GTA Vice City – Walkthrough – Mission #2 – An Old Friend (HD)

GTA Vice City – Walkthrough – Mission #2 – An Old Friend (HD)

Hello Sonny. Tommy! Tommy, it’s been too long. I know, I know. You’re just overwhelmed with emotion. 15 years. seems like only yesterday. I guess that’s a perspective thing. Hey, doing time for the family is no piece of cake, but the family looks after its own, okay? So, how’d the deal go down, You sitting on some white gold? Look Sonny, we were set up. The deal was an ambush. Harry and Lee are dead. You better be kidding me Tommy! Tell me you still got the money. No Sonny, I don’t have the money. That was My money Tommy, MY MONEY! You better not be screwing me Tommy, because you know I’m not a man to be screwed with… Wait, Sonny! You have my personal assurance I’m gonna get you your money back and the drugs, And I’m gonna mail you the dicks of those responsible. Hey, I already know that. You’re not a fool Tommy but I warn you. neither of mine. if it was anybody else, you’d be dead already, but because it’s you. Because we got history I’m gonna let you handle this. Look Sonny, I’ve Got my word. I’ll be in touch.

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  1. I've always had suspicion that sunny set up the ambush in the first place to then exactly just use tommy to get him more money because he knew that tommy was a good runner to begin with… if that makes sense obviouse like tommy said they knew where the deal was unless lance set the whole thing up to get his

  2. Difficulties: None, Extremely Easy, Very Easy, Somewhat Easy, Medium, Somewhat Hard, Hard, Very Hard, Extremely Hard, Nearly Impossible
    This Mission's Difficulty: None

  3. i completed all available side missions, unique jumps, rampages, collected 36 hidden packages, purchased all available properties in east island & finally taxi driver mission completed 💯fares for 2 hours & half minutes before this mission.

  4. Conditions of mission failure

    Tommy doesn't call Sonny
    Sonny doesn't answer Tommy's call
    Tommy hangs up early
    Sonny hangs up early
    Sonny and Tommy don't talk about the ambush

  5. Okay why in the hell are people saying this is the toughest mission, you're kidding right? Or either trolling. All you do is drive back to your lawyers office, how is that tough? Lol lol.

  6. " NO Sonny… I dont have the money "

    I am sure when they wrote this line they all went " LOL "

    Just always makes me laugh cause it rhymes so well.

  7. My favorite cutscene in any video game ever. Always forgot to save so I'd always end up watching this cutscene every time I played.

  8. There is theory around this scene.Sonny have very dark plan to send money to Tommy,Harry and Lee and to left real drugs are on Sonny's table.And Sonny said "I know that don't make fool of me".Sonny set up Tommy and let our good guy Vic Vance to die and his thugs also

  9. "No, Sonny. I don't have the money."

    So this is where it all began… if it wasn't for this cutscene, there wouldn't be any story at all.

  10. I need help on this mission. I can't seem to get Tommy to throw the phone in anger at the end. Can someone please help

  11. Did anyone else just finally notice that Sonny had the money and coke on the table? Lol jeez i need to replay this game again.

  12. Has anyone noticed that during their conversation the drugs and cash are on the table? Implying the drug deal is another setup. Sonny then comes down to Vice City at the game finale as Sonny and Tommy's friendship reaches boiling point.

  13. Ways to Fail The Mission

    Tommy Dies
    Tommy Gets Busted
    Tommy Gets Wantes Level
    Tommy Didnt Call Sonny
    Sonny Didnt Answear Tommys Phone Call
    Sonny Hangs Up Early
    Tommy Hangs Up Early
    Nobody Talks About The Ambush
    Sonny Isnt here
    Sonny Dies
    Game Crashes
    Game Glitches
    Didnt come at the right time
    The Ambush Never Happens

  14. This GTA is much better than GTA 4, vice city is the 3rd best GTA game with GTA V 2nd and San Andreas 1st

  15. 1:17 Me when I had an English task from Online school and I wanted people to give the answers to me because I'm too lazy to do that, but people don't know do that so people told me to do it myself:

  16. It is on my interests to know if Sonny tried to get Tommy back to Prison by asking him those questions

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