bad not too much. Yara is looking at the screen and talking tooo much and screams at times it’s a lot.

  9. ❣️💗💜💜💞❣️❣️💗💗💜💞💞❣️❣️💗💗💜💞💞❣️❣️💗💜💞💞❣️💗💗💜💞💞❣️💗💗💜💞❣️💗💗💜💞

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